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Visitor Analytics is an advanced yet accessible website intelligence platform, with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use, privacy-compliant features.

With three categories of insights – website statistics, visitor behavior analytics, and visitor communication – all website owners, digital marketers, and demand specialists can see the complete picture of what is and isn’t working on their websites.

More than 2.5 million websites are already benefiting from easier access to core metrics, an enhanced understanding of visitor behavior, and a more connected visitor experience.

Collect and analyze website data about visitors’ behavior in real-time, through session recordings, conversion funnels, heatmaps, click paths, and traffic structure. Using our poll and survey features, you can effortlessly receive feedback from your online community.

With a free forever plan, WordPress native plugin, easy onboarding, and a one-click Google data importer, the platform couldn’t be easier to test drive.

✔️ Understand what is and isn’t working on your website(s)

✔️ Enjoy the „free forever“ plan that makes it easy for you to test drive, with zero commitment and pay as you grow.

✔️ Analyze website traffic stats — visitors, conversions, session duration, page visits, referrals, click paths, devices, bounce rates, time of visits, competition analysis, company reveal, and more.

✔️ Understand visitor behavior in real-time — session recordings, heatmaps, conversion funnels, and event tracking.

✔️ Receive visitor feedback effortlessly — targetable surveys and polls.

✔️ No cookies for tracking data. 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant tracking. No data passed on to third parties.

✔️ For website owners, digital marketers, and demand specialists — for websites that work smart.

✔️ Available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.


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Visitor Analytics ist ein Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), der Ihrer Webseite einen Tracking-Code hinzufügt und es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihre Statistiken über einen in Ihrem WordPress-Dashboard eingebetteten Iframe zu überprüfen. Auf diese Weise müssen Sie Ihre WordPress-Administrationsoberfläche nicht verlassen, um Ihre Statistiken zu einzusehen!

Zur Installation von Visitor Analytics führen Sie bitte die folgenden Schritte aus:

  1. Gehen Sie zu Ihrem WordPress Dashboard
  2. Wählen Sie das Menü Plugins
  3. Klicken Sie auf den Button Neu hinzufügen
  4. Jetzt können Sie durch die Plugins blättern oder direkt nach Visitor Analytics für WordPress suchen und auf Jetzt installieren klicken.
  5. Füllen Sie das Anmeldeformular aus.
  6. Bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse.

Sehen Sie sich hier unser Video-Tutorial an:


Where can I redeem my voucher code?

Simply click this link to signup with 30 days full access (voucher code is already prefilled) – No Credit Card needed!

Do I need a Visitor Analytics account to use this plugin?

Yes. You can sign up for a free Visitor Analytics account
which provides access to all our features including website traffic stats, visitor session recordings,heatmaps,funnels and much more.

Visitor Analytics has been installed, what now?

You can enable, disable and enable features from within the Visitor Analytics app/ plugin. Any changes will be reflected immediately on the site(s) where you have the Visitor Analytics snippet installed.
You can find more information on getting started with Visitor Analytics in our support center.

How can I find out more about Visitor Analytics?

Visit our website to learn more about Visitor Analytics and how you can use it to unlock your website’s true potential.

Is Visitor Analytics GDPR compliant?

We believe data privacy should be a principle beyond debate. Visitor Analytics does not sell data or pass it on to any third party. We not only comply with GDPR and CCPA ourselves, we also provide support to our customers, who want to adhere to privacy laws.
Here is What you need to know about GDPR in general, and what to add in your Privacy in order to make your visitors aware of how the data is being processed with Visitor Analytics.

How do I remove Visitor Analytics from my site?

You can uninstall/ disable this plugin at any time to remove Visitor Analytics from your site.

You can also check the Visitor Analytics FAQs regarding WordPress [here](


23. März 2022
I am not an expert of plugins and software in general but some year ago I installed Visitor Analytics and since then I had no need to search for another one. The use of the plugin is quite intuitive and it answers most of my needs. Some features like the global map of my visitors with different gradients of colors are really appreciated.
1. Februar 2022
Works as advertised. A fantastic alternative to Google Analytics.
4. Juni 2021 1 Antwort
We reached our monthly limit 1000 visitors in a week... After that we were unable to use the plugin. All the features including counting visits and visitors are blocked! Plus the developers proudly state that my data will be reset to zero and lost forever if I don't upgrade. This is crazy, this is unacceptable. I'm out! Suggestion: You guys should let the basic features unlimited.
16. Oktober 2020
These people claim that they are conforming to "privacy laws" - yet they're sending unsolicited emails "to our contacts" without even mentioning how they obtained my email address. 🙁 What's more, the sender name is "WordPress Analytics" - this probably violates the WordPress Foundation trademark. Not exactly the way to go in establishing trust. I wouldn't dare to expose my website data to this plugin.
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