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Smartarget – 40 % mehr Umsatz, mehr Engagement mit 25+ kostenlosen Apps

Smartarget – 40 % mehr Umsatz, mehr Engagement mit 25+ kostenlosen Apps


Whatsapp Chat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Line, Viber, Instagram, Click to call, Popup, and 30 more apps to increase your sales and user engagement.

Verbessere die Nutzerbindung mit Smartarget.

Mache es deinen Website-Besuchern leicht, dich über ihr Mobiltelefon zu kontaktieren, indem sie von jeder Stelle deiner Website aus per Click-to-Call, Whatsapp Message, Telegram Chat, Viber, TikTok, WeChat, Weibo, Line, Skype, Facebook Messenger oder E-Mail Kontakt aufnehmen können.

Smartarget.online Integration, mit der du ganz einfach mit deinen Kunden kommunizieren kannst, auch mit Hilfe von Chat, E-Mail, Telefon usw. Sie wurde speziell für die WordPress-Community entwickelt. Mit Hilfe von Smartarget kannst du auch für deine Verkäufe, Sonderrabatte, Sonderangebote usw. werben.

Use our communication feeatures and allow your users to contact you easily by Whatspp, Email, Phone and more.


  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Whatsapp zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Facebook Messenger zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Line Messenger zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Viber zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Telegram zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über WeChat zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Weibo zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich über Skype zu kontaktieren.
  • Erlaube deinen Kunden, dich per E-Mail zu kontaktieren.
  • Erhalte mehr TikTok-Abonnenten.
  • Erhalte mehr Instagram-Abonnenten.
  • Erhalte mehr Facebook-Abonnenten.
  • Social Proof Sales – Lass die Benutzer glauben, dass auf der Website gerade ein Verkauf stattfindet.
  • FAQ – Biete Antworten und erhöhe das Vertrauen der Nutzer in deine Website.
  • Bewirb Sonderangebote mit Eckband.
  • Füge einen Click-to-Call-Button auf deiner Website ein!.
  • Zeige den Nutzern mit dem Exit Popup ein besonderes Angebot, bevor sie deine Website verlassen.
  • Mitteilungsleiste – Zeigt eine Mitteilungsleiste auf deiner Seite an (z. B. ein Cookie-Banner).
  • usw.

Smartarget – Kontakt uns Pro Funktionen:

Pro version overcomes your limitations with lite version of Smartarget – Kontakt uns Pro Funktionen.

Smartarget – Contact Us PRO Plugin Funktionen

  • Unbegrenzte Klicks
  • Unbegrenzte Apps
  • Sichtbarkeit der Apps auf allen Seiten
  • Zusätzliche Funktionen pro App

KAUFEN Smartarget.online Integration Pro Funktionen: Jetzt kaufen

What You Should Know About Our WhatsApp features?What You Should Know About Our WhatsApp features?

📱Customer support using WhatsApp

There is a huge advantage in providing customer support via whatsap compared to regular chat. While in Chat the customer might leave the website before you replied, with WhatsApp you can be sure that the customer will always get your messages directly to his WhatsApp on mobile device or computer.

Sometimes you might need several hours to get to customers, with a regular chat plugin you will end up sending the customer an email which is a completely different communication. Using WhatsApp is simply the most efficient way to increase your chance to convert users to paid customers.

💼How does WhatsApp by Smartarget work?

On Mobile – When a user clicks on the WhatsApp button, the official WhatsApp will be open right away and the user can start talking with you.

On Desktop – When a user clicks on the Whatsapp button, the official WhatsApp website will be open. If the User has the WhatsApp software installed on their computer, it will open it. Otherwise Whatsapp will offer the user to install the software or to use the WhatsApp Web interface.

🔧What features are available with our Whatsapp chat plugin?

On every page on your website you will have the WhatsApp icon, we offer multiple templates that include different WhatsApp icons and shapes, positions and more.

Here are some of the features that we offer in our Whatsapp chat plugin:

  • Show one or multiple Whatsapp agents. In case you have multiple contacts like Technical Support, Billing, etc. You can allow your customers to choose which Whatsapp contact is the most relevant.
  • Whatsapp Contact Us can include up to 5 different WhatsApp numbers
  • Call to action – You can set a call to action with your Whatsapp button, if you don’t want to then you can just hide it.
  • Choose the right position on computer and mobile devices – It’s clear that your website might not look the same on all types of devices, but with our Whatsapp chat for WordPress, you can choose the position for desktop devices and mobile devices. You can also choose to hide the Whatsapp chat button from one of the types of devices.
  • Wave animation – Enable waves animation for whatapp button
  • Shake animation – Enable shake animation for Whatsapp icon
  • Avatars – Set avatars for each WhatsApp agent to represent them to the customers. It’s not mandatory to use it, but it could make your customers feel more comfortable to contact you via WhatsApp.

