Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Simplest Gallery Plugin


„Simplest Gallery Plugin“ is the simplest way to integrate WordPress‘ builtin Photo Galleries into your pages with nice visual effects.

WordPress has got a builtin Gallery functionality which is great and lets you create, organize and place images galleries in your pages and posts with great ease.

If your theme doesn’t render the galleries properly, this little plugin adds a flavor of magic by rendering them with a fancybox jQuery effect at no effort.

Important note: It will work on WP 5 only if you don’t plan to use Gutemberg editor. To make it work on WP 5, install and use Classic Editor plugin.

More gallery styles can be added later with additional plugins, and you can create your own. See https://www.simplestgallery.com for this.



  • Includes the free Lightbox FancyBox 1.3.4 for the default, builtin gallery style (see https://fancybox.net, Licensed under both MIT and GPL licenses)


  • Thumbnail Gallery - allowed multiple in the same page and with different columns
  • View of single image when clicked


Important note: It will work on WP 5 only if you don’t plan to use Gutemberg editor. To make it work on WP 5, install and use Classic Editor plugin.

  1. Install from the WP administration interface: Plugins->Add New, and Activate
  2. Create or edit any page or post. Insert a gallery into it by using the WordPress builtin method („Add Media“ button).
  3. View page and enjoy the gallery!

  4. OPTIONAL: If you are not using the WordPress default theme and you see the galleries are not working properly, go to WP Admin / Settings / Simplest gallery and change
    the „Compatibility“ setting to „Use Gallery Specific jQuery“ to resolve possible jQuery conflicts.

  5. OPTIONAL: if you don’t like how your galleries look like, go to WP Admin / Settings / Simplest Gallery and change the style of the gallery. You can add more gallery styles by adding extension plugins which you find at https://www.simplestgallery.com/add-ons/

For more tips and help/support, check out the Simplest Gallery Plugin Website


15. Juni 2020
This really is incredibly simple to install and set up. And when we needed a variation, the developer was friendly and obliging. A good experience all round.
12. Januar 2019
We did not like the look of this plugin and when we uninstalled it, an annoying message displayed on the top-left of the page -- on both the front and back ends of the site --stating, "Please install and activate Simplest Gallery plugin!" We could not get rid of it and had to reinstall a backup of the site in order to be free from what felt like a hijacking. However, this solution did not work for an associate whose site would not cleanly reinstall from a backup and he received the white-screen-of-death -- which caused unnecessary wastes of time and effort to restore the site he was working on.
23. Oktober 2017
After viewing (installing and uninstalling) many "gallery" plugins this one is the simplest and FREE gallery I have come across. Keep up the fantastic work!
26. Mai 2017
exactly what I was looking for! simple, works perfectly, uses the standard WP gallery feature without creating additional bloat. basically it fixes the WP gallery, which does not really work as it should by itself. WP should integrate this plugin as default gallery!
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Simplest Gallery Plugin“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:



  • 4.4 2017-07-18 Overrides theme’s existing gallery method
  • 4.3 2016-06-29 Added Custom CSS settings box which replaces fbg-override.css. New style ID to labels pretext. Fixed notices issues in debug mode.
  • 4.2 2016-06-28 Simplified on-page settings widget (use shortcode params). Checked compat with WP 453. Added translations for French – Thanks Laurent Jaunaux
  • 4.1 2016-04-24 Improved shortcode support for custom atttributes
  • 4.0 2016-04-17 Tested on 4.5. Refactored code, lightbox gallery rendering code is now included as a separate module while the main file does the gallery management job
    Supports the new do_shortcode WP function so, to include a gallery on the hompage just use PHP code like: do_shortcode(‚[gallery type=“imageflow“ ids=“4,5,6,9″]‘);
  • 3.6 2014-08-20 Tested on 4.3. Added ALT attribute to gallery images, plus special chars in ALT and TITLE are now correctly escaped
  • 3.5 2014-12-21 Tested on 4.1. Added translation file for Portuguese – thanks Luis Osorio – www.seofreelancer.pt/consultoria-seo
  • 3.4 2014-09-04 Tested on WordPress 4.0. Updated and extended translation file for Serbian. Fixes for jquery-migrate.
  • 3.3 2014-08-20 Fixes to tune-up the priority of filters so that any post text filters should run first and not break the javascript code
    Fixes to replace also the default WP jquery-migrate code in case the user chooses to use Simplest Gallery’s bundled one
    Fixes to allow better language support (new strings added, English .po template file added, IT translation updated)
  • 3.2 2014-08-12 Fixed problem in Lightbox WITH/WITHOUT labels. Now you see labels or you don’t according to the chosen style
    Bundled all necessary jquery scripts with the plugin (no more loading from CDN) for offline use
  • 3.1 2014-05-28 Added translations file for Serbian – thanks Ogi Djuraskovic – firstsiteguide.com
  • 3.0 2014-04-05 Small fix for Admin Bar display
  • 2.9 2014-04-05 Replaced Fancybox library with to FancyBox 1.3.4 (www.fancybox.net) which is Licensed under both MIT and GPL licenses
  • 2.8 2013-11-04 Fix for language support – Fix for admin bar disappearence problem (Thanks Mike Hegy)
  • 2.7 2013-10-27 Fixed and tested for WP 3.7 – Added support for user-set columns – Fixed notices with WP_DEBUG set
  • 2.6 2013-10-15 Improved support towards earlier versions of jQuery via the migration jQuery plugin
  • 2.5 2013-09-18 Improved support for addon styles (added $gallery_id parameter for rendering function API syntax). Support & fix for jQuery 1.10.2 (Thanks Ian Byrne)
  • 2.4 2013-09-12 Added settings box in page/post edit screen for selecting the desired gallery type and more settings.
    Support for multiple galleries in the same page/post.
    Extended the SimplestGallery API to support rendering of more than one gallery per page (gallery_id and post_id parameters)
    Auto-setup for fresh WP installs (uses jQuery bundled with Simplest Gallery)
  • 2.3 2013-08-28 Optimized code for speed. Bug fix: Plugin did not work for WP gallery setting different from Link to: Attachment Page – now fixed.
  • 2.2 2013-08-28 Bug fix in fbg-init.js. Added setting to force WP to use the correct version of jQuery – fixed compatibility issues with WP 3.6
  • 2.1 2013-07-21 Added folders to the distribution (language support and more stuff)
  • 2.0 2013-07-21 Replaced included fancybox library to FancyBox 2.1.5 by Janis Skarnelis – www.fancyapps.com/fancybox/ in order to fix IE10 compatibility issues for default gallery style
  • 1.3 2013-04-29 Added API support for external modules: More gallery formats can now be easily added with custom made plugins.
    Added support for gallery_type custom field for using different gallery types on different posts/pages
  • 1.2 2013-04-16 Added possibility to select from a list of gallery types (for the moment: with/without labels). Added multi-language support.
  • 1.1 2013-04-01 Replaced standard Lightbox with Lightbox 1.2.1 by Janis Skarnelis available under MIT License https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License
  • 1.0 2013-03-28 First working version