WooCommerce Bookings Calendar


Provides nice availability calendar shortcode, making the proccess of booking more intuitive and easier to the end user.

This plugin uses the famous FullCalendar library to render the web Calendar.

To add the availability calendar, just add the [wbc-calendar] shortcode in your page.

Premium version features:

  • Allow to add availability calendar as widget using drag and drop
  • Perform calendar search using AJAX without page reload view demo
  • Allow to filter by specified product categories in plugin settings
  • Allow to filter by specified categories using cat=“slug1,slug2″ shortcode attribute


  • The default calendar view using [wbc-calendar] shortcode in page


  1. Upload woo-bookings-calendar.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. It’s done. Now you can go to the Settings to configure what you want


Why my calendar events taking so much time to load?

When it happens the most common issue is the user is viewing calendar in Month mode, and bookable products are divided by small blocks of days, hours or minutes. This cause heavy CPU load to calculate events availability, and the solution is to set higher Booking duration blocks, or/and limit the calendar to display only in Day or/and Week mode.

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„WooCommerce Bookings Calendar“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • First release version


  • Fixed view bug of hourly slotted events
  • Fixed view event link to open calendar with correct date


  • Added support to build calendar blocks when using Availability Date range with time


  • Fixed display for hour/minutes blocks in calendar
  • Fixed product booking page block time and date selection


  • Added list day/week/month displays mode


  • Added support to use shortcode in widgets text


  • Splitting Date time with ranges rule to show start and end times correctly in Calendar


  • Fixed calendar to respect the Restrict start and end days configuration


  • Excluding not bookable block periods in calendar


  • Better loading style while update calendar
  • Calendar events filter box option
  • Time format configuration
  • Display full event title on mouse over
  • Removing redundant time information when event is full day slot