Dieses Plugin wurde mit dem 1. September 2018 stillgelegt und ist nicht zum Download verfügbar. Grund: Richtlinienverletzung.


22. Mai 2018 1 Antwort
There’s a bug whereby you can’t modify shipping rules without them breaking – you have to clear them all, then save, and then re-enter them all and save them in one go. The solution from the developers was to pay for the premium version ( https://wordpress.org/support/topic/country-list-not-saving/#post-8553018 ) which is a pretty dismal response. Very pushy with advertising trying to get you to upgrade (both from support and from the half-page advert on the settings page which cannot be removed). Once you’ve got it setup, it appears to function and the table editor is pretty good (on large screens). It seems to be OK for my few rules which I’m OK re-entering every time something changes. The design of the plugin appears to be good, but their business model appears to be suck you in with the promise of good design and make you pay to actually have it. Not really in the spirit of the WordPress community. 2018 Update: Reducing to 1 star after yet another data loss bug. We’re no longer using this plugin.
2. Juni 2021 1 Antwort
I did not even use the plugin and just went to the plugin settings and a huge notice to force upgrade users. It can not be dismissed. Author seems to be greedy. I know it’s a free plugin but there are thousands of freemium model plugins which don’t irritate to this extent.
3. April 2018 4 Antworten
This developer offers outstanding support and a money-back guarantee, but together we could not get the plugin to work correctly on my server. I have lots of experience with table-rate shipping rules and have used a table-rate shipping plugin successfully for many years. I purchased this plugin because I thought our long-time table-rate shipping plugin had quit working with the newest version of WP. We need to have shipping costs calculated per item. Not a tough task. The pre-sales questions I asked were answered promptly. Downloading and installing the plugin and activating it with a license code went smoothly. When I couldn’t configure the plugin so it would correctly apply table rate shipping per item for a range of table rates (0-1 item, 1-5 items, 6+ items) the plugin developer answered my initial support ticket almost immediately. We went back and forth (including giving the developer access to the site admin) in an effort to correctly configure the plugin. Only the first table rate configured worked and was applied to all of the orders, regardless of the number of items. The developer tweaked the plugin’s settings on our site and I poured over the documentation. The developer eventually sent screen shots of our required table rates set up and working correctly on the developer’s server. However, the developer was unable to get the plugin to work on our server. The purchase comes with a money back guarantee and the developer refunded the $69 when asked. The developer offered to continue to help troubleshoot the problem via instant chat. However, our long-time, very reliable table-rate shipping plugin came back online after some tweaking. I couldn’t get this plugin to work correctly, but that doesn’t mean on another server with a different set-up this plugin doesn’t work. The developer’s support help is simply OUTSTANDING. The money-back guarantee is additional insurance. Set-up is not intuitive (the plugin could use some more built-in FAQ links), but I chose this plugin because it offers tons of built-in configuration options. Had we not gotten our long-time plugin working again, I have no doubt the developer and I would have been able to work together to either identify any conflict or coding problem. Whether we would have been able to get the plugin to work correctly on our server, I can’t say. My suggestion would be for the developer to offer a 30-day free trial as well as a money-back guarantee.
29. Januar 2018
This plugin does exactly what it says and what we needed for a customer’s shop. Even we are using „just“ the free version, its functions totally covered our needs and the support ist lighning fast! Can recommend this solution to everyone who needs shipping costs based on country and weight!
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