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Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce – Create WooCommerce Vouchers, Redeem & Manage Digital Gift Coupons with Personalized Templates

Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce – Create WooCommerce Vouchers, Redeem & Manage Digital Gift Coupons with Personalized Templates



Create, sell, and manage digital & physical gift cards at your eCommerce store with one tool — the Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin.

Offering the ultimate convenience, customers can effortlessly purchase and send these cards to anyone via email or shipping. The recipients are then able to redeem their gift coupons for a delightful shopping experience at your store or utilize them as convenient gift vouchers.

Render seamless gifting for both online and offline stores with our versatile gifting portal! Utilizing our Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin, you can scan, redeem, recharge, & manage all card types, ensuring a comprehensive gifting solution for your business. You can offer an email-to-the-recipient option as the digital gift card delivery method.

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1) New Improved Layout: Gift Cards for WooCommerce has a refreshed design for the Gift Cards Product Page, it’s simple, responsive, and intuitive to provide your customers with a hassle-free and smooth gifting experience.

2) Check Gift Card Balance: With WooCommerce gift certificates plugin users can conveniently check their gift card balance. By simply entering their recipient address and coupon code, they will instantly be provided with the exact amount on their gift card.

3) Gifting Portal: With Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin you get access to the WP Swings Gifting Portal which allows you to redeem gift coupons and vouchers in online & retail stores.

4) Minimum and Maximum Limit to Redeem Gift Cards: WooCommerce gift certificates plugin you can set the maximum and minimum amount customers must spend before using a WooCommerce gift certificate.

5) Set Expiry Date: WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card plugin you can define the expiry date for your gift vouchers, which will be in effect from the date of purchase or from the scheduled date of delivery for scheduled cards.

6) Cards With Duration-Based Costing: Create variable-priced WooCommerce gift cards for time-based services like grooming, decors, etc. Set durations as descriptions & prices accordingly.

7) Five Pricing Types: Create WooCommerce Gift Cards for your products & services using these pricing types: default price, price range, selected price, user price, and variable prices.

8) Flexible Delivery Options: With WooCommerce gift certificate plugin you can choose the email method to send the gift card directly to the recipient. The downloadable option allows customers to receive the card & deliver it to others.

9) Tax Calculation: Enable automated tax calculation on gift card products to streamline tax payments for customers.

10) Customize WooCommerce Coupons Codes: Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin can generate coupon codes. You can tweak the WooCommerce coupons code length, prefix, expiry date, & usage limit.

11) Customize Gift Card Email Template: With WooCommerce gift certificate plugin you can Upload logo, adjust logo height & width, card message length, disclaimer text, subject line, and more to tailor your gift certificate emails.

12) Product & Category Exclusion: With the WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card plugin, you can exclude certain categories, products, or sale items from being eligible for redemption.

13) Purchase Date on the Gift Coupon: Show the purchase date on the gift card WooCommerce email using the shortcode [PURCHASEDATE].

14) Limit Gift Cards for Individual Use Only: You can set gift coupons for individual use only; not redeemable with other coupons. Thereby, restricting customers from getting unfair discounts.

15) Minimum Limit On User Pricing: WooCommerce gift certificates plugin you can set a minimum limit on user price for the WooCommerce gift card. The customers can’t enter a custom amount lower than the minimum limit.

16) Pre-Loaded & Custom Gift Card WooCommerce Templates: With WooCommerce gift certificate plugin you can create gift certificates with templates for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Gift for You, etc. Additionally, you can upload custom card templates.



  • Create a WooCommerce giftcard in your native language
  • Sell WooCommerce vouchers & coupons with five pricing types
  • Add a minimum limit on the user pricing type
  • Customize predefined celebration & festive templates
  • Tailor the coupon code length, usage, prefix, expiry date, etc.
  • Display gift card WooCommerce products on the shop and card page


1) Compatibility With PayPal Payments to accept payments via PayPal

2) Compatible with Wallet System for WooCommerce and Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro. It allows users to redeem their WooCommerce giftcard coupons to recharge their wallets and use that balance to purchase products & services. It is crucial for repurposing the remaining gift coupon value.

3) Compatibility with the Price Based On Country for WooCommerceplugin. Set country-based prices for WooCommerce gift cards using geolocation tracking. The store will display gift coupon prices in the user’s relevant currency, with the option to manually set the price or auto-apply exchange rates.

4) Compatibility with the Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce and RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro are compatible with our gift voucher plugin. Customers can request refunds and exchanges for purchased WooCommerce gift card products, provided the gift vouchers have not expired and have not been used. Additionally, you can refund the coupon value to the RMA wallet instead of the original payment method used.

5) Compatibility With WooCommerce HPOS to Easily Handle Bulk Order Volume

6) Compatible with Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro to Leverage the benefits of Recurring Revenue with a subscription program.

