Get Better Reviews for WooCommerce


With the „Get Better Reviews for WooCommerce“ plugin collecting your customer ratings for your products is easier than ever before.
Collect more, filter the best (4,5 stars ratings) and give back coupon for rating:

  • You don’t need to use any email service, just use WooCommerce email functionality
  • Send review requests instantly or schedule them with cron to allow customer to test your products before they can write a review
  • Test your email spamyness with service
  • Customer see all his products listed with stars rating buttons in the reviews request email (please see screenshots)
  • After click in mail the „all in one reviews page“ showing all bought products ready to review. So even laziest customers will reviews for your products. (please see screenshots)
  • Collecting WooCommerce reviews was never been easier.

Since the latest version 2.0 following modi are included and possible:
Only WooCommerce, WooCommerce and Trusted-Shops, WooCommerce and Klick-Tipp, WooCommerce and Klick-Tipp and Trusted-Shops

Video: Review customer flow, see how easy it is for your customer:

#1 Better reviews for WooCommerce pitch – What you get with the free plugin

= #2-4 inside the plugin on the first tab (overview).

The plugin „Get better reviews for WooCommerce“ provides follwing great features and advantages to your own e-commerce business:

  • Rating stars at Google
  • Higher click-through rates on your landing page
  • Redirections of reviews depending on the rating of the customer to avoid negative reviews
  • Greater credibility of the product reviews
  • Verbesserte Produktbeschreibungen
  • Higher costumer confidence in your products
  • High flexibility:
    • 4 modi are possible: Only WooCommerce, WooCommerce and Trusted-Shops, WooCommerce and Klick-Tipp, WooCommerce and Klick-Tipp and Trusted-Shops
    • Creates an individual html template for each woocommerce customer.
    • Lebenslange kostenlose Nutzung aller Funktionen (für eine begrenzte Anzahl von Bewertungsanfragen, die pro Zeitraum generiert werden, Anzahl im Plug-in sichtbar).

Details of some of the most important plugin features

  • Your customers‘ ratings are likely to automatically appear with stars in Google’s organic search results. For you, this means that Google adds stars to your page and that attracts more visitors from Google.
  • Through the links in the rating request emails, customers will rate on your own generated review page. This minimalistic site is automatically created by the plugin and contains all recently purchased products.
    This has the advantage that your customers can easily and quickly submit reviews and very likely rate several products at once.
  • Further noteworthy is the possibility to forward customers based on the given rating stars. This is done by linking the stars and buttons in the e-mail.
    Example: 1-3 star ratings will be redirected to your support contact form, and those with 4-5 stars will be linked to the rating page.
    That leads to more better reviews and less unsatisfied customers.**

Following features are connected with the different modi possible within the plugin:

  • For a higher delivery rate, and thus, higher review rate, transfer your rating requests to Klick-Tipp and let KlickTipp automatically send the emails via the ready-made campaign. Select Klick Tipp for sending the emails in the „email and page“ tab
  • For a greater credibility of your reviews, link the rating requests emails with trusted shops and publish reviews in the portal. Please insert the Trusted Shops log-in-information in the settings tab.
  • For more product confidence, show the Trusted Shops reviews in your store by using the Vendidero theme and plugin (Dennis)

PS: See screenshots attached how the request email for product reviews can look like

Viele Beispiele und Fakten

findest du auf dieser Seite

Optionally, this plugin cooperates with WP2LEADS,

involving the benefits of a higher automatisation and mail delivery rate.
Look at WP2LEADS

About myself:

I have been running my e-Shop since 2010 and switched to WooCommerce in 2014. I have Klick-Tipp Marketing service experience since 2014.

By the way,

with WP2LEADS you can connect your shop customers together with a lot of details (e.g., bought products, categories, payment gateway, …), with Klick-Tipp.
With the customers‘ details you can start your individual marketing emails for upsell and trust building.

Nutze Bessere Bewertungen für WooCommerce umd einfach und leicht Bewertungen zu erhalten und dadurch kannst du mehr Kundenvertrauen aufbauen.

