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10. Dezember 2018
While this is a free plugin, and will suite some, it isn't a plugin (in the true sense) and sends visitors to it's website when they click on any button for more information, etc. This isn't mentioned anywhere - and therefore is misleading, in my opinion. Furthermore, the nutrition information is slow to analyse, and often the measurements are not recognised (try a pinch or 3/4 cup, etc...) All-in-all nice that it's free, BUT I'd rather pay than have my visitors redirected to their website!
14. April 2018
If I could give it 0 stars I would. Worst clipper and site ever. Never works when you need it.
6. Januar 2018
I tested out several of the recipe plugins (including the two main plugins) and meal planner pro was my favorite! Some of the things I liked about it were that it gives you a very attractive looking recipe box. You can also easily customize the colors and look of the recipe box. I also like that users can save the recipe to a meal planning site and get nutrition information.
3. September 2016
After installing the update today, the last line of the Ingredients and Directions doesn't have the bullet point or the number.
3. September 2016
I want to disable unwanted buttons in recipe page like : My Recipes, My Lists, My Calendar, Save Recipe. There is no option to disable these buttons. It forcing user to go outside of my wordpress template and shows another template design which totally mismatches with my own website layout. And I found that redirected template is standard for all your users and makes duplication of same design layout for hundreds of users who will install this plugin. This way I am loosing uniqueness of my recipe website and for that reason I am uninstalling this.
3. September 2016
I've had the Meal Planner Pro plugin on my site for a couple of months, but wasn't happy with the way it looked. It didn't really mesh with my theme and look of the page. Commodore was amazing, and worked with me until I was beyond satisfied! His response time was super quick too!
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