MathJax enables enables rendering of embedded LaTeX or MathML in HTML pages. This plugin adds this functionality to WordPress. The MathJax JavaScript is inject on-demand only to those pages which require it. This ensures that MathJax is not loaded for all pages, which will otherwise slow loading down.

Das JavaScript von MathJax kann entweder vom eigenen Server verteilt werden oder man verwendet das CDNJS Content Distribution Network (CDN), das der bevorzugte Weg ist, da es eine höhere Schnelligkeit und Stabilität im Vergleich zur Bereitstellung des JavaScripts auf dem eigenen Server und der Konfiguration der Bibliothek durch einen selbst bietet.

You may embed latex using a variety of different syntaxes. The shortcode ( syntax is preferred. So [latex]E=mc^2[/latex] will work out of the box. This also forces loading of MathJax.

Additionally, you can use native MathJax syntax — $$E=mc^2$$ or \(E=mc^2\). However, if this is the only syntax used, the plugin must be explicitly told to load MathJax for the current page. This can be achieved by adding a [mathjax] shortcode anywhere in the post. For posts with both [latex]x[/latex] and $$x$$ syntaxes this is unnecessary.

You can use wp-latex syntax, $latex E=mc^2$. Parameters can be specified as with wp-latex but will be ignored. This means that MathJax-LaTeX should be a drop-in replacement for wp-latex. Because this conflicts with wp-latex, this behaviour is blocked when wp-latex is present, and must be explicitly enabled in the settings.

You can also specify [nomathjax] — this will block mathjax on the current page, regardless of other tags.

MathJax-LaTeX wird auf GitHub entwickelt.


Das Copyright des Plugins liegt bei Phillip Lord von der Newcastle University und ist unter GPLv2 lizenziert.


  1. Entpacke das heruntergeladene .zip-Archiv ins Verzeichnis /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über das Plugins-Menü in WordPress


6. Oktober 2020
There is a mistake on the beginning of this product descriotion: There, we see: "enables enables"
12. Februar 2018
I think it's a very great plugin because we, as a physics lover, are so difficult to type latex equations in any blog. I like wordpress but its WP-latex is not good enough. I found that MathJax won't work well when the equation is too many "A_{1}^{2}", "\text{1233}" or something like that. For example, $$\large\sum_{i=1}^n\vec{F}_{\text{ext, i}}=\sum_{i=1}^n$$ This equation won't show LaTeX correctly. However, if I delete =\sum_{i=1}^n, then everything is fine. $$\large\sum_{i=1}^n\vec{F}_{\text{ext, i}}$$ I really need your help. I love this plugin so much because it enables me to write a physics blog. Thank you so much. You can see this two pictures :
10. Dezember 2017
Thanks for your work. By the way, could you please add the inlineMath config? Or I have to add <script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> MathJax.Hub.Config({ tex2jax: {inlineMath: [['$','$'], ['\\(','\\)']]} }); </script> in header.php to support the inlineMath.
8. September 2017
I really like the fact that it only injected code when needed. It seems I cannot put two [latex] equations on one page. I ended up use one [latex] and one $$ code.
28. März 2017
I am not a heavy LaTeX user but I do write about mathematics every now and then, and I find MathJax extremely useful. I have been using it for the last 2 or 3 years - no issues whatsoever. It simply works, both on PC an on mobile. The biggest selling point to me is that it allows for selecting & copying math expressions as text (as opposite to other LaTeX plugins that convert expressions to png). This makes things scalable, performant etc. Good work!
3. September 2016
Up to now I've been using the Simple Mathjax plugin, which also works well, but is not able to inject the mathjax dependency selectively. On my sites I have math only on a very few pages, and MathJax-LaTeX enables me to enable mathjax only on those pages by just adding the [mathjax] shortcode somewhere. Importantly, remember to disable Jetpack Beautiful Math, else it can interfere with MathJax-LaTeX. (at the time of writing, Jetpack is still turning math into bitmaps, which is not nearly as beautiful as MathJax on capable browsers). See for an example.
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  1. Verwendet Version 2.7.5 von MathJax JS


  1. Rename class files, per PHPCS
  2. Gracefully handle null values in filter_br_tags_on_math. Thanks to Yang Liu.


  1. Code style changes, per PHPCS 3.3.0 and WPCS 0.14.1
  2. Verwendet die Kurz-Array-Syntax von PHP 7.


  1. Code style changes, per PHPCS 3.1.1 and WPCS 0.14


  1. MathJax auf 2.7.2 aktualisiert


  1. Standort des MathJax-CDNs geändert


  1. Unterstützung zur Konfiguration von MathJax per Filter hinzugefügt


  1. PHP-Code aufgeräumt.
  2. Immer die https-URL für die MathJax-Bibliothek verwenden
  3. „Getestet bis“ auf 4.3 aktualisiert


  1. Uneinheitliche Versionsnummern zwischen Readme und PHP-Datei angepasst


  1. Code weiter aufgeräumt.


  1. Barrierefreiheit auf der Admin-Seite verbessert.
  2. VIP-Programmierungs-Standards
  3. MathML-Tags in TinyMCE aktiviert

All code for this release was submitted by users of
this plugin! Thanks to Jared Wenerd and Paul Schreiber.


  1. MathML-Tags und -Attribute zur Whitelist hinzufügen.
  2. Sanitization of input and escaping of output.


  1. Fehlerbehebung: Eigene Locations wurde nicht richtig angewendet.
  2. Fehlerbehebung: Erzwungenes Laden wurde nicht richtig angewendet.


  1. Admin page was open to attack from third party sites which user was logged
    in as admin.
  2. The admin page has been isolated and rewritten.
  3. All the options have been renamed, which will, unfortunately mean
    reconfiguring the plugin. In particular, wp-latex syntax is switched off by


  1. Dokumentation aktualisiert.
  2. Update test-with documentation for WordPress 3.5.1
  3. Getestet mit MathJax 2.1


  1. Compatibility with MathJax 1.1. Load a default configuration from the MathJax distribution.
  2. Verwende das Content Distribution Network von MathJax, um die JavaScript-Bibliothek auszuliefern. Dies sorgt für verbesserte Leistung und Stabilität.


  1. MathJax.js can be loaded form a configurable URL. Defaults to $PLUGIN/MathJax/MathJax.js