Regenerate thumbnails and delete unused thumbnails


Plugin has only 3 functionality.
1) Regenerate thumbnails only + Image Optimizer (optional its 100% free to optimize 10000 images while regenrating images
2) Regenerate (+- Image Optimizer(100% free to optimize 10000 images) + Delete unused thumbnails
3) Only Delete unused thumbnails & all these three are 100% free

Plugin can regenerate thumbnails in one click and 100% FREE. You optimize or optimise and compress jpg, png, gif, all image files while maintaining superior quality. generate webp images, smart crop

No Signup/No API. Instantly ready. Plugin–>Add New –> Search Regenerate thumbnails –> Install Now –> Activate –> Done. enjoy superior quality Regenerate thumbnails instantly. Try its free

It can help in thumbnail rebuild using ajax and rebuilds entire site thumbnails. There are already some plugins available for this, but they have one thing in common: All thumbnails are rebuilt in a single step. This works fine when you dont have that many photos on your site. When you have a lot of full-size photos, the script on the server side takes a long time to run. Unfortunately the time a script is allowed to run is limited, which sets an upper limit to the number of thumbnails you can regenerate. This number depends on the server configuration and the computing power your server has available. When you get over this limit, you wont be able to rebuild your thumbnails.

Why would you want to rebuild your thumbnails? WordPress allows you to change the size of thumbnails. This way, you can make the size of thumbnails fit the design of your website. When you change the size to fit for a new theme, all future photos you are going to upload will have this new size. Your old thumbnails wont be resized. Thats where this plugin comes into action. After changing the image sizes, you can rebuild all thumbnails. But instead of telling the server to recreate all thumbnails at once, they are rebuilt one after another. Rebuilding thumbnails for one photo wont take all too long, so you wont run into any script timeouts. Note that you still have to wait until all thumbnails have been rebuilt. If you close the page before the task is completed, you have to start all over again.

You can also select the thumbnail sizes you want to rebuild, so that you don’t need to recreate all images if you’ve just changed one thumbnail-size. You can also choose to only rebuild post thumbnails (featured images).

plugin to generate Featured Image (AKA Post Thumbnail) from first image in a post or any custom post type content. The plugin will also create thumbnails from several popular Video services if it finds a Video embedded in the post.

Post Thumbnails is a theme feature introduced with Version 2.9 of WordPress. It was quickly changed to Featured Images with Version 3.0. Post Thumbnail, now Featured Image, is an image that is chosen as the representative image for Posts. The display of this image is up to the theme. Most Modern themes now use featured images in a variety of ways.

This plugin DOES NOT extract thumbnails/featured image from custom field or anywhere else.

10000 lossy or lossless rollover compression is free apart from thumbnail regeneration which is 100% free

Why this Plugin?

  • You changed your theme and new theme has lot of extra thumbs.
  • Generate thumbs in one click
  • 100% free always
  • Works well with shared hosting as plugin not usees your server
  • Force regenerate thumbs.
  • Fix missing thumbnails in one click
  • force regenerate thumbnails
  • Extracts the first Image or Video in post content and creates the featured image
  • If no image found in post content, use the first attached image as featured image
  • Existing Featured Images will not be changed
  • Ability to provide default featured image to use if post content doesn’t have any image
  • Generate thumbnails for Custom Post Types (Selectable)
  • Generate thumbnails from external images
  • Generate thumbnails from imported RSS feeds
  • force clean unused thumbs
  • Generate featured images for old/legacy posts via a single click
  • Setting to skip auto thumbnail generation right on the Post edit page
  • Setting for smallest image to be considered as featured image
  • Images inserted via most shortcodes also supported. eg: [gallery]
    Auto thumbnail generation for popular video sharing services – YouTube, Vimeo,,, DailyMotion and MetaCafe. Note: this plug will not work* if the video code is an iframe Unlink Featured Images created by the plugin or all Featured Images
  • Well supported with free updates
  • 24×7 Chat support : Chat with support.

