Pepro Ultimate Invoice


The Most Advanced Invoice Plugin you were looking for!
Create HTML/PDF Invoices of WooCommerce Orders, Attach PDF Invoice to Mail and Let customers download beautiful-customizable styled invoices.

**Ultimate Invoice plugin for WooCommerce!**

This plugin lets you to Generate Awesome Invoices for WooCommerce orders and:

  • Download PDF invoices
  • Email Styled Invoices
  • Attach PDF to WC Emails
  • Attach PDF to Invoices Emails
  • Restrict Invoices Options
  • Full Invoice Customizations
  • Make your own Invoice Template
  • Make your own PDF Invoice Template
  • Make your own Inventory Report Template
  • Make your own Packing Slips Template
  • Alter plugins via Action/Filter hooks
  • and …..

Hot Features of Version 1.3.7 🔥 (2021-07-14 | 1400-04-23)

  • Bulk Download Invoices PDF as ZIP Archive
  • Bulk Print Invoices Inventory Reports
  • Bulk Print Invoices Shipping Slips
  • Export/Import Settings as JSON/PHP!

Version 1.3.0

Made by Developers for Developers

  • Github Wiki
  • Over 190 Filter Hook
  • Over 15 Action Hook
  • Fully Translatable
  • Nice and Human Readable Variable Names
  • Separated Classes for Different purposes
  • Templates for HTML Invoice (tpl, css)
  • Templates for PDF Invoice (tpl, css)
  • Templates for Email Invoice (tpl, css)
  • Templates for Inventory Report (tpl, css)
  • Templates for Packing Slips(tpl, css)
  • Change Email Sending Settings (from, name, and …)
  • Preserve email template style even in Gmail!
  • and ….

Invoice Items filtering

  • Show / Hide Store National Id
  • Show / Hide Store Registration Number
  • Show / Hide Store Economical Number
  • Show / Hide Customer Address
  • Show / Hide Customer Phone
  • Show / Hide Customer E-mail
  • Show / Hide Order Date
  • Show / Hide Payment method
  • Show / Hide Shipping method
  • Show / Hide Transaction Ref. ID
  • Show / Hide Product Image
  • Show / Hide Product Purchase note
  • Show / Hide Order Items
  • Show / Hide Order Total
  • Show / Hide Product Weight
  • Show / Hide Product Dimensions
  • Show / Hide Product SKU
  • Show / Hide Order Note
  • and ….


  • Quick Shop Feature ( Purchase all products in one page )
  • Visual Composer Widget
  • Pre-order Invoices Status
  • Built in DARK MODE Support (Auto, Manual)
  • Disable WC Modern Dashboard
  • Date parsing templates
  • Jalali/Shamsi Date formats numbers?
  • English, Eastern Arabic and Persian Numbers style
  • RTL-ready
  • Automated Email sending system
  • Fully Woo-commerce integration
  • and …

Made by love in Pepro Development Center.

Pepro Dev is a registered trademark of Pepro Co.

About Us

PEPRO DEV is a premium supplier of quality WordPress plugins, services and support.
Join us at and also don’t forget to check our free offerings, we hope you enjoy them!


  • Sample PDF Generated by plugin
  • Store Details Setting
  • Store Details Setting in Dark mode
  • Invoices items Setting
  • Invoices items Setting in Dark mode
  • Miscellaneous Setting ( Disable WC New Dashboard and ...)
  • Privacy Setting ( Access Manager )
  • Barcode and QR Setting
  • Inventory Report Setting
  • Invoices template and theming setting
  • WooCommerce Orders → Columns → Ultimate Invoice Options → Popup Toolbox
  • WooCommerce Orders → Columns → Ultimate Invoice Options → Popup Toolbox → Email Invoice to Customer on the fly
  • WooCommerce Orders → Columns → Ultimate Invoice Options → Popup Toolbox → View Invoice on the fly
  • Edit Orders → Metaboxes → Ultimate Invoice Options


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress

  3. Navigate to to change settings.


How can I show compact total order in PDF invoices?

Use hook below and add it into your plugin or theme’s function.php

add_filter( „puiw_return_pdf_total_prices_as_single_price“,“__return_true“);`

How can I contribute to this plugin?

