PaymentSpring for Gravity Forms


PaymentSpring is a credit card processing gateway with a developer friendly API. This plugin is officially supported by PaymentSpring and is specifically designed for use with Gravity Forms.

PaymentSpring API keys are required. You can obtain your own by registering for a free PaymentSpring test account.

Adding PaymentSpring to your forms

Add the Credit Card field

When editing or creating a form, drag and drop „Credit Card“ from the „Pricing Fields“ section.

Once dropped in, be sure to check „Use with PaymentSpring?“ under the „General“ tab.

You’ll now need to specifiy the amount to charge a customer. There’s three ways of accomplishing this.

Single Product

To charge for a single product, drag and drop a „Product“ field.

With Quantity

By default, the product field will allow a customer to add in a quantity.

To hook this up with the Credit Card, set „Amount“ to be the field’s price and „Quantity“ to be the field’s quantity.

Without Quantity

To simply charge a customer, drag and drop in a „Product“ field. This time, change „Field Type“ to „Hidden.“

The credit card configuration is almost the exact same as the previous step, just don’t specific a „Quantity.“


Using plans takes a couple of steps.

Because we need to create a customer within PaymentSpring, we need to collect their personal information.

  1. Drag and Drop a „Name“ field and an „Address“ field from the sidebar. Both of these are found under „Advanced Fields“ on the sidebar.
  2. Drag and Drop a „Drop Down“ field. This will be used to pick a plan.
  3. Within the „Choices“ we’ll need to add in our available plans. Click „Bulk Add/Predifined Choices“: .
  4. At the top of the left sidebar click „PaymentSpring Plans“. Don’t change anything here. Click „Insert Choices.“
  5. Now all of your fields are ready to be hooked up to your Credit Card form. It should look something like this:

Allow One-Time Charges

Adding a „One Time Charge“ field just involves one extra step.

Add a checkbox field like this:

Your „Label“ can be whatever you want, this is what the users will see. Just make sure the „Value“ is set to „True“

Then set your Credit Card field accordingly. Example found in screenshot 1.

Allow Customers To Override The Cost Of A Plan

In the Payment Spring Gravity Forms settings, enable „Allow Customers To Override Plan Amounts“.

Then in your form, link a number field to „Subscription Amount (Override Default)“ in the credit card field.


  1. Install Gravity Forms
  2. Install the PaymentSpring for GravityForms Plugin
  3. Add your API Keys (Select „Forms“ on the sidebar > „Settings“ > „PaymentSpring“)

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„PaymentSpring for Gravity Forms“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




Customers can now override the price of a subscription.


Fixes bug where receipts weren’t sending after subscribing a customer.


Tweaks to the settings page for clarity on which plans are actually enabled when switching between keys. Fixes bug where a plan name with parens with cause errors when subscribing a customer.


Fixes bug where email is not set when creating new customers.


Fixes bug where form can’t proceed when credit card field is hidden.


Adds a setting to choose the receipt that gets sent.


Adds a setting to send receipts on purchase.


Minor fix for deployment to WordPress.


Adds ability to just create a customer.


Bug fix regarding description in Payment Spring dashboard.


Fixed issue with adding company and email address info to charges.


Add setting for toggling whether a customer is automatically created on one-time charges.


Customers created for one-time charges.


Fixes error with emails not sending.


Fixes error with non-PaymentSpring forms not submitting.


Version 2 adds the ability to subscribe to plans.