Raffle Play Woocommerce


Raffle Play Woo is a great plugin to start a raffle on your website. With Unlimited tickets, custom email labels, and view over the orders, and tickets assigned, it offers a good control for a website raffle.
For support or suggestions please email me at: developer@tuskcode.com

Free Version

  1. Marks a product as a raffle product
  2. Assign unlimited number of tickets to a single product
  3. Overview of the raffle products
  4. Starting raffle number from 1000
  5. Custom labels for email order
  6. Custom Prefix for tickets
  7. Cancelled, Refunded, and Failed will not be assigned any raffle tickets
  8. View all the raffle tickets bought
  9. Filter the raffle tickets view based on dates
  10. Unlimited ticket raffle
  11. Start ticket number can be changed
  12. View Tickets filter by order status
  13. View order details in the View Tickets page

Premium Version

  1. Custom Raffle Name
  2. Live / Test tickets
  3. Unlimited Number of tickets per raffle
  4. Unlimited raffles
  5. Multiple raffle running at the same time
  6. Unlimited number or raffle tickets per product
  7. Multiple products per raffle
  8. Terminate raffle immediately / by date
  9. Limited number of tickets per raffle (can be set )
  10. Custom ticket start number
  11. Custom ticket prefix
  12. Custom Raffle Start Date / Time
  13. Custom Raffle End Date / Time
  14. Custom Email Header
  15. Include Raffle name in Email
  16. Custom Email Body (tickets extra info)
  17. Email extra line info (eg: Draw takes place on … )
  18. Custom Message if raffle is terminated
  19. Custom Message if raffle hasn’t started (based on start date)
  20. Custom Message if raffle has ended ( based on end date )
  21. Custom Message when raffle will end ( if end date is set )
  22. Custom Message – Add to Cart check (if no tickets left)
  23. Custom Message – Add to Cart check (if tickets in cart exceed stock)
  24. Shortcode for message per raffle
  25. Restrict multiple raffle tickets at checkout (enable/disable)
  26. Test Info system with custom number tickets
  27. View info tickets, customers, orders
  28. View tickets sold based on dates
  29. View tickets based on order status
  30. Record winners based on the raffle tickets (due to transparency, no random winner generator provided)
  31. Reports Per Raffle (all are .csv format)
  32. Daily Sale Report
  33. Weekly Sale Report (Monday to Sunday)
  34. Monthly Sale Report
  35. Report by Region/County
  36. Report by Country/County (option to include the rest of the countries)
  37. Sales by Product
  38. Export Custom Colums per order (including custom fields created at checkout)
  39. Custom Currency Symbol per report total sale column
  40. Filter report by order status
  41. Filter report by Date range
  42. Filter report by raffle
    43.Calculate reports sale based on order sale or product price



1.Upload the plugin
2.Activate it
3.Go to Raffle Play Woo Installation page and follow the instructions (with steps, and pictures)


What is Raffle Play Woo

Raffle Play Woo integrates a raffle ticket system on your woocommerce websites, it allows normal products to be assigned a number of raffle tickets


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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Raffle Play Woocommerce“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Redesign the template view
  • Added brief documentation
  • Start ticket number can be changed
  • Restrict starting ticket being smaller than any purchased ticket
  • Raffle name can be changed
  • View Tickets filter by order status


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