SKT Addons for Elementor


SKT Addons for Elementor page builder is one of the great Elementor Addons that includes 92 absolutely free Elementor Widgets. These provide you more options to easily add more features and functionality into your existing website and while using Elementor provide more features to use along with the free version of Elementor page builder.

All the 92 Elementor widgets give you a jump start for your projects and increase your chances of builder better websites at faster pace.

Why Choose SKT Add Ons for Elementor?

Free Elementor page builder has a lot of desired functionality for which one needs to buy the pro version. However not all are willing to pay for a premium page builder. Hence we are adding a completely free add on plugin which will enhance the existing functionality of Elementor and give you more options:

  1. Post options which include adding posts in carousel, list, grid, tab and tiles format
  2. WooCommerce Product carousel, category carousel, category and product grid, single product and cart and checkout options
  3. Add accordion, data table, heading and tabs on the fly using this plugin
  4. Completely customizable with tons of options
  5. Switch on and off the widgets and the blocks you need from plugin settings
  6. Light weight and instant loading

150+ Elementor templates free for use

Install SKT Templates and get 150+ Elementor templates free

92 Elementor Widgets Are Available for Free

Check the following 92 Elementor widgets and their purpose and features in short. Also given are the links that show how they work:

  1. Advanced Accordion

  2. Advanced Data Table

  3. Advanced Heading

  4. Advanced Tabs

  5. Breadcrumbs

  6. Business Hour

  7. Calendly

  8. Content Switcher

  9. Countdown

  10. Data Table

  11. Dual Button

  12. Event Calendar

  13. Feature List

  14. Horizontal Timeline

  15. Icon Box

  16. Image Accordion

  17. Image Compare

  18. Image Grid

  19. Info Box

  20. List Group

  21. Logo Grid

  22. Team Member

  23. Modal Popup

  24. News Ticker

  25. Review

  26. Skill Bars

  27. Source Code

  28. Step Flow

  29. Sticky Video

  30. Testimonial

  31. 360° Rotation

  32. Timeline

  33. Advanced Toggle

  34. Advanced Slider

  35. Carousel

  36. Logo Carousel

  37. Slider

  38. Team Carousel

  39. Testimonial Carousel

  40. Animated Text

  41. Card

  42. Comparison Table

  43. Creative Button

  44. Flip Box

  45. Fun Factor

  46. Gradient Heading

  47. Hotspots

  48. Hover Box

  49. Image Hover Effect

  50. Single Image Scroll

  51. Image Stack Group

  52. Justified Grid

  53. Animated Link

  54. Number

  55. Off Canvas

  56. One Page Nav

  57. PDF View

  58. Scrolling Image

  59. Author List

  60. Post Carousel

  61. Post Grid

  62. Post List

  63. Post Tab

  64. Post Tiles

  65. Smart Post List

  66. Taxonomy List

  67. Bar Chart

  68. Line Chart

  69. Pie & Doughnut Chart

  70. Polar Area Chart

  71. Radar Chart

  72. Caldera Forms

  73. Contact Form 7

  74. Fluent Form

  75. Gravity Forms

  76. MailChimp

  77. Ninja Forms

  78. weForms

  79. WPForms

  80. Mini Cart

  81. Product Carousel

  82. Product Category Carousel

  83. Product Category Grid

  84. Product Grid

  85. Single Product

  86. WooCommerce Cart

  87. WooCommerce Checkout

  88. Price Menu

  89. Pricing Table

  90. Promo Box

  91. Social Icons

  92. Social Share

12 SKT Addon Features for Elementor

  1. SKT Tooltip

  2. Background Overlay

  3. Column Order & Extension

  4. CSS Transform

  5. Display Condition

  6. Floating Effects

  7. Grid Layer

  8. Image Masking

  9. Shape Divider

  10. SKT Particle Effects

  11. Text Stroke

  12. Wrapper Link


  • Image Compare
  • Card
  • Advanced Data Table
  • Horizontal Timeline
  • Image Accordion
  • Logo Grid
  • Image Stack Group


Step 1: Upload the plugin file to install by navigating through Plugins➔Add New➔Upload Plugin➔Choose File to Install from your WordPress dashboard or you can simply search for the SKT Addons for Elementor from the plugin directory by going to Plugins➔Add New and search for the plugin in the search tab to install it on your WordPress site.

Step 2: After successful installation, you have to click the „activate“ button to activate the SKT addons for Elementor.

Step 3: When you activate SKT Addons for Elementor, kindly visit our SKT Addons Dashboard Tab to enable or disable widgets and features.

Check our documentation for a detailed working and guide:



Can I use SKT Addons for Elementor without Elementor?

This is one of the plugins which is dependent on Elementor page builder. So the free version needs to be activated before you can choose to download and activate this plugin.

Does it work along with other Elementor Addons?

Yes it does work with most of them barring a few. Check for the same and use it along with others.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes it works with any WordPress theme which is compatible with Elementor page builder.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

Yes absolutely it works with Elementor pro as well.


13. Juni 2023
Thanks to the developer was so genrous enough to add all the amazing widgets as free it think it deserves more downloads i would defnitly recomend it to any developer or web designer to start along with elementor as it will cover all the missing widgets missing in elelmentor.
22. Oktober 2022
Could have been a perfect compliment for Elementor but lacks update still I give it a 4 star. Hopefully this plugin will be updated and continuously improved.
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  • Resolved Elementor version 3.12.0 compatibility issue.


  • Resolved advanced accordion content source template issue.


  • Resolved sanitization issues as reviewer pointed.


  • Changes done as per reviewer comments.


  • Initial release