7) Compatibility with Points and Rewards for WooCommerce and Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Pro to Convert your coupon amount into points

8) WPML Multilingual Support: The WooCommerce plugin gift card has WPML support, which means it can work in your local language. Furthermore, you can also use the Loco Translate plugin to translate the strings into another language.

9) The Gift Card for WooCommerce plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite.


  • Group gifting
  • Send multiple cards In Bulk
  • Create a gift card template according to your need
  • 20+ Pre-Designed Card templates
  • Card Shipping to Recipient’s Address
  • Twilio integration for SMS Notification
  • Use your predefined codes
  • Sell gift cards offline
  • Send gift card template as pdf
  • Give discounts on gift cards
  • Gift card report
  • Thank You gift card
  • WhatsApp Sharing for Gift Certificates
  • Automated balance updates


Gift cards for WooCommerce Pro help merchants create, manage, and sell digital gift cards on their online store. With our plugin, you can customize gift card templates, send coupon codes as QR codes or barcodes, create reusable gift coupons, and send card usage notifications to customers.

Note: Get Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro

See What Cast Iron Chef Chop House & Oyster Bar Is Saying About WordPress Gift Cards Plugin:

My business took a drastic leap in almost every aspect. This WordPress gift card plugin is very well bundled with so many features. I’m highly satisfied with their plugin design and its ease of use. Their suggestions on various customization requests gave a great boost to the way we use gift cards to extend our outreach to our customers. See Gift Card Case Study


If you need support or have questions, kindly use our online chat window here and discover all types of WooCommerce Extensions for your eCommerce store.

If our documentation doesn’t contain the solution to your problem, you can visit the WP Swings Forum Community or Generate a ticket.

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  • General Settings – You can enable the Gift card plugin along with other features.
  • Product settings – You can exclude the product categories for the Gift Cards.
  • Email Template – The merchant can manage their email templates by giving settings and shortcodes.
  • Delivery Setting – You can select the delivery method of the gift card that you want to provide your customer.
  • Other Settings – This setting provides the disable options for the apply coupon code and preview option.
  • Redeem/Recharge – This setting helps you to grow your revenue, by offering easy redeeming/recharging of gift card vouchers for your offline businesses.
  • Generate Link – Enter your Email ID and name, and then click on the „Generate Link“ tab.
  • Gift Card Template – You can also edit the Gift card existing template and provide your layout to the customers.
  • Default Price – This setting defines the Gift Card Price by default and is not customizable by the customer.
  • Price Range -This setting allows the customer to feed in the amount within the provided price range.
  • Selected Price – This setting helps your customer to select the price from the provided list of options.
  • User Price – In this setting, the customer can enter the price amount of his choice.
  • Variable Price – In this setting, the customer can select the variable price option and add a description.
  • Recharge Via Gift Card – You can recharge your gift card through your wallet.
  • Merry Christmas Gift Card – The email template for Christmas will contain this gift card.
  • Mother’s Day Gift Card – The email template for Mother’s Day will contain this gift card.
  • Gift Card for You – The gift card email template for any event.


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of the gift voucher, login to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add New.

In the search field type „Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce“ and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found the Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking „Install Now“.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress contains instructions on how to do this here


Can we set the minimum price for the user price type?

Yes, the admin can set the minimum price for the user price type. For this please go to the Product edit page>> Choose user price type >> Set minimum price.

How does a gift card work?

Customers buy gift cards at your store and send them to the recipient. The recipient then uses the amount stored in the gift certificate to purchase products from your store.

What is a gift card used for?

The gift card is used to purchase products at the online or retail store. People can give gift cards to others as a replacement for a gift and the recipient can use them to buy anything they like.

How do I disable the WooCommerce coupon on gift card type products?

We have provided this feature under the „Other Setting“ tab. After enabling this setting, the „Apply Coupon“ field will not be displayed on the cart/checkout page if only the gift card product is in the cart.

How would I allow customers to select gift card product prices on their own?

You can do this by setting the Pricing Type of a gift card to „User Price“. To set the gift card pricing type to User Price, go to Products > Add New and create a new gift card product by selecting the Gift Card option in the “Product Data” dropdown you get on the edit page. After selecting the Gift Card option, you get a “Pricing Type” dropdown. Select “User Price” from the dropdown which allows customers to enter a gift card price of their own.

Where do my customers‘ gift cards get delivered?

The gift card gets delivered to the email ID the buyer enters in the email field at the time of purchase.

How can I redeem WordPress gift card coupons at my retail store?

Yes, you can redeem gift card coupons at retail stores through the Point of Sale(POS) system. The plugin provides a free embed link that you can paste on any page in your website/POS system to create a portal for recharging/redeeming WooCommerce gift cards. You can then redeem the gift cards from that portal.

How many default templates are available in the Ultimate Gift Card plugin?

You get 4 default gift card templates with the plugin. You can also customize those templates according to your requirements.

Can we restrict the categories for the use of gift cards?

Yes. In the Product Settings of the plugin, you can exclude the categories to restrict customers from buying any product from that category through gift cards. Along with the category, you can also exclude Sale items and a specific product.

