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Your time-saving Swiss army knife for managing tons of featured images within minutes: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, in posts lists and set default images for future posts.

The plugin is available in English, German (Deutsch) and Catalan (Català), for the most part in Spanish (Español), Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), French (Francais), Arabic (العربية) Japanese (日本語) and Greek (Ελληνικά). It does not collect any personal data, so it is ready for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Manage featured images quickly

The plugin ‚Quick Featured Images‘ helps you bulk managing featured images, setting automatic default featured images to save your time.

  1. It sets, replaces and removes featured images for hundreds of posts and pages in one go. You can run it over all contents or let it work only to desired contents by using flexible filters.
  2. It sets, replaces and removes featured images in a sortable image column in lists of posts, pages and custom post types if they support thumbnails. So you can change the images per post quickly without leaving the posts list page.
  3. It enables you to define presets for automatic default featured images for future posts as many as you need. You can set accurate rules based on post properties.
  4. It removes database entries of featured images without existing image files with a simple single click

What users said

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  1. You will find the plugin under the own menu item ‚Featured Images‘
  2. You can select an image in the media library with the action link ‚Bulk set as featured image‘. Click on it and you can go on with the plugin.
  3. You can set in ‚Settings‘ which minimum user role is allowed to see the plugin in his/her adminstration area. You can switch between ‚Administrator‘ and ‚Editor‘. The default value is ‚Editor‘.

Bulk Edit: Actions

With Quick Featured Images you can apply time-saving tasks with many featured images: add, exchange and delete them in bulk.

  1. Adding featured images: You can select an image to set it as the new featured image to hundreds of posts in one go. You can select multiple images to set them randomly as featured images.
  2. Exchanging featured images: You can replace or update several existing featured images with a selected image in one go.
  3. Deleting featured images: You can remove a selected featured image or all existing featured images in one go.
  4. Removing database entries of featured images without existing image files: You can remove them and clean your database with a simple single click.

Bulk Edit: Options

Based on your selected action you can toggle on and off some options:

  1. overwrite existing featured images or keeping them unchanged. The latter setting is the default.
  2. consider only posts without a featured image. This will hide posts with featured images in the results list and will speed up the process.

Bulk Edit: Filters

If there would be no filters Quick Featured Images would affect all posts and pages without exception! In most cases this is not desired.

The implemented filters allow you to narrow down the action to only the posts and pages you want to modify. The built-in filters are:

  1. Filter by post type: Search by post types. By default all posts, pages and custom post types will be affected
  2. Filter by category: Search posts by category
  3. Filter by tag: Search posts by tag

Automatic Default Featured Images: Rules

You can set rules for default featured images of posts easily. Every time you insert a new post or save an existing post Quick Featured Images will look for a rule to add and to change the preset featured image to the saved post.

You can define the rules based on

  1. first content image
  2. custom taxonomy supporting featured images
  3. post tag
  4. post category
  5. post author
  6. post types: ‚Post‘, ‚Page‘ and custom post types supporting featured images

The rules are easy to set: choose an image, a taxonomy, a value and save the settings. That’s it. You do not need to code.

You can add, change and delete every rule whenever you want. So you get an precise set of rules for automatic default featured images in your website.

After an image is removed from the library all preset rules assigned with that image will be removed automatically.

The rules take effect when a post is saved in the backend – e.g. on the post edit page – or in the frontend – e.g. via a “Create Post” form by Gravity Forms.

Automatic Default Featured Images: Options

You can switch between

  1. overwriting existing featured images or
  2. keeping them unchanged.

The latter setting is the default. The option is used every time a post is saved.

Easy managing in a sortable image column in posts lists

Quick Featured Images adds a new column ‚Featured Image‘ in posts lists. The additional column is sortable by the image ID. It shows the currently assigned featured image of each post and action links to set, replace, edit and remove the featured image at each post.

With that column you can get a quick overview about all used images and a change featured images at every single post quickly. You can also see posts with no featured image at a glance.

