Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Events Manager – OpenStreetMaps


Requires Events Manager to be installed & activated.

0 % Google, 100 % Open-Source.
Verwende das kostenlose und quelloffene OpenStreetMap, um die Karten der Veranstaltungsorte im Plugin Events Manager anzuzeigen.

Existing locations work right out-of-the-box and creating new ones is extremely easy!

This plugin completely replaces the original Google Maps API (paid) with OpenStreetMap (open source). Once installed and activated, this plugin will automatically disable the Google Maps integration in Events Manager for you and replace them with OpenStreetMaps. When you uninstall this plugin, those adaptions will be reversed automatically.

Available Options:
– Set Marker Color per location.
– Set Map Type per location.
– Set default Marker Color.
– Set default Map Type.
– Set default Zoom Level.
– Show/hide Zoom Controls.
– Show/hide current Zoom Level.
– Show/hide Full Screen Control.
– Show/hide Map Scale (metric & imperial).
– Apply filters to change the default map tile server.
– Apply filters to change the single location map tile server.
– Apply filters to change the default marker markup.
– Apply filters to change the single location marker markup.

There are currently 12 different map tile servers available (overview in the Plugin Settings Page), but you can add your own by using filters.

Geolocation Search is currently not available when using this plugin.


  • US-Englisch (als Standard)
  • Dutch (included & updated)
  • Französisch (enthalten)
  • Deutsch (enthalten)

Das Plugin kann übersetzt werden, alle Texte sind in der POT-Datei definiert. Jede Unterstützung zur Lokalisierung dieses Plugins ist sehr willkommen!


I am open to your suggestions and feedback!
Please also check out my other plugins.


  • Karte mit einem Veranstaltungsort.
  • Karte mit mehreren Veranstaltungsorten.
  • Wähle den Kartenstil und die Markerfarbe aus.
  • Edit Event Page (Front-End Submission).
  • Add padding to the map.


  1. First make sure the original Events Manager plugin is installed and activated.
  2. Install and activate this plugin.
  3. Nach der Aktivierung des Plugin wird die Google-Maps-Integration im Events Manager automatisch für dich deaktiviert.
  4. Enter your free OpenCage API key and preferred settings in the options page.
  5. Enjoy the free OpenStreetMaps on your website.


Bist du Teil des Events-Manager-Teams?

No, I am not!
I am not associated with Events Manager or its developer, Marcus Sykes, in any way.

Do I really need Events Manager?

Ja, dieses Plugin ist ein Add-on für Events Manager. Es kann nicht ohne dieses genutzt werden.

Was ist der große Vorteil von OpenStreetMaps?

1) OpenStreetMap uses a free, open source platform.
Check their website for more information: OpenStreetMap.org.

2) Dieses Plugin mit OpenStreetMap ermittelt keine Standortinformationen des Besuchers, um die Karte anzuzeigen. Damit ist es einfacher in Bezug auf die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) zu nutzen.

Warum sind die Kartengrößen unterschiedlich?

The maps shown in the meta boxes (Add/Edit Location & Event in the back-end and the front-end submission forms) have fixed dimensions of 400px X 300px (EM default) to ensure a correct display of the meta boxes.

You can set the dimensions for #_LOCATIONMAP (single location) in Events → Settings → Formatting → Maps.
These will also be the default dimension for the [locations_map]. If you wish to display the [locations_map] differently, you can set those dimensions from within the shortcode: [locations_map width="500px" height="500px"]

My maps won’t load / Map tiles all over the screen

All EM OSM scripts and styles need to be loaded in a very specific order. Caching & optimizing plugins tend to combine multiple files into one. Please exclude the ‚/wp-content/plugins/stonehenge-em-osm/‘ folder in the settings of your optimization plugin to prevent these errors.

Warum ist meine Karte nicht sichtbar?

You probably have set your map dimension in percentages (100%). Please check Events → Settings → Formatting → Single Event Page → Single Event Page format.
Replace: <div style="float:right; margin:0px 0px 15px 15px;">#_LOCATIONMAP</div>
Because the div has no width set, it is automatically scaled to 0px. Therefore your map is filling 100% of 0px.

If you are using a caching plugin and/or optimizer plugin, please exclude wp-content/plugins/stonehenge-em-osm/ in the settings of that plugin. OSM Leaflet assets have to be loaded in a very specific order and such optimizers break that. All included assets are fully optimized already. A filter for AutOptimize is already built-in this plugin.

All EM OpenStreetMaps are being wrapped in a div.
You can target that with custom css in your stylesheet to best suit your theme’s responsiveness. „#em-osm-map-container {}“


7. März 2021 1 Antwort
This plugin is really the way to go if you want to use maps with Events Manager. So much better than Google Maps and really easy to set up. The plugin author responded really fast to the few questions I had and gave me some good solutions.
31. Oktober 2020 1 Antwort
This should be part of Events Manager. Another tool to substitute Google. Hope that more people use this.
1. Dezember 2019 1 Antwort
Thank you so much for this great plugin. It is a huge benefit for Events Manager!
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  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 6.0 beta.


  • Added: Support for EM Locations Types. (Did not add the URL field to a physical location as EM does not save nor use or calls it.)
  • Updated: FontAwesome to version 5.14.0.
  • Updated: FontAwesome is now only loaded if a Marker Filter has been applied. (User Requested Feature)
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.5.


  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.4.3.


  • Changes to the core code to prevent „intl module not installed“, as this add-on does not use those shared functions.


  • Typo.


  • Bug fix in updater.


  • Some code changes.
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.4.1.


  • Changed WordPress dependency to minimal version 5.3, due to used functions.
  • Implemented several fallbacks if the settings are incomplete.


  • Minor bugfixes.


– Typo corrected.


  • Re-coded the core to be compatible with the upcoming EM – PDF Gift Cards plugin.
  • Minor bug fixes to be compatible with WordPress 5.4.
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.4.
  • Confirmed compatibility with PHP 7.4.2.


  • Added missing marker_shadow.png that prevented maps to be loaded correctly.


  • Enhanced responsiveness of the Admin Map.
  • Updated code to be fully compatible with PHP 7.4.


  • Minor bug fix in the Location Select DropDown.


  • Bug fix that always unchecked the „No Location“ checkbox when editing an existing event.
  • Bug fix on page load when creating a new Location in the „Add New Location“ Page.
  • Bug fix when using [events_map] shortcode.


  • Small bug fix that checked the „No Location“ checkbox when creating a new event.
  • Bug fix when not selecting the first suggestion in the Ajax Location Search results.


  • NEW: Use the 'em_osm_default_tiles' & 'em_osm_location_tiles' filters to add your custom map tile server url(s).
  • NEW: Use the 'em_osm_default_marker' & 'em_osm_location_marker' filters to customize your marker(s) in color, shape & FontAwesome 5 free icon (uses Leaflet.ExtraMarkers).
  • NEW: Added a section to the plugin settings page to clearly explain how to use the new filters.
  • NEW: Admin maps now change real-time when changing the Map Type and/or Marker Color drop-downs.
  • Added: A new screenshot.
  • Removed: The need to place template files in your theme folder. This also solves issues with child themes and theme switching.
  • Bug fix: Not showing a marker when „This event does not have a physical location“ is unchecked.
  • Bug fix: Lowered the z-index of the default Leaflet marker shadow (no longer on top of the pin → Made no sense in Leaflet).
  • Bug fix: Removed a comma in the Multiple Map javaScript that prevented IE11 to display the map correctly.
  • Updated: The .pot file for translations & the included Dutch translation. (Revised translations in other languages are extremely welcome!)


In Events Manager version 5.9.7 a lot of changes were made that influenced this plugin. Especially in how locations are now being saved and updated.

  • Bug fix in a new location not being saved and going back to coordinates 0,0 (center of the world map = the ocean below Gold Coast, Africa).
  • Bug fix in custom colors and markers not being saved for new locations.
  • Bug fix in selected map type not being applied after Ajax search.
  • Bug fix in if the marker is draggable or not – dragging the marker will change the found coordinates to place it even more accurate. The marker is only draggable if the location address fields can be edited as well (creating a new location in the Edit Single Event Page or creating/editing in the Edit Single Location Page).
  • Tested & confirmed compatibility with Events Manager version

  • Minor bug fix that prevented the option to hide the zoom control buttons.


  • Minor bug fix in responsiveness of the form fields in Edit Location page.
  • Improved plugin dependencies.
  • Some CSS changes for WordPress 5.3.
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.3.


  • Disabled unavailable Geo Search options in the Events Manager settings to avoid confusion. This plugin does not support Geo Search, because EM has that much too entangled with Google Maps.


User Requested:
Added the argument for extra padding (in pixels) inside a multi-marker map.

  • Map Bounds and Zoom Level are always automatically calculated, but this additional argument will allow you to zoom out a little.
  • Can be applied to [locations_map] and [events_map].
  • If not used, the map will (still) default to 10.
  • Usage: [locations_map padding=“50″].


  • User Requested: Added four additional Stamen map tiles (Toner, Toner Lite, Terrain & Water Color).
    Their maximum zoom level is 18. Max zoom is automatically adjusted if one of these servers is selected, to prevent gray screens.
  • Minor bug fix in responsive layout of the location select dropdown admin page.
  • Updated readme.txt file.
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.2.4.