Im Klick-Tipp Modus kannst du den E-Mail-Inhalt direkt in ein HTML Feld eintragen lassen und mit dem „ready…“ Tag starten. Die Klick Tipp Preise kannst du hier sehen Klick Tipp Preise

In diesem Plugin steht meine ganze Klick Tipp Erfahrung.
Weitere Plugins in denen meine Klick Tipp Erfahrung seit 2014 steckt findest du hier: Schau dir unsere anderen Plugin an


  • Animation: Customer review workflow from click in email to all-in-one reviews entering page and the how easy it is to enter multiple reviews. In my shop it is likely to get all products bought reviews, often up to 8 product reviews at once.
  • Beautiful reviews layout automatically sent via mail once or more often
  • Your own all-in-one reviews page with 2 products. Customer love to add their review on this focussed page. 8-15% of the customers do.
  • In review request mail: Show all bought products so the customer visualize what they bought and the emotions using them. This could lead to very emotional reviews.
  • Your own all-in-one reviews page with all bought products ready to review.
  • Your collected reviews on the product details page can bring stars rating to google search results, per product. (Use our free "reviewshort" plugin to show reviews and get stars rating in google search results on all other pages "google often do not add stars to the home page in search results!")
  • Comments section: We added source and rating stars columns so you can group and see easily both. On the rating an the text you can decide to approve review or not.
  • Look inside the plugin: Tutorial videos for your quick start
  • Credentials page for the integrations like Trusted Shops and Trustpilot and digistore24 license system
  • Here you setup the before seen beautiful emails and review entering page
  • To fast get your first bunch of reviews, sent review request to current customers. (New customers will get automated review request when you enable it.)
  • Statistic: See how well your review automation machine is running. See also each customer and review status and the mail he was already sent to and to option to Spammyness test your outgoing mails (Click on the ID e.g. 133 to open the view).
  • When you use an external review service like Trusted Shops or Trustpilot we offer to reimport the reviews into Woocommerce and attach them to the product and show them on the product details page. (+ Approved by Trusted Shops/TrustPilot)


In diesem Abschnitt wird beschrieben, wie du das Plugin installieren und zum Laufen bringen kannst.

Die automatische Installation ist die einfachste Option — WordPress wird die Dateiübertragung durchführen und du musst den Webbrowser nicht verlassen. Um die automatische Installation von „Bessere Bewertungen für WooCommerce“ zu starten, logge dich in dein WordPress-Dashboard ein, gehe im Menü auf „Plugins“ und klicke auf „Installieren.“

Enter „Get Better Reviews for WooCommerce“ in the search field and then click on „Search Plugins“. Once you’ve found it, you’ll be able to see details about the release, rating and description. And most important: you can install it immediately! Click on „Install now“ and WordPress will do the rest.

Nach dem Aktivieren wird der Wizard dich durch die einzelnen Schritte von einen grünen Button zum nächsten führen. Der Wizard kann nur einmal durchlaufen werden!

Happy review collecting with Get better reviews for WooCommerce 😉

Credits: Icon and banner source found on freepik

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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Get Better Reviews for WooCommerce“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:



3.0.5 on 2021.06.21

  • Improved: WooCommerce only mode
  • Fixed: Issue when not transferred to KlickTipp
  • SEE VIDEO! How to RE-Transfer missed, failed review requests again by delete and recreate them inside plugin
    SEE VIDEO!How to RE-Transfer

3.0.2-3.0.4 on 2021.03.21

3.0.1 on 2021.03.14

  • Added get site locale for Trustpilot requests

3.0.0 on 2021.03.10

  • Added support for rating plattform TrustPilot
  • Updated Freemius SDK for a better license, opt-in handling

2.6.1 on 2021.01.26

  • fixed: Issue with reviews pagination

2.6.0 on 2021.01.15

  • fixed: Getting reviews from Trusted Shops. TS changed the structure of the feed and we updated the plugin to meet the new structure.
    You are able to import shop and product reviews and attach them to individual products.
  • added: base64 version of the email address and the order ID
    Benefits: You can sent shop review request too.
    To do yo just add the link below with your ID in the custom link in the stars and links section in the plugin.

product review request:
Shop review request:{email}&shopOrderID={order-id}=&channel=ID

2.4.0 – 2.5.1 on 2021.01.10

  • translated new functions
  • fixed hidden menu item
  • Added button to initially generate all review requests
    Benefits click the button and all requests are generated, no need to go from one page to an other. You can get more review requests by tweaking the start date.