Quick Featured Images also adds a new column in the media library. It lists the titles of all posts for which the corresponding image is set as featured images. The post titles are links to the respective post edit page.

Under ‚Featured Images‘ > ‚Settings‘ you can switch on and off the additional columns for every single post type, even custom post types if they support thumbnails.


For the most part the user interface is available in

  • Arabic (العربية), kindly drawn up by Shadi AlZard
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)
  • Catalan (Català), kindly drawn up by Ibidem Group
  • Englisch
  • French (Francais), kindly drawn up by Ivan M. Frakov
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Greek (Ελληνικά), kindly drawn up by Kostas Arvanitidis
  • Japanese (日本語), kindly drawn up by Kazuyuki Kumai
  • Spanish (Español), kindly drawn up by Andrew Kurtis from www.webhostinghub.com

Further translations are welcome. If you want to give in your translation please leave a notice in the plugin’s support forum.

Your idea to improve the plugin is welcome

If you have any new idea for this plugin post your questions and ideas in the support forum at wordpress.org. I will try to take a look and answer as soon as possible.


Support for this plugin will be provided in the form of Product Support. This means that I intend to fix any confirmed bugs, listen to ideas for this plugin and improve the user experience when enhancements are identified and can reasonably be accomodated.

There is no User Support provided for this plugin. If you are having trouble with this plugin in your particular installation of WordPress, I will not be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

No warranty and liability!

Notice: This plugin has no Undo function! This plugin is provided under the terms of the GPL, including the following:



  • The first screen of Quick Featured Images: select an image and an action.
  • The second screen: select a filter to narrow down to posts and pages you want to modify with the image. Alternatively you can drop filtering and jump to Screen 4 directly.
  • The third screen: refine the filters.
  • The fourth screen: take a preview. If the filtering does not correspond to your expectations you can refine the filters again under the list on this page.
  • The fifth screen: take an overview of the success of the action.
  • The sixth screen: take an look on the extra column (marked red) for assigned featured images.
  • The seventh and last screen: take an overview of your rules for future default featured images.


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‚Quick Featured Images‘
  3. Click ‚Install Now‘
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard
  5. Go to ‚Featured Images‘

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‚Upload‘ area
  3. Select quick-featured-images.zip from your computer
  4. Click ‚Install Now‘
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  6. Go to ‚Featured Images‘

Using FTP

  1. Download quick-featured-images.zip
  2. Extract the quick-featured-images directory to your computer
  3. Upload the quick-featured-images directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  5. Go to ‚Featured Images‘


How can I set a default featured image for existing posts?

For that use the plugin twice:

  1. In ‚Bulk Edit‘ remove all undesired featured images if there are some. If desired remove the images using the option ‚Overwrite existing featured images‘.
  2. Then choose the desired image and set it to the posts without the option ‚Overwrite existing featured images‘. This will set the image to all posts without a featured image.

How can I set a default featured image for future posts?

Or: I want image X as default featured image if the post has category Y. How to set this?

Look at some examples:

  1. To set a default featured image for every new post of the category ‚Lorem ipsum‘:
    1. choose the image
    2. choose the taxonomy ‚Category‘ and
    3. choose the value ‚Lorem ipsum‘.
    4. save the settings.
  2. To set a default featured image for every new post:
    1. choose the image
    2. choose the taxonomy ‚Post Type‘ and
    3. choose the value ‚Post‘
    4. save the settings.
  3. To set a default featured image for every new custom taxonomy of a theme or a plugin, e.g. events of the category ‚Concert‘:
    1. choose the image
    2. choose the taxonomy ‚Event Category‘ and
    3. choose the value ‚Concert‘.
    4. save the settings.

Who can see Quick Featured Images in the WordPress backend?

All users who have the right to edit others posts have the access to Quick Featured Images. As long as the user roles are untouched after a fresh standard WordPress installation both Administrators and Editors can use this plugin.