Whatsappp Business – The added value of using Whatsapp for customer support

Using WA Business as part of your Whatsapp chat support can help you manage your business easier. Why? Because Whatsapp Business offers many features that make it easier. For example you can have quick messages that you can predefine. In addition, you can have automatic messages and working hours so customers who wrote to you over the chat, will be able to see if they can expect to get an answer now or later.

Live Demo of WhatsApp chat plugin for WordPress

Our plugin is the only one you need, but just to give you more confidence, you can simply check our demo page to see exactly how the Whatsapp chat will look on your WordPress website. Check our Demo page here.

🕵️‍♀️Privacy Matters! We’re GDPR friendly

Smartarget is completely compliant with GDPR and even more. We don’t collect any user data from your website, nor have access to your WhatsApp chats. Anything that you’re communicating with your customers via WhatsApp chat is not accessible to us.

We know that some solutions that exist in the market use customer’s data, like yours, for advertisement but it’s more than important to clarify that we really care about your privacy and it would always be like that.

📊Reports – WhatsApp plugin interaction

Smartarget plugin gives you more than just watsapp chat for your WordPress website! It also gives you reports on how many clicks were on the WhatsApp chat button, most engaged pages with Whatsapp and the platform type (mobile/desktop).

This data is completely anonymous!

What You Should Know About Our Viber features?

Smartarget gives you the option to provide customer support via Viber Chat. It’s very simple and takes less than 2 minutes to configure.

Viber Chat by Smartarget will be visible on all pages of your WordPress site. You can choose the position of the app for mobile and desktop.

If you have multiple Viber numbers, you can add multiple agents so customers can contact the relevant Viber number. For example, you can offer a Viber contact for technical support, another Viber account for sales or billing, etc.

💼 How The Viber Plugin Works?

Mobile – When a customer clicks on the Viber icon, it will open the Viber app which is installed on the customer device.

  • Desktop – When it come to Viber on desktop, there are multiple options:
  • Customer can click to open Viber software in case it has is installed
  • QR code – Customer can scan with his mobile phone the QR code to open viber on his device
    Copy your Viber number so it can be added to his Viber directy

Telegram – Provide support or promote your Telegram Group

Let’s make it easier for your customers to contact you with Telegram Contact Us. Most of your prospective customers are already using Telegram. It’s time to give them the option to contact you in a way that feels familiar, trustworthy, and fun.

When someone has a question about your business, chances are they’re just going to leave your site altogether rather than searching for a support email. With so many options out there, people are too busy to spend time looking for answers. But when you give them the option to easily contact you via Telegram chat right from your website, this feels like a quicker, more familiar way to get in touch. You can get back to them just a few hours later and they will get your reply directly to their mobile device. No more replies getting lost in an inbox with (probably) hundreds of emails.

👥 Telegram Groups – Grow your group easily

If you have a Telegram group and you would like to invite your customers to join your group, you can do it by using our Telegram Contact Us app so when a user clicks on the Telegram icon it will open the Telegram app on their computer or mobile device where they can join your community.

⭐ The benefit of using Telegram

Using a well known platform as Telegram for customer support provides more trust and confidence to your customers to contact you. Telegran is well known with their features to delete messages, sharing different types of media and more. You do want to make sure that you give your customers the best solution that suites them.

Same goes when it comes to Telegram Groups which offers an amazing features and options to manage your group which customers already familiar with. The option to create polls, sticky messages, different rules and more

👤 Facebook Messenger – Contact Us, Build better relationships with customers and sell more

Let’s make it easier for your customers to contact you with Facebook Messenger – Contact Us! Most of your prospective customers are already using Facebook Messenger. It’s time to give them the option to chat with you in a way that feels familiar, trustworthy, and fun.

When someone has a question about your course business, chances are they’re just going to leave your site altogether rather than searching for a support email. With so many options out there, people are too busy to spend time looking for answers. But when you give them the option to easily contact you via Facebook Messenger right from your website, this feels like a quicker, more familiar way to get in touch. You can get back to them just a few hours later and they will get your reply directly to their mobile device, directly in Facebook Messenger app. No more replies getting lost in an inbox with (probably) hundreds of emails!

Choose if you want to have just one Facebook Messenge person that can be contacted or multiple team members – it’s possible to add every one of your teammates. In addition, you can select different types of designs for the contact button itself, including animations, location on the screen, its general style, and more.

Desktop: If customers have Facebook Messenger installed on their desktop, it will open the app. If they don’t have it installed, it will open in Messenger Web.
Mobile: Facebook Mesenger app will be opened right away.

