Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Sukellos Dashboard Bar


Sukellos Dashboard Bar hides the WordPress admin dashboard bar. Can be applied to certain profiles only.

This plugin integrates with other Sukellos Tools WordPress plugins to group their settings in a convenient and centralized administration panel.

Learn more about Sukellos plugins here.

Admin Builder Basic

Each Sukellos plugin integrates Sukellos Framework, and the Basic version of a feature called Admin Builder.

WP Plugin Development In A Minute

The Sukellos framework was designed to speed up the development of WordPress plugins.

Once installed in WordPress, its use is immediate and intuitive thanks to its object-oriented structure, by using inclusion and inheritance. It allows you to overcome all the constraints of integration with WordPress, and to focus on the essentials of your functional logic.

Get the basic plugin offered, and consult our documentation to know how to use the Sukellos Framework to make your work easier.

Easy Admin Pages. Magnify Options

The Admin Builder is the main features embedded in Sukellos Framework. It allows to easily build powerful and beautiful custom admin pages in WordPress Dashboard.

The Admin Builder can be included very simply in your own plugin to create an administration page in a few lines of code. This takes the hassle out of your hands, making high-level designs possible with very little development skill. No need to worry about implementing the form, handling writing fields, just focus on your configuration logic.

Admin Builder is a powerful way to create configuration pages to manage WordPress options.


// Admin page.
 $admin_page = Admin_Builder::instance()->create_admin_page(
         'name' => 'My admin page',
         'id' => 'my_admin_page',
         'desc' => __( 'My admin page description', 'text_domain' ),

 // Create a text option field
         'type' => Item_type::TEXT,
         'id' => 'text_option',
         'name' => __( 'Text', 'text_domain' ),
         'desc' => 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.',

A lot of standard fields are available:

  • Checkbox
  • Multiple choices (checkbox and select) on custom data
  • Content
  • Header
  • Radio
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Upload

Admin Builder is designed to be used by developers. Many hooks are available to allow full style and behavior customization.

Get the Admin Builder Examples plugin, and consult our documentation, to get many examples to copy / paste.

Upgrade to Admin Builder Pro

Learn more about Sukellos Admin Builder Pro here.

More field and features

Upgrade to pro to get more field types…

  • AJAX button (and feature)
  • Code (JS, CSS, SCSS)
  • Color picker
  • Date picker
  • EDD Licensing (Easy Digital Downloads)
  • Enable
  • File upload
  • Gallery
  • Note
  • Number slider
  • Select and multiple choices on predefined WordPress data (users, posts, terms, fonts…)
  • Sortable
  • WYSIWYG editor

… and allows tabs creation in admin pages.

Creating an AJAX request becomes child’s play.

Enrich Post Types And User Profiles

Take control of custom fields in any type of posts. The creation of Metabox becomes very simple. All the standard fields can also be used, but this time by associating them with any post type, stored as post_meta. Admin Builder allows disabling classical custom fields display. Users can be enriched by adding fields that are directly visible and modifiable in their own profiles. The management of this user_meta is also possible directly in administration pages.

In the same way as for the options, the management of the post_meta and the user_meta is simplified as much as possible. Just a few lines of code are enough.

Automatic CSS Generation. SCSS Support.

In the administration pages, the options can be taken automatically into account in CSS. Each field value can be dynamically associated with a CSS. More complex styles can also be generated from an administration page thanks to the magic method create_css, in a very simple way. Admin Builder allows the use of a code-like configuration field, thanks to the inclusion of the Ace project. This control offers an input area that supports the CSS / SCSS format. This field can be automatically generated and included in the WordPress front end.


  • Admin Page configuration: screenshot-1.png
  • Admin bar: screenshot-2.png


Is Sukellos Fw & Admin Builder intended for developers?

It is intended for WordPress developers of all levels, but wishing to design beautiful administration pages very easily.


Für dieses Plugin gibt es keine Rezensionen.

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Sukellos Dashboard Bar“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • New colors


  • WordPress 6.3.0 compatibility
  • New banners


  • WordPress 6.2.2 compatibility
  • Basic Sukellos Fw evolutions 1.1.4


  • WordPress 6.0.3 compatibility


  • WordPress 6.0.2 compatibility
  • Project URL moved


  • Basic Sukellos Fw evolutions 1.1.1


  • WordPress.org SVN repo integration of Enable Classic Editor
  • WordPress.org SVN repo integration of Login Wrapper


  • WordPress.org SVN repo integration of Login Style


  • Fix license page display for Admin Builder Basic


  • WordPress.org SVN repo integration of Image Formats
  • Renaming Disable Gutenberg in Enable Classic Editor


  • Fix missing PHP include in Admin Builder


  • Enable / disable for all roles
  • Fix get_option on Admin Builder


  • Removing wp- prefix


  • Sukellos Fw compatibility with other plugins


  • WordPress.org SVN repo integration


  • No update URI
  • Correct Stable tag
  • Improve security with includes
  • Sukellos Fw evolutions


  • Licensed plugin


  • Sukellos Fw evolutions


  • First release