2Way VideoCalls – HTML5 Webcam Videochat


HTML5 2 Way Videochat / Video Calls

  • 100% web based HTML5, no Flash, no downloads
  • 1 to 1, 2 way private video chat
  • Big video panels
  • Send video/audio recordings, emoticons in text chat

WordPress 2Way VideoCalls – HTML5 Webcam Videochat Plugin

  • Quickly add 2 Way Video call rooms
  • Access permissions (everybody, members, list)
  • Members can create and manage rooms
  • Menus in admin bar
  • Access list per room
  • Widget with active rooms list and entry
  • Menu for room management
  • Option to redirect user to videochat setup page after login
  • Option to automatically create a video call room for each user
  • Easy translation with .po file and settings
  • Integrates Mobile App (if available for iOS/Android)

Setup web based HTML5 videocalls on a WordPress site using [VideoWhisper HTML5 Videochat] (https://paidvideochat.com/html5-videochat/ „100% Web Based HTML5 Videochat“).
A Video Chat page is added to the website where members can create and manage their rooms. Can be disabled from settings. Functionality can be implemented as shortcode.

WordPress Plugin includes a widget that displays active rooms (with participants) and access link if there’s room for another participant.

There is a settings page with multiple parameters and permissions.
Who can setup rooms and access application can be configured (everybody, members, list of members/roles).

For a more advanced setup, see [PaidVideochat – WP Pay Per Minute Webcams Turnkey Site Platform] (https://paidvideochat.com „PaidVideochat – WP Pay Per Minute Webcams Turnkey Site Platform“).

Hosting Requirements

This plugin has requirements beyond regular WordPress hosting specifications: specific live streaming servers, certificates, licensing, tools and configuration for HTML5 live camera streaming.

Live Site (Demo)

2Way Videochat – web/mobile video calls

Special Requirements

This plugin has requirements beyond regular WordPress hosting specifications: aspecific HTML5 WebRTC live streaming relay server services.


On PC, add effects to videochat with SnapCamera from SnapChat.


  • Application Homepage: [VideoWhisper HTML5 Videochat] (https://paidvideochat.com/html5-videochat/ „100% Web Based HTML5 Videochat“)


  • Videochat website including mobile app:

  • Demo on Videochat Scripts site:


More information, the latest updates, other plugins and non-WordPress editions can be found at https://videowhisper.com/ .


  • HTML5 Videochat Call in Dark Mode
  • HTML5 Videochat Call in Light Mode
  • Audio/Video recorder to also insert recordings in text chat (when user connection does not permit live streaming)
  • WP user page to manage video chat rooms
  • Legacy 2 Way Video Chat Flash App (included)


  • This plugin requires a specific HTML5 WebRTC live streaming relay for the live streaming features. Before installing this make sure all hosting requirements are met:
  • Enable the plugin from WordPress admin area and fill the „Settings“, including live streaming configuration
  • Setup Video Calls page from Pages settings tab and add to your menu.
  • Optionally, enable the widget to show online rooms.


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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„2Way VideoCalls – HTML5 Webcam Videochat“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Integrates HTML5 Videochat instead of Flash 2 Way Videochat


  • Auto Room: Automatically create a room for each user on registration or when user accesses management page


  • WP plugin translation with .po files in languages.
  • Application translation with setting.
  • New settings for extra parameters.


  • Integrates VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat 4.41
  • Video Chat room management page in frontend: users can create room, access, obtain link, delete
  • Plugin settings including permissions for videochat room setup, videochat access