WebFacing – Email Accounts in cPanel®


🕸️ By WebFacing. Read, send, show, manage, list, create, add, remove or delete email accounts, old messages, forwarders and autoresponders. One click read, send and manage all your emails without a login step. This plugin requires you are hosting on a cPanel® equipped server. It uses it’s UAPI through shell access in PHP.

See also my companion plugin WebFacing – Disk Usage from cPanel® on Dashboard & in Site Health

Translation ready. Ready translations are

  • Norwegian (bokmål)

Current features

  • Accounts listing per domain managed via cPanel®
  • Add/remove single/multiple Email Accounts
  • List mailboxes with number of messages for each account
  • Remove old messages from mailboxes (older than 52 weeks implied, currently)
  • Shrink mailboxes
  • Change disk quota for for email accounts
  • Add/remove single/multiple Email Forwarders or Blackholes
  • Add/delete/edit email autoresponders (for, subject, body, from, start, stop, interval)
  • Send single/multipe Email Account Instructions (Client Setup) to self
  • Open your cPanel® Webmail app for selected account (single click/tap – no further login needed!)
  • Set/change Email Account passwords
  • Include Default Email Address for each top domain (to email or failure message)
  • Set Default Email Address (catch-all) as forwarder, failure or blackhole
  • View Notification/Contact Email Addresses (no edit yet)
  • Limited to users with manage_options capability (admins)
  • Access for any user to view and read their own emails, if given the cpanel capability
  • Support for subdomain email addresses when main domain is a subdomain

Possible future features

  • Filters (add_filter) possibilities for configuration and customization
  • Remove selected email messages from mailboxes (by selectd message age etc. – in version 2.0)
  • Add/remove email lists (if requested)
  • Suspend/unsuspend incoming/outgoing for email accounts (maybe)
  • Suspend/unsuspend login to email accounts (if requested)
  • Domain level forwarders (unlikely, only if requested)
  • Scheduled automatic removal of old messages in/from mailboxes

Limitations – be warned

  • Works only for admins, or other users with a custom cpanel capability and email on main domain (so far)
  • No AYS warnings for delete actions


  • Accounts Overview in admin
  • Add forwarders, failures or accounts


Does this plugin add database tables, store options, custom post type content, scheduled actions or lines to ‚wp-config.php‘?

No, not, zero, none.

Does it require my login information to cPanel® or store any account passwords?

No. Nope.

Does it work without being on cPanel®?


Can I contribute to this plugin?

Use support tab for feedback, reports and suggestions until further notice, and Github repo creation.


20. Januar 2022
Pleasantly surprised for a change; this plugin was entirely free and does exactly what it claims without issue. Plus, as far as I know, there is no other app like it. I cannot believe this isn't in the top 10 most downloaded plugins. Honestly, this should be a built-in WP feature but seemingly everyone has dropped the ball until now. Thank you for developing and maintaining this! I just donated.
12. August 2021
My team added this to our MultiSite, and it's so far working great for our needs.
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  • Fixed: Webmail button not always working
  • Fixed: Bulk actions not always working
  • Better translation of bulk action results
  • Internal: Namespace changes


  • Fixed fatal error on New Email screen


  • Code cleanup
  • Translations simplifiaction
  • Shorter transient (cache) times, better invalidation


  • Security release: On multisite, check that the submitted email domain is legal when creating new email addresses/forwarders
  • Tighter multisite filtering of domains and email accounts
  • Removed email address select step (dropdown) on Mailboxes page when there is only one email account available


  • Fix for no mailboxes available to view in multisite for non superadmins. Props @taston89


  • Multisite support: Limit email domains to current host for all users except superadmins


  • Make sure no errors from gethostbyaddr() when no „SERVER_ADDR“ (cron, CLI)

= 2.1

  • Support for email addresses on (all) subdomains of main account is a subdomain


  • Recommending my other plugin ‚WebFacing – Disk Usage from cPanel® on Dashboard & in Site Health‘ in Dashboard – At a glance widget


  • Translate email types
  • Bugfix: IDN display for Postboxes page
  • Translate postbox names
  • Row action: Show mailboxes
  • Row action: Delete messages
  • Contact email editing (not working)
  • Remove redundant email column for mailboxes table
  • Minor text changes


  • Show mailboxes for all accounts
  • Remove old messages per mailbox


  • Add action to change email disk quota
  • Add action to edit a current autoresponder


  • Bugfix: Correctly account for timezone when adding new autoresponders start/end times
  • Limit from email for new autoresponders (select)
  • New Autoresponder start/end input as date and time separated (a better user interface)
  • Allow limited access for other users than administrators, given a capability (cpanel) and having a user email under the site domain


  • Correct placeholder for start/stop dates
  • Icon placement fix
  • Add forwarder/default destination email icon
  • Text/translation fix for „From email“
  • Add/delete email autoresponders


  • Revamped Add Email screen with selects for domains
  • Add Blackhole for email fowarding and default adresses
  • Support for International Domain Names (IDN)
  • Disable Webmail button on click and after 10 minutes
  • Added some icons on screens
  • Better cache invalidation
  • Each Webmail button open their links in different tabs


  • Display and add default email destination for each domain
  • Faster, better perfomance, with caching using transients (timeout 10 minutes)
  • Timeout for Webmail buttons, refresh needed (10 minutes)
  • Bug fixes and code cleanup


  • Change password for email accounts
  • View contact/notifcation emails
  • Bugfix: Account passwords work for new accounts
  • Bugfix: Proper label for new account input
  • Bugfix: Removed dupliacte html ids


  • Better cPanel® detection and feature check
  • Remote DNS MX server detection for domains, as these will not receive remote emails
  • Auto login to Webmail for accounts (button)


  • Dashboard – At a Glance: Number of Email accounts
  • More translated strings
  • Filter ´removable_query_args´ only for list table page
  • Text changes and corrections


  • Initial release, Apr 21, 2021.