Prime Mover


The simplest all-around WP migration and backup plugin. This is used for single-site / multisite migration and backup purposes.


  • Single restoration option (upload support only)
  • Migrate single-site to single site
  • Migrate single-site to existing multisite sub-site
  • Migrate multisite sub-site to multisite existing sub-site
  • Migrate multisite sub-site to single-site
  • Migrate within WordPress admin
  • Cross-platform compatible (Nginx / Apache / Microsoft IIS)
  • Debug package

PRO Features

  • Migrate faster using remote URL (WordPress HTTP API)
  • Encrypt database inside package (AES 256-bit)
  • Encrypt media files (AES 256-bit)
  • Save package as snapshot (use Prime Mover as a backup tool)
  • Export package to Dropbox
  • Exclude plugins
  • Exclude media upload files
  • Settings screen
  • Specific blog ID for new sub-site
  • Disable network maintenance
  • Option to delete backups
  • Option to enable migration logs
  • Configure migration parameters
  • Complete restoration options



  • Migration Tools
  • Export Options
  • Restoring package zip via Import
  • Control Panel


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Optionally, opt in to security & feature updates notification including non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with If you skip this, that’s okay! Prime Mover will still work just fine.
  4. You should see the Prime Mover Control Panel. Click „Go to Migration Tools“ to start migrating sites.


What makes Prime Mover unique to other existing migration and backup plugins?
  • The free version has no restriction on package size, number of websites, mode of migration (single-site or multisite will work). We don’t put that kind of restriction.
  • No need to delete your WordPress installation, create/delete database and all other technical stuff. This will save you a lot of time.
  • This is not hosting-dependent. Prime Mover is designed to work with any hosting companies you want to work with.
  • The free version has full multisite migration functionality. This feature is usually missing in most migration plugins free version.
  • This will work on any server modes. Whether you are migrating from your localhost, dev site or from a live site to another live site.
  • You will be doing the entire migration inside the WordPress admin. Anyone with administrator access can do it. No need to hire freelancer to do the job. This saves you money.
  • No messing with complicated migration settings, the free version has no settings on it. Only choose a few options to export and migrate, that’s it.
  • No need to worry about PHP configuration and server settings. Compatible with most default PHP server settings even in limited shared hosting.
  • Modern version PHP compatibility ( PHP 5.6 to 7.3).
  • Entirely coded in PHP-fig standards (its following standard PHP coding guidelines).
  • One of the lowest code risk among migration plugins – simply secure to use.
  • You don’t need to worry about setting up users or changing user passwords after migration. It does not overwrite existing site users after migration.

For more common questions, please read the plugin FAQ listed in the developer site.


14. August 2019
This plugin worked very well, and when I had any questions I was able to get incredible, fast, hands-on customer support. I'm thrilled with it and I'd buy it again! Highly recommend.
30. Juni 2019
Originally I use other popular plugins to migrate sites or do backup. The common problems with the existing backup / migration plugins are as follows: Server timeout stops the export/import process Requires me a new WordPress blank installation Unable to migrate easily from single-site to multisite or vice versa Complicated settings page Prime Mover plugin solves all of this. It includes an intelligent timeout handling. It means that if ever during the export / import restore process, a a server timeout occurs - Prime Mover silently retries until the entire process is done. It does not anymore require you to increase your server timeouts which some hosting is not even allowed. Prime Mover does not require blank WordPress installation. It even uses existing WordPress users even after migration. In my experience, a resetting WordPress site is enough (as it clears content, all plugin data). You don't need to delete your WordPress installation, re-install WordPress etc. The GUI settings is very easy to use, it uses dialog to maintain a single user focus at a time. This removes distraction. This plugin GUI is designed to work even for non-technical / non-developers. There is also a "WordPress debug package" export package that allows you to quickly clone any website and install to your server. This debug package automatically eliminates the media files/uploads directory in the process. Prime Mover automatically adjust the images so it still shows normally after migration. Debug package is useful when you are going to troubleshoot any website in your own local server. Usually its the uploads directory that is the bottleneck in the package restoration process. Prime Mover deals this using "Debug package" type. Finally this is the only free plugin that seems to migrate single-site to multisite , multisite to multisite , single-site to single site. I can easily create one multisite network where I manage all sites and export one of them to single site, very easily. And If I need to put them back to multisite sub-site, it can be done easily. The free version offers so much value already 🙂
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  • Fixed: Uncaught exception ‚Exception‘ with message ‚Unable to locate placement anchor.‘
  • Fixed: Broken unit tests.


  • Fixed: Long running exporter ajax issue causing process hang-up.
  • Fixed: Branding names to Prime Mover.
  • Fixed: Not enough throttle on AJAX upload chunk causing errors on large uploads.
  • Fixed: Issue on server timeout for long running import requests.
  • Fixed: User is not notified on stalled export and import processes.
  • Fixed: Temporary export or import directory is not deleted on stalled or terminated processes.
  • Fixed: No error logging on footprint checks.


  • Fixed: Deactivation error handling not properly executed in non-compliant environments.
  • Fixed: Unable to restore site created by Pro version to Free version and vice versa.
  • Fixed: Fatal error on WP_FileSystem not being set.
  • Fixed: Freemius data removed after export / import.
  • Fixed: Unable to stream error log.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Really Simple SSL plugin after restoring to site without SSL.
  • Fixed; Unable to completely restore / import due to SSL differences between source and target site.
  • Fixed: Some functions not compliant with PHP Fig-PSR standards.
  • Fixed: User cannot disable maintenance mode if stucked.
  • Fixed: Cannot log debug data when not using Freemius-generated plugin versions.
  • Fixed: No progress indicator shown on export AJAX, conflict with sessions.
  • Fixed: Redundant FAQ on plugin readme, duplicated with developer site.
  • Fixed: Erratic upload progress behavior on slower connections.
  • Fixed: Errors when non-standard plugin slug is used.
  • Fixed: PHP notices when renaming table prefixes.
  • Fixed: Interim login screen disrupts long site restoration.
  • Fixed: JS errors on response stalling the restoration progress.
  • Fixed: Random fatal runtime errors when uploading package.
  • Fixed: Uploading hang-up when upload max size is not matching up with upload speed and browser.
  • Fixed: Cannot restore package due to media decryption error.


  • Fixed issues related to MySQL PDO connections.
  • Updated MySQL debug log.
  • Updated unit tests.


  • Fixed issues related to MySQLdump.


  • Added maintenance mode control
  • Updated tests
  • Updated Freemius SDK to version 2.3.0
  • First version!