Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Tutor LMS Divi Modules


Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons is a WordPress plugin that integrates Tutor LMS with Divi Page builder. It helps you to design eLearning course sites any way you want. Create your custom layout and styling for Tutor LMS courses, bring different designs to specific courses, create course carousels and listings, and do much more.

What you can do with Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons:

Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons helps you create gorgeous looking eLearning sites Tutor LMS and then style it with Divi Page builder. You can do a lot of things, including the following:

  • Create a course page template from scratch and save it for future use.
  • Customize each course page design individually.
  • 26+ modules to take care of the linear aspects of the design.
  • Insert course carousels on any page you want.


Tutor LMS Divi Modules will ask you to install the following plugins to make sure everything works perfectly.

1) Tutor LMS
2) Divi Page Builder

After installing and activating all of these plugins, you will be able to build single course pages with Divi Page builder using all of its unique features. For a more in-depth look at the integration and all details, please visit our documentation on Tutor LMS Divi Modules.

Link: https://docs.themeum.com/tutor-lms/divi-integration/

Note: Please make sure you are using the latest version of all these plugins.


Allow Divi Page builder to edit and create courses in the Settings

First, you need to enable editing capability for Divi Page builder. Go to Dashboard > Divi Page builder > Theme Options > Builder, check the mark on the Post Types you want to edit, and create with Divi Page builder. Make sure Courses and Lessons are toggled on.

Create a custom course template

To use the Divi Page builder to build a custom course template, you need to create your course template first.

Edit individual course pages differently
If you want to edit each course’s layout separately, navigate to Tutor LMS > Courses and then open any course in editing mode.

Then, click on “Edit With Divi Page builder” to start the Divi Page builder interface from the default editing panel. You will find all the necessary modules to create a single course page from the left sidebar’s Tutor LMS section.

Modules list for Tutor LMS Divi Modules Plugin

Tutor LMS Divi Modules currently offers the following Divi Page builder modules to take control over your eLearning site designs. Design your course page with the Tutor LMS Modules available in the Tutor LMS Divi Modules plugin.

  1. Course About
  2. Course Author
  3. Course Benefits
  4. Course Carousel
  5. Course Categories
  6. Course Curriculum
  7. Course Categories
  8. Course Enrollment
  9. Course Instructor
  10. Course Last Update
  11. Course Level
  12. Course List
  13. Course Materials
  14. Course Price
  15. Course Ratings
  16. Course Requirement
  17. Course Reviews
  18. Course Share
  19. Course Status
  20. Course Tags
  21. Course Target Audience
  22. Course Thumbnail
  23. Course Title
  24. Course Total Enrollment
  25. Course Content
  26. Course Purchase
  27. Course wishlist


  • Create Astonishing Course List
  • Course List Horizontal Style
  • 26+ Tutor LMS Divi Moduels
  • Advance customization options
  • Default Single Course Layout
  • Classic Style For Course Curriculum
  • Stylish Course Topic Display
  • Display Ratings Stylishly
  • Different Card Designs For Instructors
  • Preview Modes for Implemented design


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic installation

The automatic installation is the easiest way to install any plugin in WordPress. You can perform an automated installation of Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons by logging in to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to the “Plugins” menu, and click on the “Add New” button.

This will open up a page showing all the available plugins in WordPress. In the search field, type Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons. The search result will show you our Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons plugin. You can then see the detailed info by clicking on “More Details” and installing just click on the “Install Now” button.

Manual installation

To install Tutor LMS Divi Page builder Addons manually, you need to download the plugin and upload it to your web server via any FTP application.

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Can I use the Divi Page builder with my existing Tutor LMS courses?

Yes! You can use this builder to create a different look and feel for your existing courses.

Do I need the Pro version of Divi Page builder to use this plugin?

As of today, Divi only has a paid version of its page builder plugin.

Do I need the Pro version of Tutor LMS to use this plugin?

No, the free version is enough to use this integration.

Where can I get support?

You can get support by posting your issues on the support section of this plugin or use the [contact form on our website]

Link: https://www.themeum.com/contact-us

Is this plugin free?

Yes! Our plugin is free. However, the plugin requires Tutor LMS and Divi Page builder to function. Without Tutor LMS and Divi Page builder, this plugin will not work as intended.

Can I use this with my theme?

We have tested the compatibility with

If you find a conflict or problem in your theme, please post on the support section of this plugin.

How can I request more features?

You can post on the support section of this plugin or use the contact form at themeum.com.