For these users the menu item ‚Featured Images‘ with its sub pages appears in the WordPress backend. All other users will not see this menu item or will get an error message if they would request a Quick Featured Images page via a direct link.

Does the plugin work in a WordPress Multisite installation?

Yes. It works either activated for all sites (network wide) or activated in each single site. It changes only the posts of the site where you use it.

Will I lose all the featured images if I will delete the plugin?

No. The featured images you have already set will remain set if you deactivate or delete the plugin.

Why does the plugin say “No matches found” after confirmation?

This could be the case if the images were not uploaded via WordPress‘ own media uploader. If you have uploaded images via FTP or other ways the plugin can not find images.

It does not matter where the images are stored on your server. They can be in any folder. But they have to be uploaded via WordPress‘ own media uploader to be found by this plugin. If this is the case the plugin will work fine.

Where is the *.pot file for translating the plugin in any language?

If you want to contribute a translation of the plugin in your language it would be great! You would find the *.pot file in the ‚languages‘ directory of this plugin. If you would send the *.po file to me I would include it in the next release of the plugin.


27. Februar 2021
This plugin is amazing! I'm using it with a really old WordPress page that I'm revitalizing. This plugin helped me a lot! Kudos and beer for the creator!
29. Januar 2021
It works perfectly, it's super clear on explaining everything, has tips in case things don't work... Super nice job. Thanks!
18. Dezember 2020
So.... are custom post types supported or not? Is this a paid feature? I can see them in the settings UI, and select them, but on the filtering step for bulk update only the default page / post types appear... which means I cannot use this plugin as everything filters to 0. Nice idea, but unless this bug can be overcome, it doesn't work for me.
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  • new branding
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.6.2
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.7


  • Fixed assignments errors in the image column on the post overview page


  • Corrected some texts


  • Fixed text domain name in the footer section
  • Updated screenshots for the plugin page
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.6


  • Added catalan translation, thanks to Ibidem Group
  • Changed order of action links
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.5.3


  • Fixed missed binding to dynamically created selection options in ‚Default Images‘
  • Fixed missed higher upgrade of the version number


  • Revised an error message in ‚Bulk Edit‘
  • Fixed deprecated jQuery function live() in ‚Default Images‘
  • Tested successfully with WP 5.5


  • Fixed error in image columns on post overview pages


  • Added new column in the media library to list at each image for which posts it is set as featured image
  • Refactored user query for ‚Default Images‘
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.3.2


  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.3


  • Improved performance for the image column on post overview pages
  • Updated translations
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.2.4


  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.2.1


  • Added checkered background for transparent thumbnails
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 5.1


  • Refactored ‚Default Images‘ for more robustness
  • Updated translations
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.9.7


  • Added greek translation. Thank you, Kostas Arvanitidis!
  • Changed label ‚Set, replace, remove‘ to WP string ‚Bulk Edit‘ to be translated in much more languages
  • Changed label ‚Preset Featured Images‘ to WP string ‚Default Images‘ to be translated in much more languages
  • Changed previous mentioned labels in readme file
  • Updated translations due to WordPress 4.9
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.9.1


  • Added japanese translation. Thank you, Kazuyuki Kumai!
  • Added ‚Requires PHP‘ info in readme.txt
  • Fixed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: locale name as variable in error message section
  • Fixed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: typo in page description
  • Removed redudand explanations
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.8.2


  • Fixed incorrect detection of post type name for the result list


  • Improved in ‚Default Images“: Image paths starting with ‚/‘ will be considered
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.8.1


  • Added in ‚Default Images“: Post type filters for first image option
  • Revised translations


  • Added french translation. Thank you, Ivan M. Frakov!
  • Revised sanitations for texts and URLs on the pages
  • Revised translations
  • Set activation message as dismissible


Fixed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: unnecessary HTML escaping


