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Next Active Directory Integration

Next Active Directory Integration allows WordPress to authenticate, authorize, create and update users against Microsoft Active Directory.

For detailed information you can visit the official GitHub repository of Active Directory Integration 2


  • FIX: switched from mcrypt to defuse/php-encryption
  • FIX: decoupled password update from user update to allow for automatic password updates without 'auto update user' set to true
  • FIX: marked brute force protection deprecated
  • FIX: minor bugs when using ldap over ssl
  • ADD: sync to ad now uses the GUID for syncronization
  • FIX: verify domain controller connectivity before incrementing brute force protection counter
  • FIX: custom attributes inside the user profile will prioritize the custom description (thanks to mzemann)
  • FIX: changed the look of Sync to AD, Sync to WordPress and Test authentication
  • ADD: added row to users list for premium extension (custom user role management)
  • FIX: added the complete dirname when using require_once inside index.php (GitHub #47)


  • ADD: internationalization for all plugin strings (ADI-432 ADI-436 see https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/next-active-directory-integration)
  • FIX: roles are now mapped using the GUID instead of sAMAccountName (ADI-428)
  • ADD: option for preventing disabled users to be synchronized to WordPress (ADI-223)
  • ADD: validation for Base DN
  • FIX: problem when sending brute force protection notifications via email (ADI-464)
  • FIX: non NADI users being blocked by the brute force protection
  • FIX: brute force protection now checks for the whole username (ADI-424)
  • FIX: updating user profiles without bind user (ADI-439)
  • FIX: countdown for brute force protection (ADI-456)


  • ADD: NTLM support for SSO (sponsored by Vogels - http://www.vogels.com)
  • ADD: implementation of hooks to provide an API (ADI-145)
  • ADD: premium extensions available for support license subscribers
  • ADD: log reason for not being able to increase max_execution_time (ADI-396)
  • ADD: log message that AD security group could not be found (ADI-397)
  • ADD: improve logging number of users to import from AD to WordPress (ADI-414)
  • FIX: synchronization does not work b/c getDomainSid returns "S-0" (ADI-412)
  • FIX: "Test authentication" does not allow characters like a backward slash (ADI-421)
  • FIX: permanent redirects after successful authentication (ADI-422)
  • FIX: error "the current user is being initialized without using $wp->init()" when using BuddyPress (ADI-416)
  • FIX: blocking of users with long user names (ADI-330)
  • FIX: get_blog_details replaced with get_site to maintain compatibility with WordPress 4.7+ (ADI-419)
  • FIX: restrict output of debug LDAP user information to only an amount of characters (ADI-420)
  • FIX: Sync to WordPress: default WordPress role "Subscriber" is not assigned (ADI-401)
  • FIX: Users with admin role granted by WordPress lose their role when logging into the site for the first time (ADI-380)


  • ADD: option to enable/disable authentication using XML-RPC
  • FIX: reworked user interface
  • FIX: sync ends after deleted account is no longer present in Active Directory
  • FIX: integration tests
  • FIX: emails will not be sent to administrators (GitHub #27 Thanks to kyleflan)
  • FIX: users can now be disabled from WordPress
  • ADD: HTTP_X_REMOTE_USER is now an option in the SSO configuration (GitHub #29 Thanks to laughtonsm)


  • FIX: add missing default value for method parameter


  • FIX: remove PHP 5.6 code (GitHub #22 Thanks to requincreative)


  • ADD: custom user roles can be used in "Role equivalent groups"
  • ADD: the logger is disabled by default (and can be enabled inside the configuration)
  • ADD: log file path can be configured (default is wp-content/plugins/next-active-directory-integration/logs/debug.log)



  • FIX: check if AD result is not empty before accessing distinguished name (GitHub #16 Thanks to petterannerwall)
  • ADD: optional support for Down-Level User Name (like TEST\klammer) (GitHub #18)



  • FIX: brute force protection is now be disabled (GitHub #14 Thanks to Munnday (David Munn))
  • FIX: the max count of login tries and the block time are now editable


  • FIX: SSO caused a PHP error during login (GitHub #13 Thanks to Jason Taylor and Munnday (David Munn))


  • FIX: missing german translation


  • ADD: support for WordPress Multisite through profiles
  • ADD: Profiles can be customized, including the permission of every option
  • ADD: support for PHP7
  • ADD: detailed documentation at https://www.active-directory-wp.com/docs/Getting_Started.html
  • ADD: experimental support for multiple Active Directory domains; see FAQ
  • ADD: easier handling and description of encryption methods for LDAP
  • ADD: additional columns in Multisite overview for networks and users
  • ADD: user names can be explicitly excluded from authentication
  • ADD: menu entries of Next ADI can be hidden
  • ADD: Next ADI can be disabled per Multisite site environment
  • CHANGE: large user interface improvements
  • CHANGE: complete rewrite of the PHP backend
  • CHANGE: userPrincipalName is leading attribute for user identification instead of sAMAccountName
  • FIX: Role Equivalent Groups can be mapped to multiple WordPress roles instead of only one
  • and much much more we can not list here. Please take the time and read the official documentation :-)

1.x (Active Directory Integration)

  • deprecated and no further development

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
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