  • Added single review template
    Benefits only show the stars, buttons and text once from the first product. All aligned left.
    You can add content (one image) above or below via KlickTipp or inside the template.
    The goal is to keep the mail short and simple as possible for a high review rate. (Thanks Martin S.)

  • Optimize some sql requests to improve performance
  • Hide, show product image on email template
  • Center email template product title if no image is shown

2.3.0 on 2020.12.16

  • Tested and fully compatible with WooCommerce 4.8 and WordPress 5.6
  • NEW: You can now import reviews from Trusted Shops directly into your WooCommerce Products. Also you can connect the reviews not connected to a product (shop reviews) to a product and import the to this product.
  • Added shop reviews and show approved by trusted shops message in product details page
  • New Freemius SDK Version for more privacy and usability
  • Small fixes
  • All well tested, so you can trust and directly update to the latest version.
  • The plugin is well supported and will be on marketing next year.

2.2.6 on 2020.07.17

  • Tested and fully compatible with WooCommerce 4.2

2.2.5 on 2020.06.03

  • Tested and fully compatible with WooCommerce 4.2

2.2.4 on 2020.05.28

  • Small fix recommend to all

2.2.3 on 2020.05.20

  • New ReviewShort Link inside overview page
    Your benefit, you can do a lot more with the new version.

PS: If no autoupdate to version 1.0 or higher is available, please delete current version and install new one.

2.2.2 on 2020.05.06

  • Added freemius as payment, …, support provider
    Your benefit, you can do a lot from inside the plugin now:
    Buy license, change plan, change address, become an affiliate, start trial, request support, … opt-in to our mailing system.
    Digistore24 support is still there, but not the main international payment anymore.
  • Updated the ReviewShort plugin (to show your WooCommerce reviews)
    (renamed and updated, please delete current versions before 0.96).
    You can download in overview tab.
    Your benefit, show your reviews anywhere on your site, with a lot of options incl. google schema for rating stars in google search results.
    Premium version is free when you have premium, trial license of the „Get better reviews for WooCommerce plugin“ or the WP2LEADS premium license active.
  • usability improved when using the „I want to review“ check box on checkout.
    Be aware only automatically transfer the customers request which selected „Yes, I want to review“
  • Updated the videos #1-#4
    Your benefits, a faster start.

2.1.1 on 2020.04.07

  • WooCommerce standalone mode only: Preview thank you email with generate fake coupon in the same place where review the review request. Review email when click green „view“ button in review request tab.
    Your benefit, easy testing of both mails you sent to your customer.
    It does not show in Klick-Tipp Mode.

2.1.0 on 2020.04.05

Big milestone release for Klick-Tipp mode and WooCommerce mode.

  • Scarcity customer with a time limited coupon offer for his review, like 72 hours.
    Your benefit more reviews
  • Thank you coupon is valid only a limited time like 72 hours or 1 month, …
    Your benefit more upsell

Please see the screencasts inside for the customers journey and how to setup your reviews machine

Klick-Tipp user be patient give me a moment to update map and KT campaigns and release a screencast how to setup. So you can also benefit from the new features.

Klick-Tipp user you can update to this version without any issues.

2.0.7 on 2020.04.02

  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Add page meta title and set 404 code to 200 on All In One review page if page not exists.

2.0.5-2.0.6 on 2020.04.01

Better reviews plugin is now a more complete solution for reviewing, see below why:

  • Minor bugfixes.
  • fixed an fatal error, when deactivating woocommerce
  • Simplify settings by hiding settings not use by the current mode (Woo, Trusted Shops, Klick-Tipp)
  • Added: Thank you email template
    Your benefit is WooCommerce or Klick-Tipp is sending now your thank you mail with an URL coupon with a time limit to use.
  • Added: Unique coupon generation after review and could only be used with the one email address reviewed
    Your benefit is the unique coupon secures the coupon from giving it away in the internet.
  • Added: Send thank you with Klick-Tipp and Woocommerce. Klick-Tipp gets the html template via a field.
    Your benefit is, you can now sent unique coupons via Klick-Tipp instead of only one coupon for all.
    Your benefit is also that better reviews plugin i a more complete solution for reviewing, by sending the review requests several times and also sent the thank you coupon.
    So WooCommerce only mode can sent now the same mails as Klick-Tipp.