  • Added in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: action for removing database entries of featured images without existing image files
  • Added in image column: check for existence of image file and, if not available, Delete link
  • Revised: added sanitations to (nearly) all displayed texts
  • Updated translations


  • Added background color for transparent thumbnails or vector graphics on admin pages
  • Changed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: Tiny rearrangement of explanations


  • Fixed missing sanitations of ID in „Columns“ class to close possible cross-site-scripting security hole


  • Fixed outdated (pre WP 4.8) texts for WP 4.8
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.8


  • Fixed minor errors for SVG support
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.7.4


  • Revised translations


  • Fixed missing loading of Javascript media API on Default Images page


  • Fixed missing loading of Javascript media API on post edit pages
  • Fixed a typo, revised translations


  • Changed in part „Replace“ of section ‚Set, replace, remove‘: Media library dialog box instead of image list to select the replacement images
  • Improved: Faster check for found attachment against being an image
  • Updated translations
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.7.3


  • Added in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: server configuration to avoid PHP timeout and memory limitation in most cases
  • Fixed deprecated jquery live()
  • Adjusted texts for WP 4.7
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.7


  • Fixed warning about undefined variable in ‚Default Images“
  • Revised german translation
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.6.1


  • Fixed fatal error at plugin activation
  • Fixed missing default settings


  • Changed menu item name ‚Image Columns‘ to ‚Settings‘
  • Added in Settings: option to set a minimum user role to be allowed to see the plugin
  • Added in image column: action links to add, change and remove featured images at each post
  • Revised uninstall function for WordPress 4.6 due to the introduction of WP_Site_Query class
  • Revised style of thumbnails in image column, ‚Default Images“ and bulk edit pages
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.6


  • Improved: media dialogs show only images instead of all files
  • Improved in ‚Default Images“: only authors instead of all users are listed
  • Fixed in ‚Default Images“: empty user data


  • Added brazilian portuguese translation
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.5.2


  • Fixed: outdated translations for post statusses
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.5.2


  • Fixed: broken recognition of first post image works in multilines
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.5.1


  • Revised plugin activation message function
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.5


  • Improved: ‚Default Images“ are working in the frontend, too, e.g. at creating a post with Gravity Forms
  • Improved: Headline structure since WP 4.4 for better accessibility
  • Refactored: Page ‚Preset Images‘
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.4.2
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Improved usability: Advice for selection of multiple images in the media dialog box
  • Improved usability in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: On the start page show selected images after closing the media dialog box
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.4
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Added in ‚Preset Images‘: After an image is removed from the library all preset rules assigned with that image will be removed automatically
  • Fixed in ‚Preset Images‘: Wrong background color for third table row
  • Fixed in ‚Preset Images‘: Missing translations for changed texts
  • Refactoring in ‚Preset Images‘
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Added arabic translation. Thank you, Shadi AlZard!
  • Added in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: Back button on result page. So you can start a further run faster
  • Fixed table row colors due to changes in WP 4.3
  • Redesigned in ‚Preset Images‘: Moved checkboxes to middle column
  • Revised styles for page descriptions
  • Changed text domain for translate.wordpress.org
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Revised styles for image column in small displays, since WP 4.3
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.3


Added spanish translation for the main texts of the plugin


  • Added in image column: Link to the edit page of the displayed image
  • Screenshot aktualisiert


  • Fixed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: invalid thumbnail IDs will be ignored
  • Fixed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: Added missing ‚break‘ in switch()
  • Fixed in ‚Set, replace, remove‘: Post Type Filter founded always posts and pages
  • Fixed broken bulk assign link at each image in the media library
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation


  • Fixed bug which yielded the error message “No matches found” at the Confirmation step
  • Fixed wrong links in the Confirmation list if cache was used


  • Improved performance of confirmation step by using cached results of preview step
  • Improved security by changing $_REQUEST to $_POST and $_GET
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.2.2
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation


  • Corrected CSS height for images in image column to keep the aspect ratio
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation