Events Manager – OpenStreetMaps


0% Google, 100% open source.
Use the free and open source OpenStreetMap to show your Events Manager Location Maps.

Existing locations work right out-of-the-box.

This plugin completely replaces the original Google Maps API (paid) with OpenStreetMap (open source). Once installed and activated, this plugin will automatically disable the Google Maps integration in Events Manager for you and replace them with OpenStreetMaps.

Available Options:
– Set default Zoom Level.
– Show/hide Zoom Controls.
– Show/hide Full Screen Control.
– Show/hide Map Scale (metric & imperial).
– Select Marker Color.
– Select Map Style (currently 6 different tile servers available).
Missing anything? Let me know.


  • US English (default)
  • Dutch (included)
  • French (included)
  • German (included)

The plugin is ready to be translated, all texts are defined in the POT file. Any contributions to localise this plugin are very welcome!


I am open to your suggestions and feedback!
Please also check out my other plugins.


  • Single Location Map.
  • Multiple Locations Map.
  • Select Map Style and Marker Color.
  • Edit Event Page (Front-End Submission).


  1. First make sure the original Events Manager plugin is installed and activated.
  2. Install and activate this plugin.
  3. Upon activation this plugin will automatically disable the Google Maps integration in Events Manager for you.
  4. Enter your free OpenCage API key and preferred settings in the options page.
  5. Enjoy the free OpenStreetMaps on your website.


What is the big benefit of OpenStreetMaps?

1) OpenStreetMaps use a free, open source platform.
Check their website for more information:

2) This plugin with OpenStreetMap will not request any visitor (location) info to display the map. So, that makes it easier to include in your own GDPR compliance.

Why are Map Sizes different?

The maps shown in the meta boxes (Add/Edit Location & Event in the back-end and the front-end submission forms) have fixed dimensions of 400px X 300px (EM default) to ensure a correct display of the meta boxes.

You can set the dimensions for #_LOCATIONMAP (single location) in Events → Settings → Formatting → Maps.
These will also be the default dimension for the [locations_map]. If you wish to display the [locations_map] differently, you can set those dimensions from within the shortcode: [locations_map width=“500px“ height=“500px“].

Why is my map not visible?

You probably have set your map dimension in percentages (100%). Please check Events → Settings → Formatting → Single Event Page → Single Event Page format.
Replace: <div style="float:right; margin:0px 0px 15px 15px;">#_LOCATIONMAP</div>


Because the div has no width set, it is automatically scaled to 0px. Therefore your map is filling 100% of 0px.

All EM OpenStreetMaps are being wrapped in a div.
You can target that with custom css in your stylesheet to best suit your theme’s responsiveness. „#em-osm-map-container {}“


April 24, 2019
Perfect setup. Perfect ease of use. Perfect integration with Events Manager.
April 2, 2019
Google maps API is very difficult to set up and may cost Money to use. This plugin uses the free OpenStreetMap. It uses the OpenCage geocode service to look up names With coordinates. This service is free up to 2500 lookups per day and is only used each time you register or edit a map or serarch for a place. You only need to register to OpenCage to get an API-key. The maps are very nice, but have no navigation.
Februar 14, 2019
This is a fantastic alternative to Google Maps. Thanks to the developer for great support also and fast response times! My favorite part is the styleability of the OSMs. With all widgets classed properly, it is easy to decide what you want to show as part of your map.
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Bug fix in output multiple marker balloon texts which broke the [events_map] and [locations_map] shortcodes.


Minor bugfix looking for a non-existing function.


  • Upgraded to Leaflet version 1.5.1.
  • Added an option to delete data when uninstalling this plugin.
  • Updated .pot file for translations.
  • Minor bug fix when showing only one marker using the multiple marker shortcodes.
  • Moved menu item.
  • Code enhancements.


  • Changed the way events-manager.js is handled by this add-on.
  • Minor change in the OpenCage API Key variable to prevent conflicts with other plugins.
  • Minor bugfix when displaying an Admin Map without coordinates.
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.2.


Removed the notice to change geocoding provider. NOT doing so right now.
I ran into some obstacles, so looking for an other alternative. For now, all will remain UNCHANGED.


  • Fixed error when using [location] shortcode.
  • Added a notice that OpenCage will be replaced.


  • Changed $ to jQuery, because some other plugins were causing errors.


  • Bugfix creating 404-error on retina displays, not showing map tiles.
  • Increased map padding for multiple markers.
  • Added detection for mobile devices. If viewed on a mobile device, the map will not drag or zoom, making page scrolling easier. You can still pinch to zoom in/out.
  • Bugfix that caused an error for the location balloon in the Edit Event Page if empty.


  • Minor bugfix: Typo in modified javascript made Location Form Fields readonly on new Event with no default location.


  • Made Location ID, Longitude & Latitude fields hidden (again) to avoid confusion.
  • Minor change in the map ID’s to be more consistent. Please target only by class: .em-osm-map or .em-osm-map-multiple.


  • Changed handling of EM JavaScript.


  • Complete code rewrite: fewer files and less code.
  • Added option to show/hide Zoom Controls.
  • Added option to show/hide Fullscreen Control.
  • Added option to show/hide Map Scale (metric & imperial).
  • Optimized EM JavaScript to prevent errors while using this plugin.
  • Bugfix to save new marker position after dragging.
  • Other minor bugfixes.