Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Post Worktime Logger


Do you ever wanted to know, how long did you worked on this post?
Let Post Worktime Logger fill this gap!
Post Worktime Logger will tell you how much time did you spend in a WordPress post. It will only count the time if you are actively working in the post, so don’t worry if you have to leave the computer alone!

Dieses Projekt wird aktiv auf GitHub entwickelt.
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Post Worktime Logger will start to track the time you spend in each post automatically as soon as you install it. You’ll find the time in various places, such as the meta box when you’re editing a page, or the posts list.

In the plugin settings you can edit the title of the plugin, and enable or disable if you want to let non-logged users to see it.


Du kannst für dieses Projekt via PayPal spenden: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=28WZAXQDXYZ5A


  • This is the meta box right to the post editor. Post Worktime Logger will add a new interactive box to your edit screen, allowing you to keep track of how much time you spend on your alterations. You may stop the current counting whenever you need to do something else, or reset it altogether, for example, if you want to restart your work from scratch.
  • This is the posts page. The plugin changes your post list, granting you an additional column that shows the time spent on any particular post.
  • These are the widget options.
  • This is the control panel in frontend for logged in users. Post Worktime Logger will let you add a configurable widget to your site, similar to the meta box on the Edit Post screen. You are able to choose its display name, and whether the widget will be exposed or not to non-logged visitors.
  • This is the widget in frontend for not logged in users.
  • This is the statistics page which displays the top 25 posts. The plugin also offers an indicator that allows you to know which articles you spent more time working on. To check it, just go to your dashboard, it will be the first option under the plugin entry in the sidebar.
  • This is the settings page.


  1. Upload /post-worktime-logger/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory in your WordPress blog.
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über das ‚Plugins‘ Menü in WordPress
  3. Post Worktime Logger ist ein Tool zum Messen der Zeit, die du für einen Beitrag benötigt hast.


13. Oktober 2016 4 Antworten
I’ve been trying to improve my blogging efficiency while also reporting on some interesting stats to readers, and I was stymied to find that there was not a mass of popular WP time tracking plugins that would keep time as you worked on a post – not even a plugin from a popular time-tracking app! After trying a few different search strings, I stumbled onto this humble plugin – no reviews, no ratings, but updated two days ago! I installed it, and it’s the perfect lightweight solution to my needs – it runs a timer at the bottom of a post as I work on it. I wish the plugin came with a few options, like clearing the counter, pausing (especially after a post has been published), or adding the time-count as a column on the Posts page, but I’m happy to manage reporting directly from SQL queries for the time being. Thanks for solving my problem, Worktime Logger!
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  • Tested plugin compatibility with wordpres 5.1


  • Improved settings page.
  • Implemented support to show current version number in settings page.
  • Fixed some warning messages.


  • Fixed check to disable the widget on the static front page.
  • Fixed typo.
  • Updated german translation.


  • Implemented option to prevent the timer from auto start for published posts.
  • Disable the widget on a static front page.


  • Fixed duplicated heading


  • Implemented a checkbox in the settings to prevent the timer from autostart.
  • Improved code and translation engine.
  • Added total worktime in statistics page.
  • Implemented the option to change the amount of posts in statistic.
  • Implemented a confirm question before resetting the whole worktime.
  • Implemented widget option to disable frontend time tracking.
  • Added a link to the developers blog, where you can find more information about the plugin in german.
  • Added brazilian portuguese translation.
  • Added greek translation.
  • Added italian translation.
  • Added donation link.


  • Implemented an own page for Post Worktime Logger.
  • Implemented an options page with some nice options and a reset button.
  • Implemented a statistics page to show the top 25 posts (worktime).
  • Improved documentation of the plugin.


  • Refactored the calculation of the worktime. This should be now more precise.


  • Fixed a bug, that no worktime was saved anymore in admin area.


  • Added language pr_BR
  • Rechtschreibfehler behoben
  • Laden der Sprachdateien behoben
  • Added notice that this plugin is maintained on Github.


  • Implemented a frontend widget to display worktime for not logged in users and for logged in users the control box to track the worktime.
  • Improved security for the plugin.
  • Made the code more reuseable.
  • Fixed textdomain for strings.
  • Updated german translation.


  • Implemented support to pause and resume the tracking of the work time.
  • Implemented support to reset the working time of a post.
  • Implemented support for a sortable column on posts page, which displays the total worktime for each post.
  • Added languages fr_Be and sq.


  • Erste Version.