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Really Simple Featured Video – Featured video support for Posts, Pages & WooCommerce Products

Really Simple Featured Video – Featured video support for Posts, Pages & WooCommerce Products


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Really Simple Featured Video plugin provides a really straightforward way of adding featured video support to your custom post types. Adding your own videos to the site is a breeze and you get an easy to use settings panel with the options you really need.

With Really Simple Featured Video you get a metabox at posts, pages, CPTs & Woo products edit screen at the very bottom and a very similar interface as you’re used to with featured image.

You get a really simple settings page which has all the controls you need for managing featured videos throughout your site. Explore it yourself for a better look or take a look at screenshots below.

👉️ Features

  • Embed support from Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo – You can now embed videos from Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo directly at each post/page/product or any custom type that supports featured images.
  • Self host videos – Upload and feature videos on posts/pages and WooCommerce products directly from your site.
  • WooCommerce Single and Shop Archives Support – A straightforward implementation for WooCommerce Product Featured Video.
  • Astra Pro WooCommerce Module Support – Support for vertical and horizontal product galleries.
  • Salient Theme WPBakery Builder Support – Support for Post Loop Builder element with Salient theme.
  • Elementor Pro Support – Support for Posts/archive widgets with Elementor Pro builder.
  • Support for Core themes – We support all the newer core themes such as TwentyTwenty Four to Classic themes.
  • Video Controls such as Autoplay, Mute and more – Manage everything for the featured videos, by setting them accordingly, options for these are available at settings page.
  • Shortcodes – Shortcodes to embed featured video at any post, page or product you want.

👉️ WooCommerce Support

This plugin came out of a real need with many plugins available out there yet none provides a good integration with WooCommerce.
Really Simple Featured Video plugin provides a straightforward implementation for WooCommerce Product Featured Video, with which your set featured video loads directly into product thumbnails along with any other product images.

👉️ Astra Pro WooCommerce Module Support

RSFV supports Astra Pro WooCommerce module with horizontal and vertical product gallery types, which in turn brings you more control and customizable features.

👉️ Salient Theme WPBakery Builder Support

RSFV supports Salient Theme WPBakery builder with its Post Loop Builder element, giving you more control and support for Custom post loops. You can also display Featured Video on single pages via the shortcode – [rsfv].

👉️ Elementor Pro Builder Support

RSFV supports Elementor Pro builder with its Posts/archive widgets, you can use them to display Featured Videos for posts, pages and CPTs (with Featured Images). You can also display Featured Video on single pages via the shortcode – [rsfv]

👉️ How to use Shortcodes

There are also shortcodes to embed featured video at any post, page or product you want.

[rsfv] shortcode is for displaying set featured video of the individual post anywhere in the post.

[rsfv_by_postid] shortcode is for displaying featured video of any post anywhere you want, you just need to pass a vaild post id to it e.g. [rsfv_by_postid post_id=“281″]

You can send a feedback or a feature request at github.com/JetixWP/really-simple-featured-video Or create a thread at forums here, in any case.

👉️ Premium Features

Really Simple Featured Video PRO plugin supports additional features, where we can continue to keep them maintained and updated.
We get quite a few requests from you guys, and the plugin offers most if not all features from these requests while we continuously work towards adding more and more useful features.

RSFV PRO plugin includes these features –

  • Change Video Aspect Ratio – Apply sitewide featured video aspect ratio such as 16:9, 3:2, 1:1 and more.
  • Change Video Order at Woo Product CPT – Set video order at single product pages of WooCommerce Product CPT.
  • Support for more Premium/Custom Themes – Loads additional compatibility for many supported Premium/Custom themes.
  • Requests for Theme Compatibility – We will take requests for additional theme compatibility.
  • Priority Support – Solving your problems are our priority with superfast response times.

