WooCommerce Better Usability


Provides overall improvements of the user experience when buying products in a WooCommerce based store. The areas of that the improvements was included are: Shop, Product, Cart and Checkout.

Free version features:

  • Auto refresh the price totals on cart page when quantity changes using AJAX
  • Show „-“ and „+“ buttons around the quantity field
  • Show confirmation before user changes quantity to zero
  • Go to checkout directly instead of cart page (simplified buy process)
  • Allow to delete or change quantity on checkout page
  • Allow to change product quantity direct on shop page
  • Allow to add to cart AJAX on product page (like on shop)
  • Ability to override various default things of WooCommerce
  • Hide quantity fields on Product and Cart pages

Premium version features:

  • Synchronize products automatically with cart when change quantity view demo
  • Update price automatically in Product pages, like on cart view demo
  • Change product variations directly in Shop page, meaning less clicks to buy view demo
  • Change product quantities in Shop page, automatically synchronizing with MiniCart widget view demo
  • Make AJAX requests to delete product on checkout page, without full page reload view demo
  • Display quantity buttons (+/-) on Product, Checkout and Mini-Cart widget view demo

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  • Add to cart on Shop
  • Cart configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Shop configuration


  1. Upload woo-better-usability.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. It’s done. Now you can go to the Settings to customize what you want


13. Juni 2019
This is "please add this to Woo core"-sort of stuff. Just blam, so many things done with the same plugin considering shop usability for the end user, in terms of conversion. This guy's gotta get a name for himself, if he hasn't already, I don't know. Let's make it happen.
29. Januar 2019
Hi, I have a problem I will detail for you an example of what happens to me: when I have 1 product with quantity 2 in stock and pressing the + button twice it works correctly. the problem is that if I press once more to add three times it adds the third and redirects me to the product page I do not want this to happen I want it to block on the second click do not let add the third because I only have 2 in stock precise that freezes the amount referring to the quantity in stock in the page of the store in the page of the product it freezes the button + correctly but I need what freezes in the page of the store its plugin can do that? if not give me a path, tips or instructions. I use the pro version of your plugin recently bought, I will be waiting ... thanks
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  • Added option to ignore the shop quantity change field on front page


  • Fixed bug when working with WPML string translation on checkout
  • Fixed randomic crashing and excessive AJAX requests problems on Shop page
  • Fixed specific cases quantity synchronization problems


  • Added AJAX queue system to avoid request problems
  • Added hook wbu_is_shop_loop to intercept shop pages
  • Prevent quantity duplication in specific cases


  • Added properly internationalization (i18n)
  • Added WC tested up compatibility tag
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities on Shop page


  • Avada theme improvements and bugfixes


  • Making automatic Cart updating text configuration more flexible
  • Testing with new WordPress 5
  • Fixing Update cart button not hiding on Avada theme


  • Updated deprecated jQuery click events
  • Fixed single product page quantity inconsistence when add to cart multiple times


  • Added rule to respect the stock quantity when change quantity in Shop page
  • Enqueue wbulite.css file properly cause it stopped loading in last woocommerce versions


  • Fixed increment and decrement quantity buttons bug
  • Simplified and abstracted settings API


  • Enqueue assets in all pages for better compatibility with custom pages
  • Reduced is shop loop detection checks to better compatibility with Elementor and relateds
  • Added overlay when AJAX refreshing cart using Run Custom AJAX method
  • Removed option Don't apply this option to front page (use wbu_enable_quantity_input filter instead)
  • Removed option Always enqueue assets for better compatibility
  • Removed option Optimize to make Cart work better when embebed in other pages


  • Fix and optimize some mess in JS code and removing loops
  • Fix issue in Related products not showing quantity input for first product


  • Changed the cart overlay behavior in Custom AJAX mode to use the default of WooCommerce


  • Fixed blockUI to hide when finish Custom AJAX callback
  • Added AJAX timeout for quantity change refresh
  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Removing -/+ buttons when product is sold individually


  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Added support for modified remove link zero quantity check
  • Added support for Woo Gutenberg Products Block plugin


  • Added compatibility support with WooCommerce 3.8.1
  • Fixed Undefined Index error in Shop page


  • Fixed checkout max input quantity validation


  • Respect max stock quantities when using select input for quantities
  • Fixed bug that not displaying select input in Cart in some conditions