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PeerBoard is a powerful modern community platform that enables embedded and fully white-labeled communities. With PeerBoard, both individuals and companies can build the community that their audience deserves.
PeerBoard’s WordPress plugin was designed to help creators, companies, or organizations build a successful branded community. Our WordPress plugin allows any WordPress user to embed a fully functional online community platform with just a few clicks.
Our plugin was designed to make community forum features accessible to any WordPress user, regardless of their level of previous website design experience. The entire plugin installation process and integration with your website takes just a few minutes, and requires no coding or technical knowledge.
If you do need any help, feel free to reach out to our team of support specialists. We are proud to support our users with free customer support!

Benefits of Having a Forum on WordPress Website:

  • Connect With Your Customers: Stand out from the competition by talking, helping, and building personal and lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Retain Your Members Long-Term: Foster the kind of valuable networks and strong connections between your members that keep them coming back.
  • Generate Leads and Improve SEO with User Generated Content: Create a place where your users can share their own posts and read other people’s content. Search engines love question and answer search phrases. PeerBoard’s online community solution will draw prospects to your community from search engines. This will lead to increased dwell time, one of the factors that influences your website ranking on Google.
  • Get Feedback: A customer community provides constant feedback on what makes customers happy and where their biggest pain points lie allowing you to improve product and processes.
  • Create Advocates: Your community can help you identify, develop and reward advocates. PeerBoard’s native reputation lets you reward positive participation and provide advocates with the recognition they deserve.
  • Increase Loyalty: A social bond and sharing of best practices will increase the value of your products and services. A branded community forum can drive repeat sales and lower churn. PeerBoard’s notification system and deep integration to your website keep customers coming back.
  • Simplify Community Management: Consolidate your forums, ideation tools, Google Groups and other discussion platforms. PeerBoard makes it easy to create and manage multiple online communities across departments or product lines. Make your life easier by deploying one solution across the organization.

Main Plugin Features:

  • Member Groups: Build subgroups, manage access, reward members with badges, and more. Automate any of your group management with our API or Zapier.
  • User Profiles: Now every customer can showcase their expertise and the best content they created. Reward their contributions with badges and special privileges.
  • Public or Private Spaces: Keep the community public or private and make it easy for members to use existing accounts. Accessibility settings make the community public or private. Use registration rules to enable members with an invitation to join.
  • Powerful Built-In Tools: From rich user profiles to an intelligent newsfeed, PeerBoard provides users with powerful tools allowing them to create and scale their online community.
  • Customization: PeerBoard is a premium, white-label community experience. Your community, your branding. Choose your own brand colors, add a custom domain, and own 100% of your member data.
  • Language Support: Break the language barrier between you and your audience and host your community in one of the 15 languages supported by PeerBoard: English, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, traditional or simplified Chinese.
  • No code integration: Embed the PeerBoard Plugin in your WordPress website, without coding or complex integrations.
  • Real-time threads: Facilitate valuable in-depth conversations with multi-level discussions.
  • Moderation Tools: Keep your members safe, and secure your brand reputation. PeerBoard helps you ensure that the community is free from spam, abuse, and harmful language.
  • Intelligent feed: Our algorithm keeps members hooked with personalized, rich, and contextual content driven by members’ participation in groups, categories, and selected preferences.
  • And much more: Real-time updates, a versatile admin panel and a full suite of powerful features.

PeerBoard Use Cases:

1. Professional Communities
A community is a great way to encourage social collaboration among employees or members of an organization. PeerBoard lets your employees have coherent and meaningful conversations within a private community.

  • Collaborate: Let employees across departments, locations or time zones have meaningful discussions without creating constant distractions.
  • Share Knowledge: Foster the kind of valuable networks and strong connections between your members that keep them coming back.
  • Privacy Controls: Keep your community private and control access and permissions. Integrate to your access control system.

2. Private Social Networks
Tired of using traditional social media tools to connect with users and fans? Build your own social networking platform on your own website with PeerBoard.

  • Break away from Facebook groups and Reddit forums: Building your own private social network allows you to deliver user-friendly content in a way that makes sense for your organization. Create an ad-free experience where your content doesn’t compete with other brands in user feeds and emails and where you have the flexibility to integrate with external services. Spend less time formatting posts for social media sites and more time building up your own online community.
  • Control your own data: Big social networking sites require phone numbers, emails, and other personal information at signup. But marketers and advertisers working on the platform don’t get to see any of that. Users also may not want to share it in the first place. Whether you’re building a community forum or trying to control your brand, building a private social network allows you to determine what data you collect, why it matters, and who you share it with.
  • Perfect for every niche: Social media platforms are great at connecting users, but they’re a standardized solution meant to fill every niche. With PeerBoard, you can customize the look, style, and scale of your forum so that messaging is clear and precise — without off-brand advertisement and algorithms getting in the way of a great user experience.

3. Product Communities
Gather community insights that improve functionality and interest for your products and services.

  • Get critical feedback during product development: Customer feedback is a critical element of product development. Project stakeholders use it to gauge interest. Team members use it to add features, tweak designs, and determine how to talk about products with customers. Your product forum can serve as a communication platform to help you gain knowledge and improve your products.
  • Crowdsource ideas and create customer advocates: Customers are more likely to engage with your products when they help build them. Using PeerBoard, you can crowdsource ideas, solicit feedback, answer questions, and more. By adding customer feedback to your product development roadmaps and incorporating valuable ideas into your building a more complete solution that your general audience can use.
  • Improve your knowledge base: Whether your product is about to launch or has been on the shelf for years, you can always improve usability through support and knowledge. A community platform can serve as a support tool, allowing users to troubleshoot issues, consult support documentation, create user-generated guides and tutorials, and work together to solve their own problems.

