MoceanSMS Order SMS Notification for WooCommerce


Shopping online and waiting for goods to be delivered can be an exciting process. As a seller, you can enhance the buyers‘ experiences by keeping them updated on the purchases and delivery. At the same time, keep yourself updated on each new order placed.

Try for FREE. 20 trial SMS credits will be given upon registration. Additional SMS credits can be requested and is subject to approval by MoceanSMS.


  • Notify seller whenever a new order is placed.
  • Inform buyer the current order status / whenever order status is changed.
  • All WooCommerce order statuses are supported.
  • SMS content can be customized for different order status.
  • These tags are supported to customize message: [shop_name], [order_id], [order_amount], [order_status], [order_product], [payment_method], [bank_details], [billing_first_name], [billing_last_name], [billing_phone], [billing_email], [billing_company], [billing_address], [billing_country], [billing_city], [billing_state], [billing_postcode]
  • Custom checkout field added from Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro is supported.
  • Notify vendor whenever there’s new order

Supported Third Party Multivendor Plugin:


  • MoceanSMS Settings
  • Administratoreinstellungen
  • Customer Settings
  • Multivendor Settings


  1. Search for „MoceanSMS Order SMS Notification for WooCommerce“ in „Add Plugin“ page and activate it.

  2. Configure the settings in Settings > MoceanSMS WooCommerce.

  3. Enjoy.


18. Februar 2020
The PLugin is good but I faced crashes when you checkout nothing happens when I disabled the plugin order completes I think woo-commerce and plugin not tested properly also the price is a bit high in Pakistan...
8. März 2019
This was the exact plugin I had been searching for. The support team is amazing. Haven't seen any support team like that. The plugin is very easy to use and the price is reasonable. I love this plugin. This plugin definitely made my life easier!
25. Februar 2019
Great plugin, I'm using it almost 2 years now. I'm very satisfied, every issuse was solved successfully. I would recommend this awesome plugin for every woocommerce/e-shop owner. Very useful!
2. Mai 2018
I'm really happy I installed this plugin. It is super easy to integrate and to use. I was looking for service to receive SMS whenever an order is placed on my website and this plugin DID it ! the support is excellent and they supported me all the way to make this plugin work smoothly! Highly recommended , Thank you !!
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„MoceanSMS Order SMS Notification for WooCommerce“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Fix – Multivendor unable to replace custom field


  • Show additional custom billing fields in Keyword table


  • Fix – unable to get correct vendor phone number


  • Fix – dashboard balance widget randomly crash site.


  • Fix – change mocean api url to latest url.


  • Tweaks – add error logging on client side errors.


  • New – admin is now able to customize send notification to multivendor on specific order status. (Default to all order status)


  • Fix – unable to send sms in some case.


  • HotFix – js file which has been cached not being updated end up prevent user from clicking keywords button.


  • New – add new keywords [shop_email], [shop_url], [order_product_with_qty]
  • New – add keywords modal for message template compose area


  • Fix – plugin require pluggable.php which might accidentally declare wp_mail() used by other plugin.


  • Changes – customer is not allowed to setup vendor phone number.
  • Tweaks – add helper message to multivendor setting for better understanding.
  • Tweaks – profile setting phone phone is now listed in MoceanSms Woocommerce section.


  • New – add export log button in setting page.


  • New – this plugin currently included ability to send sms to vendors.
  • Tweaks – code improvement, plugin updates and installation is being speed up to 30%.


  • New – add auto detect multivendor extension


  • Fix – users are now not required to press save in multivendor setting for the first time to take effect.


  • New – add abstraction for multivendor extensions.
  • New – add moceansms balance widget.
  • Fix – api secret field is now using password field.
  • Fix – plugin still executing if api secret field is empty.
  • Tweaks – code improvement.
  • Tweaks – add log if api key or api secret is not defined.


  • Code improvement.


  • Update and improve library.


  • Replace deprecated functions.


  • Rectified warning message: wp_enqueue_script was called incorrectly.


  • Added new tags: Ordered product, payment method, billing first name, last name, phone number, email, company, address, country, city, state, and postcode.
  • Added new tags for custom checkout fields (Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro).


  • Added new tag for bank details


  • Added mobile number validation before sending SMS.
  • Added form validation.
  • Notice about SMS log file for checking when having issues sending SMS.


  • Initial version released