Quick start tutorial:

About Plugin

  • Automatically regenerate thumbnails files.
  • Bulk regenerate of thumbnails in one click of existing media library.
  • Multisite support with a single API key.
  • No file size limits.
  • Automatically generate webp images from jpg, png and gif images
  • Upload svg support and optimize them
  • reproduce thumbnails easily and safely



Features of our plugin:

  • One click Image thumbs regeneration.
  • High Quality
  • No Limit
  • Cloud optimization so your server is not loaded
  • Option to compress images while regenerating thumbnails for super fast load


  • click on this Regenerate all and all thumbnails will be renerated


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for ‚Regenerate Thumbnails‘ and press the ‚Install Now‘
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to the Settings > Regenerate Thumbnails page .
  5. No need of any API/Signup our image optimization plugin works immediately after you activate. Because we know pain of signup.
  6. Just start Regenrating.
  7. Basic details (website name, email address etc) will be shared with us.
  8. Go to Media > Regenerate Thumbnails and optimize all your images using compress all button


  1. Download the plugin by searching Regenerate Thumbnails and look for plugin named ‚Regenerate Thumbnails and delete unused cloud‘ by ‚wpregenerate‘.
    For Mac Users
    In Download folder locate folder with the regenerate-thumbnails-and-delete-unused. Right-click and select Compress. Now you have .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  2. Upload the regenerate-thumbnails-in-cloud directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page and Regenerate Thumbnails & image optimization
  4. Go to the Settings > Regenerate Thumbnails page and enjoy.No need of any API/Signup
  5. Go to Media > Regenerate Thumbnails and regenerate thumbs images by clicking on regenerate all!


Can I test the plugin before I purchase credit from way2enjoy?

Yes, you can. Regeneration is 100% free and always will be.

Will the Regenerated images remain on my blog if I uninstall the plugin?

Yes, of-course they will.

Where can I find the option to Regenerate thumbnails of my Media Libary images?

Regenerate images will appear in plugin dashboard. You can Regenerate Thumbnails with one click.just click on Regenerate all button and all images will be Regenerated.

What is the difference between this plugin and other thumbnail regeneration plugin?

We are more concerned about quality so if you are looking for high quality then try this plugin

Which formats can be optimized?

It can compress jpg, png, gif images.

How does the plugin work?

Plugin sends the original images to our Cloud for Regeneration then downloads the regenerated images.

Do you optimize images in cloud?

Images processsed by plugin are optimized in Cloud.

What is image compression?

Image compression is a type of data compression applied to digital images, to reduce their cost for storage or transmission. Algorithms may take advantage of visual perception and the statistical properties of image data to provide superior results compared with generic compression methods

What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal, Bitcoin.

How much is a credit?

Each time Plugin optimizes an image or thumbnail credit is used. If we are unable to optimize image or thumbnail then no credit will be used

How does regenerate thumbnail works ?

It will generate all thumbs for your new theme

It will work in localhost?


How this regeneration is different from wordpress default thumbnails

We give importance to quality first then size. Size can be reduced further with compression

Does this plugin work in „Subdirectory Install“?


Is this plugin compatible with Http Secure (https) ?

Yes, it is compatible with Http Secure (https).

Is this plugin compatible with Adsense?

Yes, it is compatible with Adsense 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with CloudFlare?

Yes, it is

Is this plugin compatible with WP-Polls?

Yes, it is compatible with WP-Polls 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with Bulletproof Security?

Yes, it is compatible with Bulletproof Security 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with Wordfence Security?

Yes, it is compatible with Wordfence Security 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with qTranslate?

Yes, it is compatible with qTranslate 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with WPtouch Mobile Plugin?

Yes, it is compatible with WPtouch Mobile Plugin 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with Any Mobile Theme Switcher Plugin?

Yes, it is compatible with Any Mobile Theme Switcher Plugin 100%.

Is this plugin compatible with WP-PostRatings?

Yes, it is compatible with WP-PostRatings.

Is this plugin compatible with AdRotate?


Is this plugin compatible with WP Hide & Security Enhancer?


Is this plugin compatible with WP-PostViews?

Yes, it is compatible with WP-PostViews. The current post views appear on the admin panel. The visitors cannot see the current post views. The developer of WP-PostViews needs to fix this issue.

Is this plugin compatible with MobilePress?


Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce Themes?

Yes, it is compatible with WooCommerce Themes 100%.

Does it work with Nginx?

Yes, it works with Nginx properly.

Does it work with IIS (Windows Server) ?

it does not work with IIS.

Is it edits „.htaccess “ file?

Plugin does not edit .htaccess or php.ini file


7. November 2019
Great Plugin but moves slow in the free version you have to buy one of the plans if your serious but well worth it.
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