PeerBoard vs. Legacy Forum or User Management Plugins

Unlike legacy plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress, which can be difficult to set up and customize, PeerBoard offers a modern experience that helps you deliver maximum value to your members.


  • English – default, always included
  • Russian – ru_RU


  • Newsfeed style. Instead of a traditional forum, PeerBoard makes it easy to stay up to date with a single Facebook-like feed.
  • Real-time conversations. PeerBoard updates forum pages in real time so that users can enjoy a deeper level of discussion.
  • Modern forum software. PeerBoard’s modern look and feel make it a sight to behold and delight to use for every single user.
  • Complete white label. Add custom colors, logos, categories, and topics to deliver a fully branded experience for every user.
  • No-code integration. Embed PeerBoard as a fully customizable page in your WordPress configuration in 10 minutes.
  • Robust user profiles. Allow users to create bios, receive badges, and build a history that identifies them to other members.
  • Easy email invite. Quickly transfer or add existing members through a simple email invite.
  • Rich editor. Allow users to create long-form content by including photos, videos, and formatted content.
  • Private or public. Control your community’s visibility, access rights and registration options.


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to PeerBoard > Settings and set required fields


How do I install the plugin?

How to install: here

Do I need to know any coding to use this plugin?

No, we have built PeerBoard to be super easy. You don’t need to create shortcodes or have any coding knowledge whatsoever.

Where can I see a demo?

There’s a live demo here.

Is PeerBoard mobile responsive?

Yes. PeerBoard is designed to adjust nicely to any screen, including phones, tablets and desktops.

How to change the language:

How to change the language: here

How do I get support?

If you have trouble with PeerBoard plugin, you can get help on the support forums here or just drop us an email at

I have a different question than listed here.

Check out our support forums here or send us an email at


2. Juni 2021
I am actually a little frustrated with how close this came to my needs. Easy to use, clean interface, loads of options, perfectly tailored. If I were running my own site with a user board, this would instantly be a solution for me. Unfortunately, I am adminning a site for a nonprofit that can't afford any perks right now, so I had to uninstall it. Seriously, though, soon as I need a social site, this is my first port of call.
12. Mai 2021
PeerBoard is a great solution by itself, but it's even better integrated with WordPress. I love that my community can be easily accessed on my WP site using just one login, and that if anything were to happen to my website, my PeerBoard community is safe! Highly recommended.
12. Mai 2021
i use peerboard on my site and works perfectly. The support is amazing, i've used it during my first installation and together have discovered some little bug suddenly fixed. Top!
11. Mai 2021
I'm using PeerBoard on my WordPress for 6 months and so far so good. There is many ways to integrate it with WordPress and I finally chose to run Peerboard and wordpress side by side without the plugin (I use the API to create users). I don't have to worry about wordpress issues and Peerbaord is reliable and easy to customize. I use it to build a community and also to replace my newsletter. My users "subscribe" to the community feed with a simple form and they can be involved in the community if they want to. To me, it's clearly the best move I've made to grow my site.
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  • Robots txt sitemap fixed issue


  • Injected peerboard SSR preview of post content into WP
  • Fixed curl (60) certificate issue
  • Fixed issue with Gulp
  • User sync issue fixed


  • User profile url fix


  • If user not found create it


  • Added xml map for community posts
  • Sitemap link added to robots.txt


  • Now you can set the community page as the static home page
  • Community page slug sanitizing
  • Fixed sub URL issues now plugin working on subdirectory wordpress and with parent pages
  • Now in settings available to select community page parent
  • Custom page template logic
  • Added custom full-width template
  • On plugin activation changing community page template to our full-width template
  • User sync fixed


  • Custom page template logic
  • Added custom full-width template for page
  • On plugin activation changing theme default theme to our custom one
  • Fixed small issue with an error notice


  • Improved error handling


  • Fixed some small bugs


  • Fixed bug for some user that do not have footer and header


  • page selector bug fixed
  • page duplication issue solved


  • Ability to community page template on plugin settings page
  • Added ability to translate settings page
  • Fixed some minor issues
  • Updated user sync logic
  • Some Refactoring
  • Fixed readme FAQ block to show correctly
  • Redirecting issue solved and function refactored
  • Now taking page url from wordpress not from api response url


  • Added shortcode to be able add content before or after on forum page


  • Remove plugin data on plugin uninstall

0.7.5 – 2021-04-16

  • Minor fixes

0.7.4 – 2021-04-07

  • Minor login fixes

0.7.3 – 2021-03-29

  • Push plugin version to peerboard

0.7.2 – 2021-03-13

  • Minor fixes

0.7.1 – 2021-03-12

  • Social logins fixed

0.7.0 – 2021-02-25

  • Login and logout reworked

0.6.9 – 2021-02-17

  • Minor bugfixes

0.6.8 – 2021-02-16

  • Fixed session related bugs

0.6.7 – 2021-02-15

  • Path prefix change now leads to peerboard page slug change

0.6.6 – 2021-02-11

  • Remove „hide header“ option
  • Update plugin screenshots descriptions

0.6.5 – 2021-01-24

  • Fix: login out from wordpress now leads to peerboard logout

0.6.4 – 2021-01-24

  • Fix: plugin reactivation now uses old community instead of creating new one