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Official Markerly Widget


This plugin allows you to install Markerly on your WordPress blog. It’s a social layer that sits on top of your content which prompts users to share when they engage with images, video, and text. You then will get analytics on the backend when you log into Markerly.


  1. All settings live under SETTINGS > Markerly Settings
  2. Publisher ID required to receive analytics


What is Markerly?

Markerly offers social tools to help publishers/site owners increase user engagement while also providing deep insight into what users are actually reading and engaging with. Markerly also has a micro-sharing browser plugin which makes it easy to share specific quotes and images.

Markerly’s publisher tools include:
-A sharing widget which provides instant text and photo sharing functionality
-Premium analytics on what users are sharing, reading, and engaging with

Why should I have Markerly?
  • You want in-depth details on how your users are engaging on your site
  • You need something with a small footprint
  • You prefer nearly zero configuration
  • You are not interested in large scale, monolithic analytical platforms
  • You prefer a simple solution to a complex problem
  • You want data that you can turn into actionable items
Is there an „invisible“ Markerly? I want the analytics, but I don’t want the sharing options to appear.

Yes! You have the option at Markerly.com when generating code to make it invisible purely for copy & paste analytics. This does not affect your analytics, except that you will not see an increase in page views or click-backs by removing the social aspect of Markerly. All copy & paste data will be provided to you.

I put Markerly on my site but I never signed up. Can I still access my data?

Yes. All you need to do is grab your publisher ID from the Markerly code that you added to your site and then go here to link a new account to it.
How many people copy content from my site?
According to a recent study done on Business Insider and 17,000 other online publishers, 82% of sharing is done by copy & paste. So, a lot of people are copying content from your site, and Markerly sheds light on what they are truly interested in! According to our stats, 14% of page views include copy/paste/sharing from Markerly.

How does Markerly increase my page views?

Empowering readers to share micro-content is extremely valuable. When readers engage in content it’s because they are interested in it. By prompting readers to impulsively share what they engage in, you make the action of sharing instant and convenient. By prompting readers to share more of what they love, you receive more click-backs from that shared content and more backlinks, which improves your SEO.

How much does Markerly cost?

The best things in life are free. So is Markerly.

What about user privacy?

All of Markerly’s analytics are private and your data will not be shared with any other publishers. Read about our privacy policies here
Can I use Markerly on my personal blog?
Of course! You can use Markerly on anything! It’s your tool!


3. September 2016
If you want uninstall this plugin, it'll unconfigure your website!
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