Post Slider and Carousel


Display Posts Slider or Post Carousel on your WordPress website.

Post Slider and Carousel having 2 shortcodes with 2 designs for each shortcode.

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Post Slider and Carousel is perfect for:

  • Post Slider
  • Post Carousel

Post Slider and Carousel allows you to display your blog posts in a very beautiful slider or carousel that will be appealing to your reader. This plugin not only displays your blog posts in a slider or carousel but also in a responsive way. So, your posts will be displayed perfectly on different devices such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile etc. This Posts Slider also has 100% touch and swipe support.

This Post Slider and Carousel contains 2 shortcodes

  • [psac_post_slider] : Display Post post in Slider view.
  • [psac_post_carousel] : Display Post post in Carousel view.

Common Shortcode Parameters for both shortcodes

  • Limit:
    limit=“10″ ( i.e Display 5 posts in a slider or carousel. To show all posts use limit=“-1″ )

  • Display by Category
    category=“category_ID“ ( i.e Display posts by their category ID )

  • Design:
    design=“design-1″ (Select design for post design. There are 2 designs. design-1 and design-2 )

  • Show Post Author:
    show_author=“false“ (Show post author or not. values are true or false)

  • Show Post Category:
    show_category=“false“ (Show post category or not. values are true or false)

  • Show Post Date:
    show_date=“false“ (Show post date or not. values are true or false)

  • Show Blog Content:
    show_content=“false“ (Show post content or not. values are true or false)

  • Content Words Limit:
    content_words_limit=“40″ (Set content words limit for post.)

  • Media Size:
    media_size=“large“ (Set media size for post. values are thumbnail, medium, large, full)

  • Show Read More:
    show_read_more=“true“ (Show read more button of post. values are true or false)

  • Show Tags:
    show_tags=“true“ (Show tags of post. values are true or false)

  • Show Comments:
    show_comments=“true“ (Show comments of post. values are true or false)

  • Post Order:
    order=“DESC“ (Designates the ascending or descending order of the ‚orderby‘ parameter. Defaults to ‚DESC‘. Values are „DESC“ and „ASC“)

  • Post Order by :
    orderby=“post_date“ (Sort retrieved posts by parameter. Defaults to ‚date (post_date)‘. One or more options can be passed. ’none‘,ID‘,’author‘,’title‘,’name‘,rand‘,date‘)

  • Pagination and arrows:
    dots=“false“ arrows=“false“ (Display dot and arrows in the slider or carousel)

  • Autoplay and Autoplay Interval:
    autoplay=“true“ autoplay_interval=“2000″ (Set autoplay and autoplay interval for slider or carousel)

  • Slide Speed:
    speed=“1000″ (Set speed for slider or carousel)

  • Loop:
    loop=“true“ ( Display slider in Loop OR not : You can use „true“ OR „false“)

  • Slider/Carousel Media Height:
    sliderheight=“400″ ( Set media height for slider or carousel )

Others Parameters for Carousel Shortcode

  • Number of Posts Show at a Time:
    [psac_post_carousel slide_show=“3″] (Display 3 slide item at a time.)

  • Number of Posts Scroll at a Time:
    [psac_post_carousel slide_scroll=“1″] (Scroll 1 slide item at a time.)

Post Slider and Carousel is a good handy and free solution for everyone who is looking for a responsive post slider and carousel with the website.

However, using Post Slider and Carousel plugin you can design your page as per your choice to give it a WOW factor. Also you can modify various settings very quickly with the help of plugin shortcode parameters. So, beginners can start blogging within 5 minutes, no coding skill required.

Included Features:

  • 100% Responsive & columns structure.
  • Lightweight, fast & powerful.
  • Auto Play on/off.
  • Control Auto Play speed.
  • Show/hide Carousel post meta.
  • Show/hide post content and post meta.
  • Show/hide navigation arrow in the carousel.
  • Control carousel pagination speed.
  • Multiple slideshows (supports more than one carousel per page).
  • Control number of post columns in different devices.
  • Post order and order by.
  • Easy to customize and stylize.
  • Compatible with any theme.
  • SEO friendly & optimized for speed.
  • Support all modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.
  • Free support.
  • And much more.

Logo credit : Freepik


  • Post Slider Designs.
  • Post Carousel Designs.


  1. Upload the ‚post-slider-and-carousel‘ folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory.
  2. Activate the Post Slider and Carousel plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add and manage blog post items on your site by clicking on the ‚Post‘ tab that appears in your admin menu.
  4. Plugin add „Post Slider and Carousel“ menu in the left hand side.


Where can I find complete shortcode parameters?

Each shortcode parameters can be found on this page at plugin „Details“ tab.

Can I create post sliders or post carousel with the help of Post Slider and Carousel plugin?

Yes, plugin have Slider and Carousel layout shortcode available with two built-in designs.

Will Post Slider and Carousel plugin work with my theme?

Yes, Post Slider and Carousel will work with any WordPress themes, but may require some styling changes to make it compatible with your theme. If you are facing any compatibility issue with Post Slider and Carousel plugin then please let us know.


30. Januar 2020
Easy usable and working. Simple plugin for post carousel with few designs. Thank you for great plugin
12. Oktober 2019
The plugin does not work correctly. The latest entries in all categories are displayed without problems. But if you choose the right categories, it stops working. If you select the right number of records, it stops working.
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