4. Mai 2023
Ni siquiera puedo guardar en las opciones del constructor que sea compatible con Curso y Lecciones
6. Dezember 2022
I’d like to second the other poster who made a comment today- this feels like the most hackneyed plugin I’ve witnessed in a long time; perhaps Tutor LMS works better with vanilla WordPress or with Elementor, but with Divi it’s consistently giving me different responses to the same actions and throwing up all kinds of bizarro limitations that seem like they should’ve been ironed out. Particularly obnoxious, and not necessarily Divi-specific: You can’t edit courses from the frontend as a WordPress admin. You have to manually create an instructor account on your site, then login using that. Pretty mediocre; why not have this option?! Pretty underwhelmed with my first tour of Tutor LMS, feel like I might jump ship.
6. Dezember 2022 2 Antworten
There is no easy way to say it: Tutor LMS is NOT Divi friendly. It loves Elementor and Guttenburg, but not Divi. After LOTS of time with tech support, here are some simple conclusions as of December 2022. 1. There is a great Tutor LMS starter theme with some high level formatting… doesn’t work with Divi. 2. There is a Horizontal Card layout for Courses… not on Divi. 3. If you use the Tutor/Divi modules, you CANNOT do basic text formatting on your courses (bold, underline, etc). To even bold a sentence you will need to add all the information manually via basic Divi Text module. Not ideal. 4. You need to download additional Divi Modules to add any level of customization to courses… but you won’t know that unless you hunt down the information on tech support pages. (edit: modules on this plugin page are the ones I’m referring to) 5. You CANNOT customize anything about Lesson pages in Divi. Want the lessons on the right vs the left… not with Divi. 6. Tutor LMS Tech support has LOTS of outdated documents making a lot of their advice useless. They seem to be in no rush to fix any of that. Example: The default Tutor LMS Course page functions as BOTH your sales page for new customers, AND the the landing page paid customers are forced to use to return to their lessons… Which means, unless you use Divi „conditions“ on modules (ex: only show to logged out users,) then returning customers have to stare at „benefits, and marketing lingo“ every time they just want to get into their content. The URL redirect fix for that on the tech support page is terribly outdated and doesn’t work. CONCLUSION: IF you have Divi, you have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to get anything to work like you want. You may want to steer clear of this plugin and Tutor LMS all together until they massively improve Divi integrations and support.
26. Mai 2022
This extension plugin does not get updates as often as the main plugin Tutor LMS and therefore it is a complete mess. Tutor LMS has received 5 updates and this theme extension has not received any. Visuals are broken, UX is buggy and rarely working. add to cart button does nothing. I recommend you test this extensively before launching it to the public. this can deter so many potential customers.
8. April 2022 1 Antwort
Dvi and Tutor LMS are a good mix, but for this to really make sense you need Divi Theme Builder support, and this is currently missing. Apparently, it can be set, but it doesn’t work. Divi is unable to overwrite e.g. the standard Tutor LMS template for the course view.
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= 2.0.2 – 11 August, 2023
*Update: Added WordPress 6.3 Compatibility

= 2.0.1 – 04 July, 2022

  • New: Course enrollment add-on now comes with a new toggle button to show/hide the additional information
  • New: Course purchase add-on now comes with a new toggle button to show/hide the additional information
  • Update: Price compatibility is added for EDD and WooCommerce plugin
  • Update: Course Curriculum add-on is now compatible with the latest Tutor 2.0
  • Update: Course Content styling control is now compatible with the latest Tutor 2.0
  • Update: Class Selector updated, tab-body-item to tutor-tab-item
  • Update: Add to Cart selector is updated
  • Update: Course List Addon design is improved
  • Update: Course Carousel Addon design improved
  • Fix: The Solid option in the „Border Styles“ section under Card (in Design) was not function
  • Fix: The „Author Show/Hide“ option in the Layout function under Content was not functioning
  • Fix: The Style Control for the Single Course page Elements were not working
  • Fix: The „Guest Mode“ feature was not working with Divi
  • Fix: Course List Block was not working properly
  • Fix: Enrollment Expiration Time was not available on the Course Details page
  • Fix: Q&A tab was not showing any questions or answers in some cases
  • Fix: Resource tab was not showing any resources in some cases
  • Fix: The review adding/editing option was not appearing on the Review tab in some cases
  • Fix: The Announcements tab was not showing any data in some cases
  • Fix: The Gradebook tab was not showing any data in some cases

= 2.0.0 – 15 March, 2022

  • New: Introducing compatibility with WordPress 5.9
  • New: Full compatibility with Tutor LMS 2.0
  • New: New Tutor LMS Divi Module for course content
  • New: New Tutor LMS Divi Module for course wishlist
  • New: New Tutor LMS Divi Module for course purchase
  • Update: Course requirement title doesn’t show up now without description
  • Update: Course materials title doesn’t show up now without description
  • Update: Target audience title doesn’t show up now without description
  • Fix: Pagination on course listing page redirected to course archive page issue


  • Initial Release

= 1.0.1 Sep 10, 2021=
* Course carousel woocommerce currency symbol issue fixed
* Course list woocommerce currency symbol issue fixed