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Easiest way to plot your stores on a map. Manage locations just using Google Sheets. Clean | Responsive | Search | Filters

Have you lost a customer because they couldn’t find your store? With Store Locator, you’ll never lose visitors or customers again. Our map-based store locator lets you add all the locations in a single map and embed it on your website. What’s more, there’s no coding involved here!


⚡ Blazingly fast and interactive map
0️⃣ Build your Store Locator with Zero Coding effort
📱 Highly responsive UI on all browser and across devices
📍Customers can search the nearest store based on their location
🏪 Geo locations of stores are automatically calculated using Mapbox API
🔎 Customers can filter stores based on tags or unique columns
✍️ You can easily manage store locations inside Google sheet
🔗 All maps are interactive and shareable via a single link
📋 Copy-paste a single line of short code to embed the map on a page
🧭 Customers can get route guidelines to a location from Google Map
🕰️ Provide business hours (opening time and closing time) for each store
📞 Set contact number and business email address for each store
🏵️ Choose a colour theme to match your WordPress website
➕ Add, update or remove new stores from the Google sheet seamlessly
🫂 Share the Google sheet with your team to allow them to edit stores

How Does it Work?

⚒️ Our Store Locator Map is powered by data from Google Sheets. So first, you have to install a Google Sheets Addon

🏙️ Then you create a Google sheet and add your store addresses starting from street name, city, country with other details like phone number, email address and store specific information.

🗺️ Once the data is filled, you will run the Google Sheets Addon to generate a Store Locator Link.

✂️ 📋 Copy-Paste the link inside this WordPress plugin and set the path to the page where you want to embed the Store Locator.

That’s all! Store addresses are converted to map coordinates inside Google sheet (longitudes and latitudes). Geo-mapping is done in seconds. If Google sheet doesn’t recognize a store location, you can add the coordinates directly under the “Coordinates” column in the Google Sheet. Store locator works on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops. It’s a 100% responsive and mobile-friendly map.

The co-ordinates in the Google sheet are shown on the map generated by Mapbox. (You don’t have to bother about the hassle of working with Google Maps Platform, or using Google Map API keys or even with Open Street Map with our WordPress plugin). We take care of plotting the points on the map with markers. Map zoom in and map zoom out is available with Mapbox and it moves from marker to marker swiftly.

A search field is added to the map. Users can search on the store locator map by location, ZIP or PIN. They can also search for locations near them with a single click. All stores are listed on the side of the map.

Why do you need a Store Locator?

Your business needs a store locator. It’s the best tool to show all the locations in one map and any customer will be able to find your store or business office easily, with accurate results and map points. The perfect tool for any type of business that has multiple locations.

No more confusion and headaches for your customers! This useful tool brings all your locations together in one convenient map, so they’ll never miss you. They can find the address and location of all of your stores, offices, and warehouses with ease, so if they’re looking for that last-minute birthday present, or need help fixing their car, they will know exactly where to find you.

Having a store locator not only helps to convert online visitors into offline customers, it also enhances their overall shopping experience and improves your brand awareness and search rankings.

What makes our Store Locator Unique?

  • Our Store Locator Map runs using Mapbox, which offers:

    • Fast loading times
    • Great performance across devices and OS
    • Drains battery lesser than Google Maps
    • More visually pleasant map than OpenStreetMap or Google Maps
    • Used by companies like Facebook, Shopify, Strava, CNN
    • It’s also used in WordPress map block
  • Your store addresses and information are stored inside Google Sheets:

    • So you have complete control over your store data
    • You can collaborate with other team members to edit/update data
    • Adding a new store detail means adding a new column
  • You can add the Store Locator using a shortcode, which means:

    • You can add the map inside a WordPress Page
    • You can add the map inside a WordPress Post


Currently Store Locator is available only in English. We are working on the translation of other languages like Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese and more.