More features to come in the future, to name a few –

  • Bricks Support
  • Featured Video Blocks for Full Site Editing
  • ✨ And more from your requests

If you wish to grab the PRO version with a lifetime deal please do checkout Pro at our website


  • Single post/page featured video on Twenty Twenty-Three theme.
  • Featured video posts on Twenty Twenty-Three theme.
  • WooCommerce Product page with self-hosted Featured Video.
  • Settings page view.
  • Video playback controls view at Really Simple Featured Video settings.
  • WooCommerce settings page view.
  • Single Page view with Featured video on Twenty nineteen theme.
  • Showing Featured video by post id shortcode via Block editor.


Is there a Pro version for this?

Yes, and is available for purchase from our site. If you wish to get a lifetime deal for our plugin please visit our website here.

Will this plugin work with any theme?

Yes, as long as the theme you use follows standard WordPress/WooCommerce way of handling post thumbnails, this plugin should work without any problems.

Where can I get help?

For the free version of this plugin, support is limited to support forums here.
And if you’re a Pro user, you can send a support ticket via the account page from our site for any query you may have, and we will get back to you at the earliest.


6. Mai 2024 2 Antworten
Works fine, the only problem is that it replaces your product image by the video. I sell books and all my product’s image is a picture of the book, then when people click on product, I would like that the video comes in 2nd position and for that you have to pay. Thus useless for me. In other words, I have to pay 39 USD to be able to put video in second position. Not worth it. Too bad. Update: I add an extra star for encouragement. My advice, instead of charging 39.- for the pro, put one for 5.- or 10.- that allows to put the video in other position than #1.
25. März 2024
It was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for this plugin.I am very happy to see that my favorite „XT Quick View for WooCommerce“ plays the videos without any problems.<font _mstmutation=“1″></font>I like it very much. good job.
13. Februar 2024
I recently purchased the Pro version of the Really Simple Featured Video plugin because I needed to integrate it with the Post Loop Builder of Salient theme. Krishna provided exceptional support, integrating the solution I needed within a few days. He promptly addressed every question I had and ensured that the integration process was smooth and seamless. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a video integration for their WordPress site.
12. Februar 2024
I was able to add a self-hosted video to the Woocommerce product successfully. I purchased the pro version of the plugin. I contacted support about my issue, and they updated the plugin very quickly and resolved it. Not enough can be said about good support.
26. November 2023 1 Antwort
everyone seems to be having the issue of the video appearing after every gallery image. since the Dev doesn’t seem to get back to people or have time, i believe i have a fix for most situations. go to plugins > Plugin File Editor select plugin to edit: Really simple Feature Video go to: Includes>Complatibility>Plugins>woocommerce>class-compatibility.php scroll to line 172 and delete specifically “ || $is_loop “ scroll to the bottom and hit save go to your product page and check it has worked, if you are still seeing multiple videos, try deleting your browser cache and it should have worked. hope this helps some people because other than this, the plugin is fantastic and definitely worth installing! i think its the only free plugin i have found that allows me to put a video on my product from files and not just youtube or vimeo. Hopefully the Dev reads this and makes some changes.
23. August 2023
Thank you for the plugin. It works fine with a custom Avada post card design. This means the Avada post card image element can get the featured image or the featured video. Just the image cropping function doesn’t work. But that is a problem in Avada not with this plugin.
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  • New: Elementor compatibility settings tab
  • New: WooCommerce Product CPT support enabled by default
  • Improvement: New and improved Settings Page UI
  • Improvement: Other minor changes
  • Improvement: Updated translation files


  • Fix: Elementor template header logo getting replaced in some cases
  • Improvement: Other minor changes
  • Improvement: Update Freemius SDK to v2.7.2
  • Improvement: Updated translation files


  • New: Global settings tab for options that apply sitewide
  • New: Add rsfv_allowed_html filter at allowed html array for easy mods
  • Improvement: Restructure plugin and theme providers
  • Improvement: Other minor changes
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress v6.5.x
  • Improvement: Update Freemius SDK to v2.7.0
  • Improvement: Updated translation files


  • New: WooCommerce settings now migrated to its own tab
  • New: Promo settings for supporting active development
  • Improvement: Updated translation files
  • Improvement: Other minor changes


