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The Scientific Diet Selector is based peer-reviewed science (literature available at and helps people to find a suitable diet option based on their personal preferences. The the match-making is enabled by a massive dataset collected from hundreds of people just like you or your visitors. In other words, the plugin is both credible and useful (it actually works).

The Scientific Diet Selector is an output of a research project led by University of Oulu, in Finland, on using ‚wisdom of the crowd‘ (see to assess and recommend weight loss diets. A visitor of your website who sees the plugin can simply indicate their preferences, i.e., what type of a weight loss diet would they prefer in terms of distinct criteria (e.g., cost, rapid weight loss potential, long-term potential, etc.). Then, the plugin queries the constantly updated database to find and provision the best-matching diets.

On top of this, the plugin offers you several powerful monetization opportunities (read more at ( that you may use as you consider best in your situation and tailored to your site.

Unlike a number of other WordPress plugins, The Scientific Diet Selector does not force arbitrary formatting and CSS styling. This makes the plugin look&feel like it’s a part of your site – a native piece of content sitting on your site just like anything else.

API access

The plugin relies on our own backend API to query the database. The data is not free, and you may not use the API for your own versions or other applications. Read more about our API terms at:


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Click install, activate, and use the shortcode [thescientificdietselector] on any post or page where you wish the tool to be displayed!


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