My Custom CSS


Transfered to new dev:

Maked by Salvatore Noschese:

With this plugin you can put custom css code without edit your theme and/or your plugins (really useful in case of any theme/plugin update).

It contain also Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) Code Editor for write a good css code.

You can see in action (source code) here: VegAmami 🙂

PS: support file backup and – very important – static css file (fantastic for performance) 😉



  • Englisch
  • Italienisch
  • Full translatable!


  • New advanced menu, in 3.0!!!
  • My Custom CSS Panel with All feature and DarkTheme
  • My Custom CSS Panel with LightTheme
  • Preview in browser sourcecode
  • Backup List (New Feature)!
  • Confirm when delete backup!


  1. Upload my-custom-css directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mittels dem ‚Plugins‘-Menü in WordPress


So happy to see you back!

I have used your plugin for years on many sites. I am so happy to see you back with the PHP feature. Thanks for this very good work! 🙂 Please continue to improve and maintain!

Fantastic helper!

I use this plugin since many years and love it, because it saved my changes over all themes and WP updates. Ok, sometimes I have to include an !important so that the rule will be executed, but then it works perfect. With the last updates, there are more options for searching and integrating code - I made the experience that this sometimes destroys the things I like to insert and I have to check it twice. Also with Firefox and Mac the command-button + F for searching doesn't work on the css-file in the edit-mode and the search inside the plugin doesn't work on my Mac (it finds the searched word and you can click on the up and down arrow, but the window doesn't jump to the point where I can find it. Possible that this is a Firefox problem - I didn't try it with another browser, because I don't like the other ones) - but my css-file isn't so long and most times I find what I am looking for. It only takes time... Last time I discovered the backup function - the time before I worked with a second software for saving in the case the css doesn't work. But using the backup is much easier 🙂 All together I like to have one place where I can find my css - free from any theme or update. With this plugin I can manage this easily!

AWESOME and extremely fast!

Hey man thanks a ton for this plugin it juist shopped off more than a second of loading itme from my website, seriously i didt expect switching to a better custom css plugin could have such a huge impact on performance. (I have spend alot of money on performance optimization and it didnt help as much as this).


This plugin is much faster than the other custom-css-plugins I tried.

Awesome CSS plug-in this is

This is the best CSS plug-in I've been able to find to date, offering time-saving code hinting and much appreciated tips in terms of anything to do with CSS ensuring CSS best practice in terms of fallback styles etc etc etc is employed in your stylesheet. Highly recommended and probably the best free custom CSS plug-in you will find. Massive thanks for the devs for making my life so much easier. Peace.

Great plugin!

I recommend this plugin to a lot of my WP customers. Always helps correcting a CSS conflict between themes and plugins. Thanks!
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  • Add php editor, shortcodes.


  • css fix report by A-minus and tested with 4.4.2


  • More advanced setting for enable/disable many feature:
  • Enable/Disable invisible elements;
  • Enable/Disable print margin;
  • Enable/Disable line numbers;
  • Enable/Disable backups (end, if enabled, save only if exist data to save = no more empty backup)!
  • Enable/Disable autocomplete;
  • All setting saved with cookies only when an admin access in backend!


  • Added version querystring in css and javascript (prevent cache issue from old release).


  • More code change/fix/clean (expecially in textarea and search bar) + removed old codemirror fix.


  • Search bar no longer fixed (caused graphics problems in some circumstances)


  • Fix a bug with 2.5 in svn repository!


  • More code clean, fix, and optimization!
  • All string translated (also in backup pages)!
  • Now with live auto-complete; text-zoom; theme-changer; and search bar!!!


  • More code clean, bugfix, optimization and performance!
  • Now support https and fix incompatibility issue with blue admin plugin!


  • Some code change/fix and now use Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) instead of CodeMirror !!! 😀


  • More code clean/rewrite/optimization!
  • my_style.css no more deleted if blank (but still no show in output)…
  • Now script generate blank index.html page for prevent directory listing
  • File now in „wp-content/uploads/“ directory (i hope this can fix some issue with some server – sorry, i prefer to don’t touch/old user file via script – so, move yourself if u glad)!
  • Top button improved with code of another my plugin: smooth-page-scroll-to-top (some little code only for this page – a good jquery effect)!
  • Now only one (big) Saved button on top-right (fixed)!
  • Now backup button is on bottom/left.


  • Now my_style.css and backup will be saved in content directory! (no more delete on upgrade)!
  • More other change in code…


  • Now use „$wp_filesystem->put_contents“ and „wp_mkdir_p“ instead of „file_put_contents“ and „mkdir“ (fix issue permission)…
  • Move backup in „hidden directory“ – with old backup migration (prevent long css list in wordpress plugin editor)…


  • Add css stylesheets in backup management (just some little improvements)…!
  • Some fix in multisite network (disable view/erase backup except for blog_id 1)!



  • Now use „link“ instead of @import (link improve performance!)…


  • Tested with wordpress 4.3.1
  • More code rewrite (fix for translator)!
  • Fix icon css issue.


  • New feture: Now is full compatible in network mode (multisite support)!


  • Fix a small issue in „@import url()“ (add „;“) with safari browser!


  • Now code is saved both on database and also in file „my_style.css[+ ‚?filemtime‘ to fix browser cache]“ when you click on „Save“ (made and updated via db+php only if is present css code). Thanks to this I can see custom css code in admin panel via database and put in source via file with ‚@import url(„my_style.css[+ ‚?filemtime‘ to fix browser cache]“)‘. I think (and hope) that this can optimize source code view and time load!
  • New „Save“ button in plugin page (fixed via css in top right position)!
  • New „Top“ button in bottom right position (classic „anchor“ top button)!
  • Many other code clean and optimization!



  • Updated CodeMirror to release 3.1!


  • Add CSS Style background and icon in plugins page 🙂


  • Very minor change: Plugin priority to 999 (now latest in header)
  • Some little fix and clean/indent in php code


  • Updated CodeMirror to release 3.02!
  • Some little change to readme.txt (removed faq and fixed other info).


  • Changed plugin URI from to
  • Some CSS fix if no JavaScript enabled in browser
  • Updated CodeMirror (Syntax) to latest release (atm 3.01)
  • New Support and Setting link in plugins list
  • Translated Description and Support/Settings links in Ita




  • Some little fix in css auto height (codemirror.css)



  • Now you can see in source code only if is present custom css
  • Blog’s homepage redirect for direct access in my-custom-css.php
  • Empty „index.html“ in all directory to Prevent Directory Listing
  • New menu in admin panel (after „Appearance“ and before „Plugins“) with custom icon


  • First release