  • New: Support for Elementor and Elementor Pro Posts/archive widgets
  • New: Override wp_kses_post allowed html array for videos
  • Fix: Shortcode output markup for spacing between attributes
  • Improvement: Updated translation files


  • New: Support for Salient Theme WPBakery Builder with Post Loop Builder element
  • New: Hide all plugin notices from Settings page
  • Fix: Hide WooCommerce product page placeholder thumbnail when with featured video only
  • Improvement: Default featured video markup getters
  • Improvement: Updated translation files


  • New: Support for Astra Pro WooCommerce module with Vertical and Horizontal product galleries
  • New: Featured video checkers and getters
  • Improvement: Featured video display checks
  • Improvement: Major code changes

0.8.2 – January 21, 2023

  • New: RSFV Pro announcement at sidebar
  • Improvement: Minor code changes

0.8.1 – December 16, 2023

  • New: Support for Pro add on
  • Fix: Warning at reading $product
  • Fix: Warning at reading post_type
  • Fix: Empty $url variable warnings
  • Improvement: Improve supported CPT options
  • Improvements: Improved markup handlers
  • Improvement: Minor code changes

0.8.0 – December 14, 2023

  • New: Add TwentyTwenty Four Theme support
  • New: Support for PHP 8.1
  • New: Bumped min required WordPress version to v6.0
  • Fix: Settings checkbox not being respected when saved
  • Fix: Duplicate thumbnails being shown at Woo product single pages
  • Fix: Embed URLs not being shown when directly copy/pasted
  • Fix: Core themes support
  • Improvement: Update Freemius SDK to v2.6.1
  • Improvement: Minor code changes
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress v6.4.x

0.7.2 – August 01, 2023

  • Improvement: Update Freemius SDK to v2.5.10

0.7.1 – June 20, 2023

  • Fix: Default self hosted video controls
  • Fix: WooCommerce placeholder images appearing below featured video
  • Improvements: Other minor code improvements

0.7.0 – May 22, 2023

  • New: Custom post types support (Available via settings)
  • Fix: Default video playback controls
  • Fix: Default Theme Compatibility engine throwing error at frontend
  • Improvement: Update Freemius SDK to v2.5.8
  • Improvements: Code improvements

0.6.0 – April 23, 2023

  • New: Theme Compatibility Engine and controls at settings
  • New: Integrations and controls at settings
  • New: WooCommerce shop archives now supported
  • New: Directly copy and paste Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion video urls at embeds
  • Fix: Video autoplay in iOS devices
  • Fix: Settings page throwing error in some cases
  • Fix: Other minor fixes
  • Fix: Missing textdomain in strings
  • Improvement: Update Freemius SDK to v2.5.6
  • Improvement: Remove settings sidebar
  • Improvement: Core FSE themes support and fallback for classic themes
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress v6.2.x

0.5.5 – July 15, 2022

  • Compatibility up to WordPress 6.0.1
  • Minor code improvements
  • Update settings sidebar

0.5.4 – June 18, 2022

  • Fix styling issue at edit screen
  • Update translation .pot file

0.5.3 – June 18, 2022

  • Fix shortcode issues
  • Improve security issues as per WPCS standards
  • other code improvements

0.5.2 – June 16, 2022

  • Update Freemius version to v2.5.0rc-2 for security issue
  • Improve code as per WordPress Coding Standards
  • Fix metabox not showing as per Enabled CPT types at settings
  • Other code improvements

0.5.1 – June 13, 2021

  • Fix missing updater file

0.5.0 – June 12, 2021

  • Adds Youtube, Dailymotion & Vimeo support
  • Update settings page
  • Other code improvements

0.0.3 – January 11, 2021

  • Add option for Video controls, loop, mute & picture-in-picture at Settings
  • Added Freemius for better customer feedback & support
  • Other minor improvements

0.0.2 – September 15, 2020

  • Fix array_keys throwing error when post_types option empty
  • Add Settings action link at plugins page

0.0.1 – September 13, 2020

  • Initial release