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The Master QR Generator plugin automatically generates QR codes. As soon as the plugin is activated, it will generate QR codes for each page, each post, and each product for WooCommerce. Users can go directly to the link by scanning the QR code. Each QR code is unique and stable.

Frontend Demo| Admin Demo


Stylish QR Codes for WordPress: By customizing the DotScale design, you can create very beautiful and attractive QR codes for WordPress websites.

Custom Text, Number, Custom link QR: QR codes can be generated for information such as Custom text, phone numbers, and custom links

Google Map QR Code: Powerful Google Maps QR codes can be created to display your site or location. Generate map QR code in Gogol with an excellent combination of longitude, and latitude.

WhatsApp Chat QR Code WhatsApp Chat QR provides a necessary link to access users‘ chats, messages, and other progressive information. Just input the WhatsApp number and it will generate the WhatsApp chat link by entering the code.

WIFI QR Code: WiFi can be connected using QR and share access. After inputting the WIFI name, type, and password, it will show the WiFi code

Email Address QR Code:: You can easily publish your email address through tax code. There are many ways to use QR codes to share email addresses with your visitors and customers.

Phone Number QR Code:
You can share your contact information with your customers through a phone QR code. Can call you directly only by scanning the QR code

vCard QR Code: vCard QR code contains basic information such as name, contact information, phone number, address URL, etc. You can create a vCard QR code with this plugin and display it via shortcode

Extra Features for Premium

QR Code Style Option: In the premium version the QR code can be made attractive by using QR eye color, QR eye border color, horizontal timing color, vertical timing color, center logo upload, and background image upload.

  • QR Eye Color | QR Eye Border Color | Center Logo Image | Background Image | Vertical Timing Color | Haorizontal Timing Color

Bulk vCard QR Code Generator: In the premium version you can create as many vCard QR codes as you want. vCard allows the sharing of basic information like name, contact information, job title, address, and website URL via QR code.

Logo for different Post types:
You can set different logos based on post type. So you can manage the brand logo and increase brand value by QR code. Upload different images based on different post types and improve site quality. View Demo

Shortcode with Attributes:

In the free version, you can create a component QR code for a shortcode. But in the premium version, you can use attributes for each shortcode You can design QR codes differently using the shortcode features, change content elements, and generate QR codes in bulk using the features. Read Docs.

QR Code Generator with WordPress Widget: The premium plugin has powerful WordPress widget facilities for creating QR. You can easily create custom text, links, current page links, numbers, WhatsApp chat access, and tax code for email addresses using this widget. View Admin Demo.

QR Code Generate with Elementor
Elementor users can easily generate QR codes with the „Master QR“ addon. Master QR addon is excellent for generating current page URLs, custom links, email addresses, phone numbers, wifi access, WhatsApp chat, and vCard QR code. View Elementor Preview.

QR bulk Print

Post-type-based QR codes can be easily printed from one page. In bulk print settings, you can choose a post type like ‚Product‘, ‚Post‘, ‚Page‘, ‚Custom Post‘ etc. for filtering. You will receive a printout as a PDF. Live Demo :

Download all post-type QR codes from one page

This is a powerful advantage for the website owner. They can easily download QR images from one page. This option is available for post-type QR. Live Demo :


This plugin does not connect to any third-party applications. It does not collect or store any user information. This plugin generates QR code images based only on URLs and your custom content. QR code images are not saved to any file


Give any suggestions or feedback, thank you for using or trying our plugin. Please let us know about your experience and rate this plugin.


  • Auto Display QR code After the Content
  • Product QR Code.
  • Meta Box Setting for Inner Page, post, product
  • Master QR Code Settings Page
  • Master QR Code Settings Page
  • Master QR Code Settings Page


Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “ Master QR”
Click “Install” and “Activate”.


Will the QR code composer plugin work on all themes?

Yes, this plugin will work on all types of WordPress themes.

How long are these QR codes valid?

These QR codes are made from pure JavaScript and have a valid lifetime

Are your QR codes ad-free?

Yes, it is 100% ad-free

If the URL is changed, will the Current Page URL QR code be changed?

Yes, QR Code Composer generates dynamic QR codes, which means if you change the URL of a page or post, the QR code of that particular page or page will automatically change.

Is the QR code image stored somewhere inside WordPress?

No, QR codes are created instantly on the web page.

Where is the QR code location for the WooCommerce Product Page

You can find it Single Product page Tab section, Write the QR code, and you can see it by clicking

Where is the QR code location for WooCommerce Products

You can find it Single Product page Tab section, Write the QR code, you can see it by clicking

I don’t display the QR code on the Page, Is it Possible? Display in the post or only Product product

Yes, you can easily customize from the settings page, which post type you want to display, You can use the turn on/off button, and You have full control of the display


14. Januar 2024 1 Antwort
The plugin claims to generate dynamic qr codes but that is not the case. Furthermore when I requested a refund, I have been nearly insulted and they simply closed my account on their ticket system. Be careful, you can get these functionalities from any free qr code generator so keep your money and use a better plugin like „Kaya QR Code Generator“!
11. Juli 2023 1 Antwort
The pro version looks to have most of the features you’d want and has a relatively cheap lifetime licence. It would appear that at least for my purposes the free version is not useful as it is very limited and doesn’t provide shortcode support. I like to try the free versions of many plugins before selection so that rules me out for this one. I will (at least for now) continue to use the „Kaya QR Code Generator“ plugin.
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Fixing the Meta box QR code URL