You can help us improve our works by committing your changes to Pepro Dev’s Github repository:


29. September 2021
This plugin resolve all my numbering error and other problem with woo invoice. Free plugin better than other pro. Great Work! Many thanks for your time and work.
22. Juni 2021
به همه دوستان عزیزی که دنبال افزونه فاکتور ساز م یگردند توصیه می کنم بدون شک استفاده کنید پس از کلی آرزمون و خطا و بررسی افزونه های مختلف روی هاست بیچاره ام، بالاخره این افزونه رو پیدا کردم و می تونم بگم حتی بیش از حد انتظار ظاهر شد فقط یه نکته: وقتی مشتری از طریق حساب کاربری اش فاکتورش رو دانلود می کنه، روی گوشی فایل PDF باز نمیشه. وقتی فایل دانلود میشه به صورت بدون پسوند PDF میاد.
17. Juni 2021
Thank you to providing the best plugin for us. I prefer to use GPL plugins but some marketplaces encode their plugins and force users to install some additional software like ioncube! The WordPress community will appreciate your work. keep it up!
25. April 2021
واقعا تمامیه افزونه هایی که تا به حال درست کردید عالین امیدوارم همیشه همینطور موفق باشید با تشکر
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Version 1.4.1 / 2021-11-13 / 1400-08-22

  • Fix: Auto-set pre-defined settings

Version 1.4.0 / 2021-10-02 / 1400-07-10

  • HTML Invoice Check Requirements
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.3.9 / 2021-09-15 / 1400-06-26

  • Bug fixes
  • Compatibility with AP Payment gateway (درگاه پرداخت آپ)
  • DEV: Changed print invoice get query

Version 1.3.8 / 2021-07-28 / 1400-05-06

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.3.7 / 2021-07-14 / 1400-04-23

  • Added: Bulk Print Invoices Shipping Slips (Order Screen > Bulk Actions)
  • Added: Bulk Print Invoices Inventory Reports (Order Screen > Bulk Actions)
  • Added: Bulk Download PDF Invoices as ZIP Archive (Order Screen > Bulk Actions)
  • Fixed: Wrong GMT/UTC date display

Version 1.3.5 / 2021-07-12 / 1400-04-21

  • Fixed: Changed textdomain to pepro-ultimate-invoice
  • Fixed: ‚Store‘ Address was not properly translated
  • Fixed: ‚Customer‘ Address was not properly translated
  • Fixed: Default template for RTL/Persian sites was not ‚Default-RTL‘
  • Fixed: Wpbakery Page Builder widget not showing
  • Fixed: Quick Buy feature would not work when Wpbakery Page Builder is disabled
  • Added: Backup / Export & Import Settings as JSON
  • Added: Option to Revert Settings to Default, Clear out Settings, Re-set Settings based on default values
  • Added: More default Options based on site Locale
  • Added: Export/Import Settings as JSON data
  • Added: Export Settings as PHP Script to use in your child theme for customers
  • Added: pepro_ultimate_invoice_default_options filter hook to alter default settings fields
  • Added: pepro_ultimate_invoice_reset_options_done action hook to alter default settings fields
  • Dev: Upgraded font-awesome to 5.15.3
  • Dev: Changed function which returned WooCommerce store base-address
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-reset !DO NOT USE IF NOT SURE!
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-clear !DO NOT USE IF NOT SURE!
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-set
  • Dev: new functional query string (for Developers usage only): /wp-admin/?ultimate-invoice-get
  • Dev: Changed Setting panel javascript localize_script object as _peproUltimateInvoice
  • Removed: function clear_out_settings, use change_default_settings instead


  • Fixed: Changed Default Invoice Access setting to prevent Pre-invoice 403 error
  • Dev: added puiw_printinvoice_check_user_has_access filter Hook to alter Invoice Access
  • Dev: Invoice Access function is more relible now


  • Fixed: Sorting problems
  • Fixed: Error Create Inventory and Packing Slip Reports