2.0.4 on 2020.03.26

  • Set max images width to 100% to fix isuue with big images sizes in some themes or page builders

2.0.3 on 2019.12.05

  • Fix disabled wizard when running WooCommerce wizard first
    Your benefit is: When you not installed WooCommerce yet. You complete the WooCommerce wizard and create products.
    Afterwards run the reviews wizard and you have a complete sales and reviews system set up.
  • Show and center Welcome and Tutorial videos
    Your benefit is, you can always come back to the overview page and get needed information by just watching the video 😉

2.0.2 on 2019.12.03

  • added Video to welcome and tutorial pages
    Your Benefit, easy to follow videos to get your WooCommerce reviews in your shop.

2.0.1 on 2019.12.02

  • welcome and tutorial updates

2.0.0 on 2019.11.30

12 Features and 1 Fix

  • Feature added: Does not require review text if limitation is set to 0
    Benefit: Get more reviews and star ratings, to be shown on google results
  • Feature added: Button to view the reviews requests.
    Benefit: No need to click on the number anymore.
  • Feature added: Redirects to all-in-one reviews page if exists
    Benefit: Ensures that your customers always have valid links
  • Feature added all-in-one reviews page: View full and not cropped product image
    Benefit: Customers can see the full product picture
  • Feature added: Loads DE language files for all DE languages (de_CH_informal, de_DE_formal,de_AT,de_CH,de_DE)
    Benefit: Additionally you see the german informal translation (DU), if you are in Switzerland, Austria, instead of the english translation.

WooCommerce sends review requests emails

  • Feature added: Sends review requests emails via WooCommerce built in mail system
    Benefit: Just WooCommerce is enough. No need to have Klick Tipp or Trusted Shops subscriptions.
  • Feature added: WOO email settings now part of the wizard
    Benefit: You can easily setup review requests email automation with help of the wizard
  • Feature added: Set cron timeout 1 hour
    Benefit: Schedule the review request mails near the common time the customer is active.
    Hint: If you send with a delay of 7 days you can match also the same week day the customer is may be active again (no guarantee).
  • Feature added check: Tests the Spammyness of your review requests emails
    Benefit: If your mails have a good rating your emails get delivered well.
  • Feature added: Schedule for woo email
    Benefit: You can set up the schedule of the review requests mails. Schedule once or multiple times until reviewed.
  • Feature added: Added sending email at once if delay is 0 or field is empty
    Benefit: Sends review request mails instantly with the order confirmation email.
  • Feature added: Unschedule planned mails of an individual review request and send review request email manually
    Benefit: You have the control over the mails e,g, you can stop mails for current review request on customer´s note.
    Hint: If one customer does not like to get any review requests at all, you can add this mail address into the „Filter email domain“ field on the settings page.
  • Fixed: Quite Skin warning

1.1.1 on 2019.10.10

  • du kannst jetzt in der freien Version mehr Bewertungsanfragen frei generieren und übertragen. Voraussetzung ist eine Installation auf einer Seite auf der das Plugin nie installiert war.
  • first installation wizard
    over 70 text strings for smooth install handling
    over 50 hours of development
    pro active on a lot of szenarios like no WooCommerce, no orders, no WP2LEADS
  • Reviews tab: reviews stats and conversion rates
    in figures and visual with a date range picker
  • All-in-ONE-Reviews-Page:
    minimum reviews length
    Default text
  • Auf weiteren live Shops getestet und dadurch glücklichere Shopbesitzer geschaffen

1.1.0 released on 2019.10.06

  • Erstveröffentlichung auf
  • live getestet in meinem eigenen und mehreren Kundenshops