Story Chief


Connect your wordpress website to Story Chief and publish straight to WordPress.

Publish Better Content

Gain better collaboration, create more interactive and beautiful content with Story Chief and go Multi-Channel without any hurdles or technical requirements.

This plugin:

  • Publishes articles straight from Story Chief
  • Keeps your formatting like header tags, bold, links, lists etc
  • Does not alter your website’s branding, by using your site’s CSS for styling
  • Imports text and images from your Story Chief story
  • Supports multi-site
  • Supports SEO plugins natively: Yoast, SeoPress, All In One Seo Pack
  • Support custom fields with ACF through an extensions plugin
  • Support multi-language with Polylang and WPML through an extensions plugin

How It Works

  1. Register on Story Chief
  2. Add a WordPress channel
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Configure the plugin by saving your encryption key
  5. Publish from Story Chief to your WordPress website


Actions and filters

Developers: This plugin has numerous actions and filters available that can be used to modify the default behaviour of the plugin.

* storychief_before_handle_filter($payload)
* storychief_after_publish_action($payload)
* storychief_after_delete_action($payload)
* storychief_save_tags_action($payload)
* storychief_save_categories_action($payload)
* storychief_save_featured_image_action($payload)
* storychief_save_seo_action($payload)
* storychief_sideload_images_action($payload)

* storychief_before_handle_filter($payload)


  • Story Chief Dashboard
  • Connection settings
  • Plugin settings
  • Choosing your publish channels
  • Publishing with Story Chief


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings -> Story Chief screen to configure the plugin
  4. Copy over your encryption key from Story Chief


Find our complete FAQ here


November 12, 2018
StoryChief has been the greatest addition to my WordPress workflow in a long time. It saves a ton of time in distribution and this plugin makes connects it seamlessly with multiple wordpress sites. The testing option to save new posts as drafts instead of pushing live is great when your first connecting to a new site, so make sure you have it enabled. The support over there is also fantastic. Can't wait to see what they have coming next.
Oktober 3, 2018
Just want to say thanks to the devs at Story Chief, they go above and beyond to make this plugin work amazing with WordPress. The Story Chief platform is enabling me to write better blog posts and work fast in a small team. Thank you all so much!
September 17, 2018
Very good plugin! Story Chief is a layer above my WordPress website. No more copy pasting from Word/Gdocs to WordPress. And my copywriters don't need to worry about settings or doing something wrong. They can even embed images, videos, tweets, Google Maps, etc. directly in the article.
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  • Bugfix: SEO meta tags where displayed on non-singular pages when no SEO plugin was found.


  • Bugfix: SEOPress pre_get_document_title filter was overwritten by StoryChief


  • Improvement: Added support for All In One Seo Pack Pro


  • Improvement: Added support for All In One Seo Pack
  • Improvement: Added the article’s title as the alt-tag for the Post Featured image


  • Improvement: Added support for Yoast Premium
  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 5.0


  • Bugfix: refactored old filters to actions on handleUpdate webhook function


  • Improvement: Return the post Pretty URl instead of Permalink as redirect modules are giving issues.


  • Improvement: Suppress warnings and notices from other plugins that can get prepended or appended to the rest response on bad configured servers.


  • Improvement: Better support for SeoPress and add fallback for when no SEO plugins are installed
  • Bugfix: Images side-loaded for draft articles got in a subfolder based 01/01/1970 date instead op the post date.


  • Bugfix: trigger side-loading of images on update function.


  • Bugfix: use wp_check_filetype() instead of mime_content_type() as it is not always available


  • Complete rewrite of plugin
  • Feature: Option to side-load all images inside the content.
  • Improvement: Avoid duplicate images.


  • Bugfix: Permalink sometimes redirected bots (ex: Facebot) to the homepage. Changed the permalink to stop that.
  • Improvement: Made notices less obtrusive.


  • Added a filter to modify the returned permalink


  • Clearer ‚test mode‘ description in settings


  • Added support for SeoPress


  • Increased image side-loading timeout and handled exception gracefully


  • Improved SEO integration


  • Added settings to allow or disallow creation of new tags and categories


  • Added support for SEO plugin Yoast
  • Tested up to version 4.9


  • Don’t return a permalink in test mode, in order to avoid accidental social media posts in test mode


  • Refactored for support of PHP 5.4


  • Added handleUpdate function


  • Added information messages for sub-plugins.
  • Changed insert of tags, categories and featured image through filters (for overwrite/extension purposes)


  • Reformatted code for reuse of import_image function


  • Added custom filter: storychief_before_handle_filter
  • Added custom action: storychief_after_publish_action
  • Added custom action: storychief_after_delete_action
  • Added custom action: storychief_after_test_action


  • Added ability to sync multiple categories.
  • Added an option to automatically create new authors


  • Add ability to save as draft for testing purposes



  • Added support for Google AMP


  • Added support until PHP version 5.2.4


  • Added WP installation url on configuration page for improved usability.
  • Better error handling.


  • Drop the REST API approach and reworked everything with one simple webhook.


  • Connect to your Story Chief destination
  • Publish your articles on your WordPress blog.