  • Added: Fully Compatibility with WPC Product Bundles by WPClever
  • Added: Fully Compatibility with WooCommerce Extra Product Options by ThemeComplete
  • Added: Fully Compatibility with Any Standard plugins that adds and shows Order item metas
  • Added: Showing Order item meta after order item description
  • Added: Sort order items by get_items_sorting
  • Dev: Added get_items_sorting public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_items_sorting filter hook
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items_sort_by filter hook to change items sorting (PID, ID, SKU, QTY, NAME, PRICE, TOTAL, WEIGHT, SUBTOTAL, SUBTOTAL_TAX)
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items_sort_desc filter hook to change items ordering from ASC to DESC
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items_sort_by_force filter hook to hook into items ordering by your choice
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundles public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundles_subtitle filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundles_subtitle public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundles_subtitle filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundled_products public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundled_products filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundled_subtitle public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundled_subtitle filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_show_bundled_hierarchy public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_show_bundled_hierarchy filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_bundled_subtitle_prefix public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_bundled_subtitle_prefix filter hook
  • Dev: Added get_woosb_bundles_subtitle_prefix public function in PeproUltimateInvoice_Template
  • Dev: Added puiw_get_woosb_bundles_subtitle_prefix filter hook
  • Dev: Added puiw_invoice_item_extra_classes filter hook for invoice items tr html el. class
  • Dev: Added puiw_order_items filter hook to manipulate order items
  • Dev: Added Integration Section in Settings
  • Dev: Added Comment for print invoice class functions
  • Fixed: Discount precent problem
  • Fixed: Showing live price instead of actual order cost
  • Fixed: Invoice Access problem
  • Fixed: Default setting values changed
  • Fixed: Clearing Setting on Uninstall problem
  • Fixed: Translation & ReadMe
  • Fixed: Font max size changed from 30 to 99
  • Thanks to M. Mohsen Sobati for feature requests & reports


  • Fixed Jalali Date Converter incompatibility with some themes
  • Fixed Jalali Datepicker and Persian WooCommerce incompatibility


  • Fixed Item Wrong Price display in some cases
  • Fixed Using Current Currency instead of Order Currency
  • Fixed Theme Select in Advanced Invoice print from Orders metabox
  • Fixed Color-Scheme Select in Advanced Invoice print from Orders metabox
  • Fixed Color-Scheme Select in Setting > Theming section
  • Fixed Using Default PDF Invoice template while Advanced Invoice printing
  • Fixed PDF Generation link in HTML invoices


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.7


  • Compatibility with New WooCommerce
  • Compatibility with New WordPress


  • Default Template Translation fix


  • Added PDF Font Selector!
  • Changed „Switch Color Scheme“ button label to „Switch Dark-mode“
  • Changed Support Email
  • Added Minified CSS, JS Version
  • Added Option to use Minified/Un-minified CSS, JS based on WP_DEBUG
  • Changed minimum WooCommerce Required to version 4.4
  • Fixed Signature showing despite it’s option
  • Fixed Showing Wrong Signature if no signature set
  • Fixed Retrieving Email Addresses on Success/Error send


  • Fixed get customer full name
  • Changed Plugin Icon and WordPress Banners
  • Fix Showing product discount in PDF
  • Fix Showing product weight in PDF
  • Fix Showing product tax in PDF


  • Added Compatibility to Pepro WooCommerce Receipt Upload (available upon request to
  • Added Custom CSS Style for PDF Invoices
  • Added Option to show/hide Paid Date
  • Added Option to show/hide Purchase Complete Date
  • Added Option to show/hide Shipping Date
  • Added Option to show/hide Order Status
  • Fixed Showing Wrong Discount Amount
  • Added Showing Discount Percentage
  • Added Option to get Current/Applied price in Invoices
  • Fixed Translating WooCommerce Weight/Dimensions Units
  • Fixed Force Positioning Currency and Price (now follows WooCommerce Setting)
  • Added Compatibility to Templates to work with new updates options
  • Fixed Templates Structure
  • Fixed Order Status Naming
  • Enhanced PDF Generation
  • Fixed Images not loading in PDF
  • Changed Templates default preview images


  • Fixed Darkmode
  • Fixed Barcode Generator
  • Fixed LTR PDF Template Barcode Size
  • Fixed PDF Font for EN sites
  • Fixed Force WC Email Colors from Ultimate Invoice


  • Added Integration with Dokan (available upon request to
  • Added Multiple-template
  • Added Templates Color scheme editor
  • Added Separated template for pre-invoice
  • Added Show/Hide Shipping Date on orders
  • Added Show/Hide Shipping Track Code on orders
  • Added Sub-menu under WooCommerce menu
  • Added hooks so you can bundle your invoice template with your wordpress theme
  • Added Readme details, typo fixed
  • Fixed Unique Identification Number not saving for new users
  • Fixed Color-picker on setting page


  • Added hook: pepro_ultimate_invoice_orders_column_data
  • Added hook: pepro-ultimate-invoice-orders-action
  • Removed Appsero integration


  • Directory Index Blocked for resources


  • readme update
  • usage tracking integration
  • cursor fix in setting page


  • initial release