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Performance Optimization: Order Styles and Javascript


Did you ever read about Optimization of website/blog through ordering styles and Scripts in head section?
If you like your website load in browser as quickly as possible then you may have read in performance optimization tips that
you should move all CSS files on top and script at last in HTML head section <head></head>.

How do you order those calls? If you are manually putting CSS and JavaScript files in head section (<head></head>),
then you can do this very easily. Just modify once and optimization for this is over.
What if you are using plugins and that are adding calls to JavaScript and CSS files dynamically. This is case of WordPress blog,
where we use many plugins and those plugins add various Styles and Script files dynamically from wp_head() call.

If above lines, do not makes much sense to you then probably you have not
read this documentation on Google.

The plugin will also collect different inline scripts to one place. Thus making the source code
look better.

To check, if the plugin is doing anything or not, compare the Head section before and after
activating the plugin.

(For reading more details discussion, follow the Plugin link on right side.)

Author (satya61229) About page on WP


  1. Donwload the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory (https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/)
  2. Upload order-styles-js.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Active the plugin
  4. Add the following lines of codes at header.php file where you see <head> section.
    You need to add only PHP lines given below. HTML code is for demonstration purpose only.
    Mime type „UTF-8“ is my mime type. Mention your mime type meta tag. It will just there cut and paste just after
    Head section. If „Content-Type“ is not available (suppose) in your WordPress header.php file,
    then no worry, you can add the 1st part just after <head>.


<meta http-equiv=“Content-Type“ content=“<?php bloginfo(‚html_type‘); ?>; charset=<?php bloginfo(‚charset‘); ?>“ />

// 1. After Head start section
if (function_exists('orderStyleJS')) {
    orderStyleJS( 'start' );

<!– blah blah – any other meta element. Stylesheet – External JavaScript – Internal Js –>

<!– blah blah – any other meta element. Stylesheet – External JavaScript – Internal Js –>

// 2. Just before Head close section
if (function_exists('orderStyleJS')) {
    orderStyleJS( 'end' );



Is this plugin useful for every wordpress installation?

This plugin should work in any WordPress version. However, I will recommend using it to only those WordPress installation where any caching system is in use. Remember, every code takes resources even if it is smaller. My code is not an exception. So, if you are using any caching system then the plugin code need not run every time a request is made for a page on your website/blog.


3. September 2016
wow Amazing work 100% with php7 and latest wordpress Thankssss
3. September 2016
just insert the code into the header as it says after install and boom. fix it 100%
8. Februar 2017
Thanks for nice plugin ! Works good with wordpress 4.0.1 at http://pensjonatpark.pila.pl, so I improve performance and get A score at GTMETRIX that still recommend me : Optimize the order of styles and scripts so I fixed that with that awesome plugin ! after installation of plugin , remember to modify manually head.php file as described http://www.satya-weblog.com/2010/08/website-performance-optimization-plugin-ordering-stylesheet-javascript.html
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  • Correction in Readme.txt file.
  • Removed empty script tags coming in case there was no inline script in head section.
  • Bug fixed when there was an style (<style></style>) tag inside head section.


  • Order external stylesheets files and External and Internal JS