Some of the Use Cases

  1. Hotel Store Locator
  2. Restaurant Store Locator
  3. Hospital Store Locator
  4. Real Estate Store Locator
  5. Hair Salon Store Locator
  6. Travel Agency Store Locator
  7. Business Store Locator
  8. Property Store Locator
  9. Cafe Store Locator
  10. Warehouse Store Locator
  11. Product Store Locator
  12. Beauty & Spa Store Locator
  13. Gym Store Locator
  14. School Store Locator
  15. College Store Locator
  16. Museum Store Locator
  17. Studio Store Locator
  18. Car Store Locator
  19. Insurance Store Locator
  20. Automobile Store Locator
  21. Clinic Store Locator
  22. Bakery Store Locator
  23. Nursery Store Locator
  24. Garden Store Locator
  25. Brand Store Locator
  26. Shopping Mall Store Locator
  27. Retail Store Locator
  28. Jewellery Store Locator
  29. Mobile Shop Store Locator
  30. Repair Store Locator
  31. Electronics Store Locator
  32. Legal Service Store Locator
  33. Consultancy Store Locator
  34. Eyewear Store Locator
  35. Lifestyle Store Locator
  36. Entertainment Store Locator
  37. Kids Wear Store Locator
  38. Toy Shop Store Locator
  39. Lingerie Store Locator
  40. Inner Wear Store Locator
  41. Bank Store Locator
  42. Gift Store Locator
  43. Books Store Locator
  44. Bags & Luggage Store Locator
  45. Movie Theatre Store Locator
  46. Footwear Store Locator
  47. Grocery Store Locator
  48. Market Store Locator
  49. Meat Shop Store Locator
  50. Fish Shop Store Locator


You can see the demo of Store Locator embedded on a website here – The full width map can be seen here –


If you have any questions related to, you can contact

Additional Information

Our Store Locator plugin works with leading landing page builders like:
* Add Store Locator to Elementor
* Add Store Locator to InstaBuilder
* Add Store Locator to OptimzePress
* Add Store Locator to Divi
* Add Store Locator to Beaver Builder
* Add Store Locator to LeadPages
* Add Store Locator to Thrive Architect
* Add Store Locator to Qards
* Add Store Locator to InstaPage


  • Start from a template.
  • Share the map inside the website or use a separate link.
  • Add to WordPress page or post.
  • Free forever & Affordable pricing plans.


  1. Add this plugin using your WordPress admin.
  2. Install our Google Sheets Addon.
  3. Add store details to Google Sheet.
  4. Display the map on your WordPress website using this plugin.


Can I use Store Locator for free?

Yes, anybody can make a store locator and get started right away. We have a Free-forever plan. No credit card is required. Those who have more visitors or seeking advanced features can always upgrade to a paid plan. The free plans comes with limits on the number of map loads and searches per month.

What is Store Locator in brief?

Our product allows you to plot your stores or office locations on an interactive map and embed the map on your website. It also comes with search functionality and filters for each store location.

How much coding is involved?

Zero! You add store addresses in a sheet, generate a Store Locator URL. Copy-paste the URL inside the WordPress plugin.

Why do I need to install the Sheet Addon?

The address information of each store or business location is accessed from Google sheets. Therefore you install our Google Sheets Addon and generate your Store locator URL with unique ID.

How to add Store Locator Map to WordPress Page or Post?

You can add our shortcode in the format, [storelocator id=“cNZvjE“]. The id is the last part of the Store Locator URL that you will get from the sheet addon.

Do I need to use any Map API or access token?

Not required. We have designed our product so that you need to bother with the hassle of obtaining an access token or API keys. However, if you are familiar with Mapbox and want to use your own access token, you have the option for that too.

Why is Update Map on Google sheet taking time?

Store Locator add on calculates the co-ordinates of each store location one at a time. If you have more than 500 or 1000 stores, you may see that it takes some time to finish the calculation.

Why does the Co-ordinate column in Google sheet show a red cell?

The co-ordinates are generated based on the information provided in the Google sheet. When there is insufficient data to find the latitude and longitude, the sheet shows a red cell. You can insert this information directly into the cell to solve this matter.

I changed my store address, but the location on the map doesn’t change?

Just delete the co-ordinate information of that store in Google sheet and click on Add-on menu > Update map from the sheet. The map will get automatically updated.

Why can’t I add the “+” symbol for phone numbers?

When adding phone numbers in international format inside Google sheet, ‘+’ in the beginning is treated as a formula. To show a number as +1 555666000, please enter this data as =”+1 55566600 under the Mobile number column. This will format the number in the international format.

How to add more filters and tags to the map?

You may add more columns in the Google sheet and specify these new columns under the Add-on menu > Settings > Edit fields.


14. Dezember 2022
There are a lot of multi-store plugins & tools out there, but most of them have very bad interfaces. I was blown away by how simple it was to use Store Locator! Also their UI/UX is simply the best 🙂
22. Januar 2022
Was able to create a store locator in minutes using google sheets only. The setup was simple and straightforward and the store locator looks amazing too!
14. Januar 2022
I have tested several store locators in the WordPress plugin directory and I found this the easiest to start. I can create and manage the locator inside Google sheets itself. Loving it ❤️
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