FB Messenger – The power which comes with a single button click

We live in an online time, that’s why we all have a business website, it comes with some added values, especially when using FB Messengerr because in a single click of a button the customers can have a voice or video chat with you. Customers do want sometimes to have the opportunity to chat with you or for example if you have a real store you can use the video call to show them items you sell. With a single click on the messsenger

Small TIP from us: While chatting with customers on Facebook Messanger, use icons and gifs. It makes your customers like you more 🙂

Why you should not use Instant messaging over Chat on your website

  • Always available – When customers contact you via instant messaging chat you can always get back to them and be sure that they will get your reply. This is not the case with regular chat plugins because if you didn’t answer a customer almost right away – you lost a customer.
  • Better personalization – For using instant messaging chats, your customers must have an online profile which can already tell you their name, it’s a nice advantage over a chat because you can approach them personally. If you provide services to countries around the world, you can already know the customers’ country when they contact you via Whatsapp chat, Viber, Facebook Mesenger, Telegra, Line, Skype and more.
  • No signup, No blockers – Chatt plugins ask your customer for their email and name because they know that you’re not always available so the cha apps wants to allow you to get back to your customers. But very often the customers don’t want to leave their email address and name, they just want to chat with you and ask their questions. The outcome of it is that they don’t leave their email and leave your website. With instant messaging they don’t need to leave any information, they simply click on the relevant instant messaging platform they prefer and start chatting with you. That simple!!

Design your chat button to fit your website style

Smartarget offers different types of chat buttons: Whatsapp chat button, WeChat button, telegam button, click to call button, Facebook Messenger button, Viber chat button and many more.

All our buttons are fully customized so you can fit the button color and style to your website branding. The button can be located in different positions on your website, for example you can locate it on computer screens in one position and the button on mobile would be located in another position. It’s clear that computer and mobile screens are not the same, that’s why we allow you to have different chat botton position on different platforms.

In addition to choosing the buttom position, you can also choose the shape. Our chat plugin allows you to have a rounded circle chat button or rectangle button with rounded corner. You can also choose if your chet button will include call to action text or not.

👨‍💻 Smartarget offers 3 Types of Popup apps

Smartarget offers different types of Popups, they’re super simple to configure an you don’t need any technical knowledge for it.

Popup – Keep It Simple Stupid

Our first type of Popup will simply be shown when a user enters your website and it will pop on any page. You can choose what would be the pop-up title, the pop-up description and there is also an option to include a button so the popup can actually drive more traffic to a specific page on your website or to an external place, like Facebook group, Telegram Group, Whatsapp group, another website you own, etc.

You can configure the Popup colors and use an image if you want, but it’s not mandatory. Popup by Smartarget is quite flexible, so you can choose where to position the image compared to the text.

Popup by Smartarget works both on computer …


  • Contact Us – All in one app on desktop
  • Contact Us – All in one app on mobile
  • Information Message app on desktop
  • Information Message app on mobile
  • FAQ app on desktop
  • Call Button app on desktop
  • Weitere kostenlose Smartarget-Apps
  • Smartarget Berichte und Analysen


  1. Entpacke das Plugin-Zip in das /wp-content/plugins/ Verzeichnis
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über das Menü „Plugins“ in WordPress
  3. Seite mit den Plugin-Einstellungen öffnen
  4. Create a Smartarget account or log in to yours
  5. Füge deine Website hinzu und konfiguriere Whatsapp – Contact Us App für deine Website
  6. Gehe zu Integration und kopiere die Benutzer-ID in das Eingabefeld auf dieser Seite


Does this plugin offer a Whatsapp chat button?

Yes! One of the features of this plugin is to show a Whatsapp chat buton so customers can contact you directly.

What chat platforms are available in Smartarget?

Smartarget offers different types of chat buttons like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, WeChat, Skype, iMessage and also click to call.

Can I see a demo of the apps?

Yes! You can simply see the power of Smartarget in our demo page.

Wo kann ich ein Smartarget-Konto erstellen?

Du kannst hier ein Konto erstellen:Smartarget.online

Hast du eine kostenlose Option?

Ja! Der kostenlose Plan beinhaltet unbegrenzte Klicks und Apps für bis zu 2 Websites.
In den ersten 14 Tagen werden die Apps auf allen Seiten sichtbar sein.

Was passiert nach den 14 Tagen Probezeit?

Die Apps werden auf der Homepage sichtbar sein + „Powered by Smartarget“. Alle Funktionen und Apps bleiben gleich 🙂

Ich weiß nicht, wie ich es in meine Website integrieren kann.

Du kannst Kontaktiere uns und wir werden dir gerne helfen.


13. Dezember 2023
great, very useful
2. August 2023
Hi all, just want to leave my review here about my experience. We have installed on one of our website an app from smartarget. Never had any problems and when Something strange happened the support quickly debugged and came up with a solution. It was actually the rocket loader from Cloudflare causing that particular issue. Thumbs up for support and the app itself 🙂 Have a great day;)
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  • First version


  • Test on new version on WordPress, add more free apps


  • Facebook Messenger improved design


  • Whatsapp chat button improved design


  • Add news description, new images to show more of our features: Whatsapp chat, Popup, FAQ and more.


  • Some cache plugins prevented the Smartarget plugin from properly work. This should be fixed now.


  • Bug fix: Smartarget apps not shown inside admin


  • Improved interface to connect the first app so you can choose multiple apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, viber and more.


  • Improved Popups design: Popup, Popup Forms and also the Exit Popup


  • Improved design and feature for the social media apps: Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Facebook pages.