API Feed for Google Shopping and Facebook by Simprosys for WooCommerce


Advertise to millions of people searching for products on Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping and Facebook via our plugin in under 30 minutes. Add products to your WooCommerce store and focus on your Business Goals, leave the rest to our plugin’s automated API feed submission method.


  • Google, Microsoft and Facebook Product Feed (Instagram) submission
  • Multiple Country feed submission for Google
  • Automated Rules for advanced Feed Optimisation
  • Filtering and Bulk Edit option to work on various attributes and quick error resolution
  • Different Product ID formats to choose from
  • GTIN Assignment option within the plugin
  • Product submission using single or multiple categories
  • Title and Description Customization option
  • Create Promotions Feed
  • Set up Google Performance Max Campaigns in the plugin
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing tagging and Conversion Tracking (Supports Enhanced Conversion also)
  • Tracking tags for Microsoft Ads within few clicks
  • Google-Calculated Delivery Speed Estimates (Simprosys is Shipping Partner with Google for this feature)


  • Quickly syncs feed in under 30 mins
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Submitting feed for all channels under the same plan
  • Enabling you to Optimize Feed and guidance from experienced support team
  • Ads management from the plugin interface


We enable you to add important attributes to your products that are critical for the product visibility when running a campaign as it is difficult to find the attribute fields on WooCommerce directly.

Checkout the optimization we allow for your product feed:

  • Age Group
  • Size
  • Color
  • Gender
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Product Type
  • Google Product Category
  • Product Identifier Management
  • Custom Labels (Helps you with campaign division and identification)
  • Edit Titles, Descriptions, Product Type and Brand (Directly in the Plugin interface or via CSV)
  • Add GTINs (Directly in the Plugin interface or via CSV). You don’t need to install a separate plugin for it.


To market effectively and as per requirements you need some advanced controls and we are exactly giving these controls in your hand. You may find below what you’re looking for.

  • Sync All Products or preferred WooCommerce Categories
  • Titles and Description via default WooCommerce field or SEO Plugins
  • Image Submission Preference & Additional Image Submission
  • Sync Regular Price and Sale Price
  • Multiple Country feed submission for Google
  • Errors on your product for the Shopping Ads program are imported so you can resolve them quickly
  • Variant Submission Preference allows you to submit the First Variants only (based on the Cheapest Variant, Date of creation, and Position Order), and All Variants
  • Automated Rules to assign Age Group, Gender, Custom Labels and Shipping labels
  • Set automatic exclusion of products via Automated Rules that you do not wish to get submitted in Feed based on certain criteria
  • Set up Conversion tracking to help you identify where a purchase originated from.
  • Dynamic Remarketing tagging to track visitor’s activity on your store and build Dynamic Remarketing Audience list in your Google Ads account for Display Ads.
  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking for Web will help you with an improved Conversion tracking
  • Create Performance Max Campaign from the plugin interface and manage them
  • Generate Promotions feed for All or Specific products.
  • Google Calculated-Delivery Speed Estimates to show potential customers more accurate estimated delivery time for their locations, and gain a competitive advantage.


  • Yoast SEO
  • All-in-One SEO
  • Rank Math SEO
  • WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN
  • Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Additional Product Identifiers fields
  • WooCommerce Custom Product Brand



  • If you’ve installed our plugin or are ready to install the plugin then please have a look at our Help Docs it may be helpful.
  • We are just a thought away so anytime you need help or guidance we are available for you via Emails, Live Chat, and Screen-sharing Sessions/VOIP calls.
  • You can connect with us over email at support@simprosys.com


  • Submit Products from preferred WooCommerce Categories
  • Easier filtering options helpful to list out products
  • Quick Bulk Editing options to assign attributes
  • Track visitor's activity on your WooCommerce store using tracking tags
  • Create and assign promotions within a few clicks


Within a few clicks generates your product feed and syncs them to Google Shopping, Microsoft and Facebook Ads automatically in real-time. Optimise your products, set up campaigns, and advertise like a pro.

Here is a step-by-step help doc for installation: https://support.simprosys.com/faq/step-by-step-integration-guide-for-shopping-feed-for-google

Here is a help doc if you wish to integrate your Facebook Business account: https://support.simprosys.com/faq/step-by-step-integration-guide-to-link-the-facebook-business-account-with-our-plugin


Does your plugin offer a free trial?

  • You’ll be delighted to know that we offer a free trial period of 14 days
  • You can use all the features in our plugin during this period.

How soon will the changes I make get updated to advertising platforms?

Our plugin works on the content API method so any changes made to a product get updated in less than 30 minutes to respective Advertising platforms.

How often does my product feed get refreshed?

  • Everytime you update your product on a WooCommerce store it gets synced to advertising platforms automatically.
  • In case you don’t make any changes to products, we update them on the 27th day from the last update to make sure they don’t expire.

Why should I subscribe to your plugin?

  • Features that make your product feed optimized & efficient have been put together in this plugin.
  • This includes an easy-to-use interface
  • Submitting feeds for all channels under the same plan
  • Attribute customization
  • Ads management
  • Experienced support team, and many more.

Why should I choose an API feed over XML?

  • An XML feed works with the servers on your website which sometimes can slow down your website speed
  • An API feed does not hamper your website speed.
  • Eliminating the need for manually syncing, API automates feed syncing in lesser time over XML.

What features and programs do your plugin support?

  • Our plugin supports Google, Microsoft and Facebook including Instagram.
  • If we talk about Google we support programs such as Shopping Ads, Display Ads and Free Listings.
  • We are also the Shipping Partners for Google Calculated Delivery Speed Estimates feature.

What are the different attributes your plugin considers, and how does it help in feed optimization?

  • We believe “quality of your product data is king” so we allow customization of significant attributes which helps you to be listed at the right time and search. You can customize
  • Title & Description
  • GTINs & Custom Labels
  • Product Type & Google Product Categories
  • Age Group & Gender, etc.

Do you also provide assistance for account suspension?

  • Yes, we review your store in detail and offer suggestions that might assist you in revoking your suspended account.
  • Although revoking an account completely depends on Google, a helping hand to find what’s wrong is always appreciated.

Is there a product limit for your plugin?

There is no product limit on generating feed, meaning you can add any number of products you require.


21. September 2023
I can't say enough good things about the Product Data Feed Plugin! It has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it has also significantly improved the efficiency of our product data management. The plugin's intuitive interface makes it a breeze to create and optimize product feeds for various platforms, and the results speak for themselves. Our product listings are now more accurate and appealing than ever, leading to increased visibility and sales. What truly sets this plugin apart is the exceptional support provided by the team behind it. Anytime we've had a question or needed assistance, they were quick to respond and went above and beyond to ensure our success. If you're looking for a top-notch product data feed solution, look no further. The Product Data Feed Plugin gets a well-deserved 5-star rating from us!
15. September 2023
The plugin itself is the best Google shopping plugin I've found. They use their own external UI which in many ways is better than the WP admin screens. It also uses the Google content API instead of batch style file uploads which is better as updates happen within the hour. Support is first rate, both live chat and offline queries and handled quickly. One feature that could do with further enhancement is the automated rules feature. The concept is great but it would be even better if we could for example map woocommerce categories to google categories. Keep up the good work!
11. September 2023
Support is great, as always. They help with all related issues you may face during setting up GMC feed. Works flawlessly. Symprosis is always my go-to choice.
18. August 2023
I have used this app on other platforms, and now it's wordpress. The app is easy to use, moreover it's a Google-recommended app, you won't find a better second app. In addition, the support team has very good knowledge and support. Will continue to use it in all my stores
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  • We strongly suggest upgrading your old version to 1.3
  • Fix issue with WooCommerce API
  • Fix curl timeout error


  • Added Conversion Tracking


  • Dynamic Remarketing Tags and Conversion Tracking tag fixes applied.
  • Remarketing tag bug fix for variable products.
  • Products submission from single or multiple categories.


  • Dynamic Remarketing Tags & Conversion Tracking Tags bug fixed.


  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking.
  • Additional attributes submission for Buy on Google Listings
  • Buy on Google Order Syncing to WooCommerce store
  • Return and Refunds management for Buy on Google
  • Google-Calculated Delivery Speed Estimates
  • Automated Rules for Feed


  • Feed submission and Smart Shopping Ads for Microsoft with Tracking tags
  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking with API