WP FullCalendar

Uses the jQuery FullCalendar plugin to create a stunning calendar view of events, posts and…

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Events Made Easy

Verwalten und anzeigen von Veranstaltungen, Mitgliedschaften, wiederkehrende Veranstaltungen, Veranstaltungsorte und Straßenkarten, Widgets, Veranstaltungen buchen, ICAL…

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Chronosly Events Calendar

Elegant event list display, easy-to-use interface with major event features included. 100% responsive and extensible…

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The Holiday Calendar

An awesome calendar plugin that just works! Shows the upcoming holidays and/or your own events.

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ChronoFlo Calendar ShortCode

ChronoFlo Calendar is a beautiful events calendar offering unrivalled visual customization. This plugin provides a…

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Event Calendar

New Revolutionary Events Calendar from Total Soft. This Event calendar is different from all of…

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Calendar-To-Events – this is a convenient plugin calendar events with the ability to display a…

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Click4Time Calendar

Click4Time makes appointment booking easy! Give your clients the benefit of booking and managing their…

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