Combine Social Photos | Still BE


Add blocks where you can embed instagram feed.
Multiple accounts can be managed at a site.

In the current version, you can only embed your own feeds or other Pro account’s feeds.
In the future, you will be able to embed posts related to hashtags.

Getting feeds from other Pro accounts (Business Discovery) requires authentication with the Instagram Graph API.

Data got from Instagram is cached for faster display.
When the cache expires, it is automatically got data in the background and updated when the reacquisition is complete. This ensures that a valid cache is always available.

Block; Simple Grid

A block of posts placed on a grid.
The following customizations are available

  • Layout (PC / Tablet / SP)
    • Columns
    • Rows
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Gap
  • Highlight
    • Size
    • Position (Left / Top)
  • Post Caption
    • Show / Hidden
    • Lines
  • Post Author
    • Show / Hidden
  • Post Time
    • Show / Hidden
  • Header
    • Show / Hidden
    • Position (Left / Center / Right)
  • Footer
    • Show / Hidden
    • Position (Left / Center / Right)
  • Hover Effect
    • Frosted Glass Effect
    • Tilt Effect
  • Follows Count
    • Show / Hidden
  • Followers Count
    • Show / Hidden
  • Like / Comments Count
    • Show / Hidden

Block; Simple Slider

A block can slide horizontally.
The following customizations are available

  • Layout
    • Base Width
    • Min Width
    • Min Columns
    • Columns
    • Rows
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Gap (between columns / rows)
  • Post Caption
    • Show / Hidden
    • Lines
    • Position (hover on image / below the image)
  • Post Author
    • Show / Hidden
    • Position (hover on image / below the image)
  • Post Time
    • Show / Hidden
    • Position (hover on image / below the image)
  • Footer
    • Show / Hidden
    • Position (Left / Center / Right)
  • Hover Effect
    • Frosted Glass Effect
    • Tilt Effect
  • Exclude Navigation Buttons
  • Like / Comments Count
    • Show / Hidden
    • Position (hover on image / below the image)

Link with Instagram Account

Easily link to your Instagram accounts.
Multiple accounts can be managed, and the account to be used can be selected individually when put a block.

3rd party resources

Font Awesome



  • Admin Screen of Manage Instagram Accounts
  • Token Generator Screen
  • Manually Set an Account
  • Block; Simple Grid
  • Block; Simple Slider
  • Grid Layout Samples & Block Settings
  • Slider Samples & Block Settings


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 2 Blöcke.

  • Instagram - Simple Slider Embed Instagram posts in a carousel slider.
  • Instagram - Simple Grid Embed Instagram posts in a grid layout.


  1. Enter „Combine Social Photos“ in the plugin search field in your admin screen.
  2. Once you find this plugin, click „Install Now“ to install.
    (Alternative) Upload „“ directly to your Plugins -> Add New in your admin screen.
    (Alternative) Upload an unzipped „stillbe-image-quality-control“ directory under the „/wp-content/plugins“ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


What is the difference between the „Basic Display API“ and the „Graph API“?

The Basic Display API is an API for displaying posts from your account; no connection between your Instagram account and your Facebook page is required. (Authrization is done through your Instagram count)
While it is easy to use, it does not allow you to get detailed information such as profile image, like count, comments count, etc.

The Graph API provides a wide range of information through its API and requires a professional account (business / media-creator account) connected to Instagram and a Facebook page. (Authrization is done through your Facebook account).
You must be set up as a pro account, but you can get a profile image, like count, and comments count, as well as posts from other pro accounts and posts related to hashtags.

New posts do not appear in the embedded feed.

Wait until the cache lifetime (default: 3,600 sec.) has elapsed, as posted data is cached for a certain period of time.
If the cache is updated too slowly, shorten the cache time in setting screen.

Also, please enable WP-Cron for cache updating if you have disabled it. No alternative method is available at this time.

Can it be used with Classic Editor?

No, not supported.
This plugin is for Block Editor only.

Not displayed in IE. Is this correct?

Yes, it is correct.
IE will no longer be supported by Microsoft in June 15, 2022. We do not guarantee the operation of any browsers other than modern browsers.

When I change the setting to show navigations outside the slider, the navigations will not be displayed.

Because they are placed outside of the Simple Slider block, they cannot be displayed if „overflow: hidden;“ is set for the block’s parent element (e.g., a container element in the content area).
Please check your theme settings, or set a group block outside of the Simple Slider block to provide navigations margin on the left and right.


Für dieses Plugin gibt es keine Rezensionen.

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Fixed a bug that Instagram account linkage was not automatically set on the post screen.
Checked that it works with WordPress 6.0.



App review for „Instagram Graph API“ approved.
Fixed a bug in the Graph API approval process.

Supported dark mode.



Implemented Business Discovery.



Added Instagram Graph API to be able to process. (Only get own data has been mounted)
Added more detailed settings to each block.
Changed the data structure of the cache so that other data will not be lost if the key (hash value of the conditions) to store the cache data collides.
Changed read timing of translation functions for JS.
Fixed other minor bugs.



Supported Japanese language at the access token generator.



Fixed a bug.



Added responsive settings to the Block; Simple Grid.



Changed all admin screens to load admin Javascript for Full Site Editing.
Changed initialization to call wp_set_script_translations() function so that Javascript translation functions work.



App review for „Instagram Basic Display API“ approved.



Up to WordPress plugin directory



Initial release