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Instant relevant search by products, categories, and content pages, autocomplete, suggestions and typo-correct + filters and navigation.

Convert more visitors into customers with advanced search plugin

Smart Search plugin by Searchanise is an advanced search & selling tool for your WooCommerce business.

We serve 12000+ customers on multiple e-commerce platforms and process over 3 million searches every day throughout 7 years.

Have a look at case studies of improved conversion

No extra server load
Unlike default WordPress search and other custom search plugins, Smart Search for WooCommerce does not put any extra load on your server, even in a store with 300,000+ products.

Three Reasons to Try Smart Search plugin for Free Now

Easy to embed
Simple installation with one click. It does not affect your storefront. It is fully customizable and fits any design.
Lightning fast
Less than 1 second takes Smart Search to find relevant products, categories, and pages in a store with 300,000+ products.
Mobile friendly
Smart and instant search, search results and all features are mobile friendly. It is familiar with gestures like swipe and pinch.


There is 14-day trial period, all the Smart Search premium features are available.

Product search and other basic features are available for FREE to stores with up to 25 products. We offer affordable paid subscriptions for larger stores from $9 per month. You can save up to 30% for annual subscription.

WooCommerce Product Search Features

The quality search itself is a huge advantage for your online store but we are positive that it can do more. We designed Smart Search for WooCommerce as a selling tool in the first place, giving powerful merchandising options.

Smart & Instant Search

When customers search in your store, an instant and responsive widget will show suggested products, collections, and content pages as they type.

  • Search-as-You-Type: Personalized search suggestions, search autocomplete
  • Search through products, collections, and content pages, including blog posts
  • Live price, in-stock status and product previews
  • Spellcheck and typo correction
  • “Did you mean” suggestions if nothing is found, Keyword-based redirects, Synonym dictionary, stop-words.
  • Mobile widget and Sticky Search Button

Navigation through search results

Smart Search plugin includes product filters and product merchandising for search results page.

  • Results in products, categories, and pages
  • Unlimited number of customizable filters: price, availability, vendor, product type, tags and reviews
  • Handy and user-friendly filters by colors and sizes
  • Customizable product labels, reviews integrated
  • Merchandising

Track Effectiveness

WordPress Smart Search plugin will gather your customers’ behavior data: what they search for and what they find. You will be able to track the effectiveness of your promotions, suggestions and other merchandising actions. The analytics will help you move on with search improvement and raising conversion rates.

How Does It Feel To Run Smart Search plugin?

Make sure Smart Search is a hassle-free plugin giving opportunities, not headache.

  • Real-Time Indexation
  • Search History Since the First Day
  • Unlimited Products Support
  • Supports Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Cyrillic
  • Modern Design and Open CSS


Try our search in action.
Admin panel

Watch a quick intro on YouTube and try all features in a free 14-day trial.

Feedback & Support

We are always there for you if you have questions or need help. We love our customers and will do anything we can to assist you. If you have any difficulties with Smart Search plugin, visit our Support Portal to search for the answer. Or simply email us at Our customer care team will respond within one business day, guaranteed!


  • Instant product previews, search suggestions, and spellcheck. Live price, in-stock status and product previews. Screenshot-1.jpg
  • As your customer types in the search box, Searchanise shows relevant products, categories, and pages in a single widget. Screenshot-2.jpg
  • Searchanise’s search results widget shows relevant products, categories, and pages with pagination, 2 views, and 5 sortings. Screenshot-3.jpg
  • Unlimited number of customizable filters: price, availability, vendor, product type, tags and reviews. Screenshot-4.jpg
  • Keyword-driven product merchandising. Searchanise lets you assign keywords to products. Use this feature to drive more relevant customers’ requests to the same product. Screenshot-5.jpg
  • Searchanise’s instant search widget for mobile devices uses big UI elements and touch gestures. Screenshot-6.jpg
  • Profound analytics and detailed reports on search queries, clicked and bought products to prove Searchanise effectiveness. Screenshot-7.jpg
  • Dashboard shows actual information about status, news and useful links. Screenshot-8.jpg


NOTE: Before the installation, please check the version of your WooCommerce plugin. You can find it in your WordPress admin panel in Plugins > Installed plugins. If it’s 3.0.0 or higher, you’re good to go.

