Shopping Feed is a single platform to List, Sync, and Manage your products, inventory and orders with the world’s largest marketplaces, adspaces, affiliate channels and shopping engines.

With automated channel setup, a full suite of powerful ecommerce tools, and an award winning support team, Shopping Feed creates your product listings, keeps your inventory synced across your entire ecosystem, boost your product visibility, and exponentially increase your sales by selling and advertising on a world of places.

Be seen where your products sell best!

Use your product listings on WooCommerce to power your listings on top-grossing channels, including:
* Amazon
* Jet
* Wamart
* eBay
* Etsy
* Sears
* Houzz
* Google Shopping Actions
* Google Shopping
* Facebook Ads
* Rakuten
* Criteo
* Linkshare
* Shareasale
* plus 1000 international channels

Keep your inventory synced

Your product inventory stays synced across all your channels and back to your WooCommerce Store. Help protect your seller rankings by never overselling your products again. When a product goes out of stock on one channel, each channel goes out of stock as well.

Fulfill channel orders using WooCommerce

Manage all your marketplace channel orders from your WooCommerce order pane for quick and easy fulfillment. Orders placed on a channel import into your WooCommerce orders. Once you have fulfilled the order from WooCommerce, Shopping Feed automatically alerts the channel, which sends tracking and fulfillment information to your buyer, closing the fulfillment loop.


Use If/Then statements to make strategic changes to your product listings. This powerful tool lets you fill any possible gaps in your product data. Manipulate your listing specifically for each channel, letting you serve a diverse set of listing data, while using the same data found in your WooCommerce store. Rules can automatically remove filtered products from your product data feeds, protecting you from overselling or against tiny margins.

ProductGraph™ Technology

Each marketplace channel allows for extra product data, used by powersellers to ensure their products make it past buyer filters and searches. ProductGraph makes assigning this extra product data easy and automated, allowing your products to have better visibility and sales, guaranteed!

Ebay Features

  • Dynamic fields in templates
  • Unique HTML Templates
  • Ebay Store Categories
  • Global Shipping Option
  • Custom price, return, and shipping templates
  • Take over existing listings

Amazon Features

  • Amazon Repricing
  • ASIN Matching & Selection
  • Platinum Keywords
  • All categories & browsenodes
  • FBA, FBM Support
  • Merchant-fulfilled prime

Google Features

  • Title stacking for increased visibility
  • Custom Labels assignment
  • Bid management
  • Shopping Actions!



  1. Upload the entire shopping-feed folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.


How Shoppingfeed plugin works?

  • Go to WordPress menu ‚Shoppingfeed‘ after activating plugin.
  • Select functionality of plugin and press ‚Apply & continue‘ button.
  • If you have less than 1000 products shoppingfeed will be created immediately.
  • If you have more than 1000 products ‚Apply & continue‘ button will initiate making shoppingfeed in background.
  • Once shoppingfeed is ready you will receive a link in the wordpress admin email from which you can access your shoppingfeed.
  • You must be logged in to wordpress to access this link.


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  • Initial Release.


  • Solved all variations issue.
  • Multiple functionalities added.
  • Integration of custom fields with plugin .


  • Get orders from other marketplace dynamically, issue solved.
  • Solved logged in user buttons issue.


  • Replace old working code for APIs with APIs code for plugin approval.


  • Marketplace module setting.


  • Fixed issue of handling more than 500 products through by creating feed in background and through email.
  • Solved feed generation time set.


  • Form after login made save data in database.
  • Changed generating shopping feed message and email will be sent message on ‚Generate‘ button click.


  • Marketplace product calculations.
  • Don’t add marketplace orders if status is ‚refused‘ or ‚created‘.
  • Bug fixes


  • Handling order status: cancelled, waiting_shipment, waiting_store_acceptance, empty status, shipped.
  • fetching product tracking number on woocommerce_order_status_completed.


  • Added functionality to add woocommerce chained products in marketplace order with price 0 and quantity 1 upto three level of products linked further.


  • Integration of infinite custom fields with plugin


  • Code optimize for products more than 1000.
  • Variations not loading after shoppingfeed login, solved by adding ‚Force feed update‘ after login.


  • Code optimization for force order import button after login.
  • Woocommerce marketplace order alternative phone number import, if main phone is missing.
  • Code opimization for 1000 products message.
  • Set marketplace order import discount to 0 to completely remove it.


  • Added new functionality to handle – Woocommerce Product Attribute.


  • Immediate and automatic regenerate of sf-feed.xml file whenever shopping-feed generated – manually or automatically.
  • Final feed generate in seconds only once for 1000+ products.


  • Marketplace order fulfillment request complete through shipppost and collectionfetch APIs, on order status changed to ‚Completed‘.
  • For marketplace order fulfillment, merchant need to make three custom rows in each order with values saving in postmeta table for meta_key named tracking_number, carrier_name, carrier_link before completing order. It can be done as follows:
  • 1) Open woocommerce order page and at bottom of page under ‚Custom Fields‘ menu
  • 2) Click on ‚Enter New‘
  • 3) Under ‚Name‘ field, enter, tracking_number and under ‚Value‘ field, enter the tracking number.
  • 4) e.g.: 1234567890
  • 5) Click on ‚Add Custom Field‘ button
  • 6) Similarly under ‚Name‘ field, enter carrier_name and under ‚Value‘ field, enter the shipment carrier name
  • 7) e.g.: colissimo
  • 8) Click on ‚Add Custom Field‘ button
  • 9) Similarly under ‚Name‘ field, enter carrier_link and under ‚Value‘ field, enter the shipment tracking link
  • 10) e.g.:
  • 11) Click on ‚Add Custom Field‘ button
  • In above process ‚tracking_number‘ is mandatory field to hit these APIs.
  • Code optimization done for database table entries.


  • Testing stage, seems some bug in this version


  • Created new ‚Settings‘ submenu, to display admin email, stop repeatedly coming emails linked to repeatedly generating shoppingfeed or restart emails.


  • Added functionality to add ‚out of stock‘ products in shoppingfeed XML.
  • Added functionality to add weight attribute in shoppingfeed XML.
  • Added functionality in settings submenu to add drafts in shoppingfeed XML.


  • Price and discount price issue fix in XML feed.


  • In cases when products less than thousand, it showed error that file not found (for non logged in users) as it was regenrating file for first few seconds. Fixed it with auto redirect after 10 seconds in case this error comes.


  • Image issue fix for non-logged in users in final feed generation page.
  • Bug fix for commentseruiner marketplace. Country was coming ‚Fra‘, set to import ‚FR‘ for France (as required).


  • Remove notices and warnings showing in plugin pages.


  • Bug fix in sku checkbox for non logged in users.


  • New functionality in plugin’s settings sub-menu to change number of products covered in each sub-feed created in background. Some websites give 504 error on generating feed. This sub-menu can be used to lower numbers min. value can be set 100 products at once. In 504 error, increasing memory limit and max execution time also help.


  • Code optimization for order import.
  • Bug fix for redirect file name.
  • Activate or deactivate five minutes order import cron through settings sub-menu.
  • Code optimization for order import form checkboxes for logged in users.
  • Changed theme of settings sub-menu similar to plugin for fonts, buttons, colors changed, etc.


  • Functionality to show variations regular price with discount price in XML shoppingfeed.


  • Weight for normal products, bug fix.