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Taknalogy Reviews


Manages and displays reviews for woocommerce product pages. It uses reviews service from taknalogy.com Taknalogy Reviews Homepage. This plugin separates reviews management from store management. It fully automates review management tasks.

This plugin solves product review problem for new ecommerce and dropshipping stores. It gathers real product reviews and presents them on product pages. Its integration with WooCommerce is minimal and requires no configuration. You can enable reviews per product. You can disable it at any time with zero data corruption. It will remove all its data when you delete it.

You have to register using taknalogy reviews manager web page to use this plugin https://taknalogy.com/taknalogy-reviews-manager/.

Plugin documentation is available on the plugin page Taknalogy Reviews Homepage. Please leave comments on this page if you need any help. You can also make feature request on this page by leaving comment or sending us an email.


  • Automates reviews management.
  • Provisions direct user reviews from external sources like aliexpress.com.
  • Takes care of reviews export with no user intervention.
  • Auto generates customer names and shows reviews with real product pictures.
  • Allows customers to add reviews along with pictures.
  • Registration is not required but recommended for easier communication.
  • Easier and seamless integration with woocommerce stores.
  • Short code ‚takrating‘ can be used to show Taknalogy Reviews Widget on any template.
  • Taknalogy Reviews Widget can be enabled or disabled for product pages.


  • Reviews screen.
  • Product data screen tab added by Taknalogy Reviews.
  • Reviews entry screen for customers.
  • Paging is used to show more reviews.
  • Product reviews meta is updated so that theme can show review count.


Installing „Technolgy Reviews Plugin“ can be done either by searching for „Technolgy Reviews Plugin“ via the „Plugins > Add New“ screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via WordPress.org.
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the „Plugins > Add New > Upload“ screen in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  4. No configuration is required to use this plugin.
  5. It adds a new tab on product data entry page where you can enable reviews on per product bases.


How do I contribute?

We encourage everyone to contribute their ideas, thoughts and code snippets. This can be done easily by leaving comments on the plugin page (https://taknalogy.com/blog/2019/11/28/taknalogy-reviews-platform-documentation/) or sending us an email.


28. Januar 2020
Awesome App... Saves time, money and is very helpful.... Thanks my friend for such a wonderful Plugin 🙂 Maybe consider the Shortcode so we can dispaly all our reviews onto a single reviews Page perhaps? Thanks again 🙂
28. Januar 2020
The work this little plugin does is immencely helpfull and will save you A-LOT-OF-MONEY, time and headaches. Just install it, read the manuals and enjoy it's powerfull features. The fact, that the creator is giving it to us for free is ennough to gain respect in my eyes, but add to that his immediate responce to any questions one will have about the usage of the tools. The man repplies in minutes and never ignores me. Eternal respect my friend!
30. Dezember 2019
I highly recommend this plugin and does everything it says it will, this is the best review importer and very easy to use chrome extension as well. Thank you so much to Mr.Rab Nawaz
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Release Date – 04 March, 2020
* BugFix – Fixed Product Rich snippets data.


Release Date – 03 March, 2020
* BugFix – Fixed widget star rating to match.
* Enhancement – added Product Rich snippets


Release Date – 29 December, 2019
* Enhancement – Product autoselect in Chrome extension


Release Date – 28 December, 2019
* Enhancement – Added Taknalogy Reviews Widget
* Enhancement – Added Taknalogy Reviews Widget short code ‚takrating‘


Release Date – 26 December, 2019
* Enhancement – Added support for php 7.0.33 and up


Release Date – 18 December, 2019
* Enhancement – Added Taknalogy Reviews Manager dashboard
* Enhancement – Added Google Chrome extension Taknalogy Aliexpress Reviews Importer


Tested: for WordPress 5.3


Release Date – 12 October, 2019