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TM WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist


You need to have a working installation of WooCommerce on your site in order for the plugin to work correctly.


TM WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist consist of two parts, let’s examine each of them in detail.


WooCompare allows you to compare products based on product properties. Add the desired products to the product comparison page by clicking „Add to compare“ button on the product or product catalog pages. WooCompare also includes a widget that lets you output the products added to the comparison list. Using this widget you can also delete the products from the comparison list, empty the comparison list, or go to the product comparison page.

The plugin settings page allows you to do the following:

  • Enable/disable the compare functionality;
  • Select a page where the comparison table should be outputted;
  • Enable/disable the „Add to compare“ button in a product catalog;
  • Enable or disable the „Add to compare“ button on a product page;
  • Set the text for the button that adds products to the comparison page;
  • Choose/edit text for the button that deletes a product from the comparison page;
  • Select which text to output when the product comparison page is empty;


WooWishlist allows your visitors to add products to their wishlist with a single click. Showcase the wishlist in a widget area or on a separate page. If a product was added into the wishlist unintentionally, customers can remove it. As the plugin is powered by Ajax, the wishlist and its widget are updated dynamically, without page reloading.

In terms of configuration, you can use the following options:

  • Enable and disable the wishlist;
  • Select the page to display the wishlist;
  • Add the wishlist button to the product catalog page;
  • Add the wishlist button to the single product page;
  • Set the “add to wishlist” button text when the product is not in the wishlist;
  • Set the “added to wishlist” button text when the product has been added to the wishlist;
  • Set the “empty wishlist” text when there are no products in the wishlist.


  1. Upload „TM WooCommerce Compare Wishlist“ folder to the „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to the „TM Compare“ and „TM Wishlist“ section of WooCommerce settings to start customizing


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload „TM WooCommerce Compare Wishlist“ folder to the „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to the „TM Compare“ and „TM Wishlist“ section of WooCommerce settings to start customizing


6. April 2018
The idea is pretty good but it a bit buggy. it didn't work on my site, every time I added a product to wishlist it didn't work there was only one product even if I added 5. compare is not good I tried and also didn't work. why would you want an entire page for compare products? the green loading icon is horrible and big. can you make it smaller and nicer? you don't have the ability to disable button which sucks. I liked how simple it is though. and why didn't you just use one tab on the woocommerce settings menu. also, a good Idea would be to add a 'add to section' option. instead of compare option. heart Icon would be amazing to add on a single product at the top right corner of the thumbnail.
6. Februar 2018
Compare products or wishlist... this plugin is all you need for that purpose. Try it, you'll be convinced Thanks best regards Mario
30. August 2017
Amazing plugin. Works perfectly. Loving it! The only feedback - the wishlist button, unlike the compare button does not toggle the item in the list, i.e. when having an item added to compare and pressing the compare button the item is removed from compare, but when having an item inside the wishlist and pressing the wishlist button nothing happens (expected outcome would be for the item to be removed). Another thing - currently labels used are parameters of the plugin. In a multilingual environment this is not good, so it's better to have these strings within translation files. Great job guys and thank you!
16. Dezember 2016
Hello, Thanks you for this great plugin. Not sure why Active Installs are only 300+, it should be morethan 50k, i have gone through many compare & wishlist plugin but this one is unique. I want to use preloader for wishlist button & compare button and don't want to show View Compare button & Go To My Wish List button from single product page. I tried to use following filters but it's not working, can you please help me and give me an example code: apply_filters( 'tm_wc_compare_wishlist_button_preloader', '' ); apply_filters( 'tm_woowishlist_page_button', $html, $classes, $link, $text ); apply_filters( 'tm_woocompare_preloader', '' ) apply_filters( 'tm_woocompare_page_button', $html, $classes, $link, $text ); Thanks
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