You can install Smart WooCommerce Search by Searchanise in 3 ways – two simple ways and the advanced one.

Through WordPress plugin search
It’s the easiest way. All you need to do is:
1. Log in to WordPress admin panel.
2. Go to Plugins > Add new and enter „Searchanise“ into the search bar on the right.
3. Click Install now and wait a couple of seconds for the plugin to install.
4. Click Activate and the indexation of your store will start.
5. Searchanise is installed and you can go play with its settings. The control panel can be found at Products > Searchanise.

Through WordPress admin plugin upload
This one is pretty simple too. Just do the following:
1. Download the plugin zip archive by clicking the blue Download button above.
2. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
3. Go to Plugins > Add new and click Upload plugin at the top.
4. Browse and select the „“ archive you have downloaded earlier.
5. Click Install now and wait a second.
6. Click Activate plugin as the installation is done. Indexation of your store has started.
7. Now you can go to Products > Searchanise to start setting up the plugin you installed so easily.

Manually through FTP/SFTP
This method is a bit harder than the previous two. You may need it in case your provider has file restrictions that could prevent you from installing a plugin from the admin area. This is what you should do:
1. Download the plugin zip archive by clicking the blue Download button above.
2. Extract the archive to your computer. You’ll get a folder named „smart-search-for-woocommerce“ with a bunch of files in it.
3. Open the FTP client on your computer and access your website with FTP/SFTP credentials. If you don’t have any, contact your hosting provider to obtain them.
4. Go to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your website and upload the folder you extracted at step 3 there.
5. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
6. Go to Plugins > Installed plugins and find Smart WooCommerce Search by Searchanise. It’s already there!
7. Activate the plugin and the indexation starts.
8. Now go to Products > Searchanise and start setting your new plugin up.


Is there a free trial?

Sure! You’re welcome to try all the Searchanise Pro features for 14 days. No credit card needed.

Does Searchanise collect my private data?

Absolutely not. Searchanise collects only public data: product and category descriptions, prices, and page content. The only private thing we know about you is your email. Credit card payments are processed by PayPal or BlueSnap, secure payment gateways, so we never even see your credit card number.

How do I subscribe?

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. Follow these simple instructions from our Support portal.

Can I pay for a full year ahead or make a one-time payment?

Yes, you can subscribe for Searchanise PRO yearly with 30% discount! Important note: yearly subscriptions can’t be refunded.

I have a problem! Where can I get help?

We’ve collected solutions for some common issues in our Knowledge Base. If the answer’s not there, use the Feedback form in your Smart Search by Searchanise control panel to reach our support team.

In urgent situations, mention @searchanise on Twitter to speed up the investigation.

Can you add this one really useful feature?

We’ll be happy to! Please share your ideas on the Searchanise support portal.

Store products are not submitted to Searchanise for a long period of time, the search engine shows the status ‘No data imported’.

Check the cron settings of your store. You either do not have periodic cron jobs running at all, or cron schedule is too sparse.

There is something wrong with timestamps: the Last sync timestamp shown in the admin panel widget does not correspond to the real sync time.

Make sure you have the correct timezone set in WordPress. Otherwise, Searchanise falls back to the default timezone which is UTC.

Is the search supposed to replace the whole search module?

Searchanise replaces the built-in search and processes all search queries remotely. If, for some reason, Searchanise is not ready to process search requests (e.g. indexing in progress,) the default search is temporarily used. If Searchanise Smart Search does not work in your store, please contact us, we will investigate the case.


8. April 2020
hace lo mismo que doofinder pero mucho más bonito y barato. lo recomendaré mucho ahora que lo conozco.
24. März 2020
I used Algolia for a very long time, and tried other search plugins. Algolia is good, but plugin is not. After installing Searchanise, then I give up using other searching plugins. Even though there are some cons, such as no plurals, or synonyms works weird, but it is still the best searching plugins I guess.
23. Januar 2020
We used Searchanise for years on our cs-cart website. We were very sad a couple years ago when we migrated our site to WooCommerce, and Searchanise was not available at that time. We tried every search plugin we could find, and none were as good as Searchanise. So happy Searchanise is now available for WordPress/WooCommerce! Super-functional and super-affordable. Highly recommended!
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