Can the admin customize Gift card email templates?

Yes. You can modify the Gift card email template from the „Gift Card“ menu where all the templates are listed. Click on „Edit“ to edit a particular gift card template. Now the editing page of the template will open. You can make the changes and update the template.

Does the WooCommerce Gift card plugin support multiple languages?

Yes, the plugin supports multiple languages and is WPML compatible. You can also use the Loco Translate plugin to translate the strings into another language.

Does the WordPress Gift card plugin support Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin?

Yes. The Gift cards plugin is compatible with the Price with Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin which enables customers to place an order in their own currency.

Can I set the expiry days for the WooCommerce gift card coupons?

Yes. In the General Settings of the plugin, you can set the number of days after which the gift card will expire.

Can we restrict the use of gift card coupons in maximum and minimum spend of order total?

Yes, In the General settings, you can set the minimum and maximum spend for your WooCommerce gift cards.

My Question is not listed?

Please visit WP Swings Gift cards Knowledge Base


3. Juli 2024
I recently implemented Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce on my store, and I’m incredibly impressed! Here’s why it’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add gift cards to their WooCommerce store: Top-Notch Support: Let’s start with what truly blew me away. When I encountered an issue, the Ultimate Gift Cards support team was there in a flash. They were incredibly helpful and promptly resolved my problem, ensuring a smooth launch of my gift card program. Modern and User-Friendly Interface: The user interface for both the admin side and the customer experience is top-notch. It’s clean, modern, and intuitive. Adding, managing, and customizing gift cards is a breeze, and customers can easily purchase and redeem them without any hassle. Feature-Packed: But the praise doesn’t stop there. Ultimate Gift Cards offers a plethora of features that go beyond the basics. From customizable designs to flexible delivery options, it caters to all your gift card needs. Highly Recommend! Overall, I can’t recommend Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce highly enough. The exceptional support, user-friendly interface, and feature-rich functionality make it a winner. It’s a fantastic way to boost sales, improve customer engagement, and add a valuable element to your online store.
28. Mai 2024 1 Antwort
I installed the Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce on my website, It integrated into my WordPress site, allowing me to implement a gift card system for my business. What truly impressed me, though, was their customer service. During setup I could not for the life of me make it do what I wanted it to. Their support team responded above and beyond. Priyanshi, one of their developers, was not only friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable. Within minutes, my problem was resolved, not only helping me through the plethora of settings but even altering the code to adapt it to my own needs.
6. Mai 2024 1 Antwort
I contacted customer support and received a prompt response, which greatly facilitated resolving my issue.
20. März 2024 1 Antwort
Spent quite a while installing/testing a number of other similar plugins until I found this one – and my search my over! User friendly, all the necessary options for customisations are available and it even has a „check eGift Card balance“ option. Customer support was also very prompt and helpful. Overall a wonderful plugin!
28. Februar 2024 1 Antwort
Support was responsive and fixed the problem: as soon as I installed the plugin, put any item in the cart and proceeded with the payment, there was something conflicting and only the blank page appeared. Upon evaluation of the problem, technical support fixed it in a short time. Thanks again.
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3.0.1 – Released on 01 July 2024

  • New : Latest compatible with WP(6.5.5) and WC(9.0.2)
  • New : Minor Bug Fixes

3.0.0 – Released on 31 May 2024

2.6.10 – Released on 08 May 2024

  • Fix: Fix nonce issue on product page

2.6.9 – Released on 06 May 2024

  • New: Compatible with latest WP(6.5.2) and WC(8.8.3)
  • New:- Add new layout for gc product page

2.6.8 – Released on 18 March 2024

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.4.3) and WC(8.6.1)
  • Fix : Alt tag missing on featured image shortcode fixed.
  • Fix : All issues fixed related to nonce and security issues

2.6.7 – Released on 07 March 2024

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.4.3) and WC(8.6.1)
  • FIx: WordPress security issue (getting post data using url without editor role)

2.6.6 – Released on 09 January 2024

  • New: Add Class „.wps_check_balance .button“, for Customised Balance Check button
  • Fix: Removed Migration Code.

2.6.5 – Released on 21 December 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.4.2) and WC(8.4.0)
  • Fix: Compatibility with PayPal
  • Fix: Compatibility with the Google Tag Manager plugin

2.6.4 – Released on 28 November 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.4.1) and WC(8.3.1)
  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce Block.

2.6.3 – Released on 08 November 2023

  • New: Add pro tag in org
  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.3.2) and WC(8.2.1)

2.6.2 – Released on 27 October 2023

  • Fix: Fixed string translation issue

2.6.1 – Released on 23 October 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.3.2) and WC(8.2.1)
  • New: Added import template

2.6.0 – Released on 03 October 2023

  • New: Compatibility with HPOS
  • New: Check page balance
  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.3.1) and WC(8.1.1)
  • New: Added banner image in backend

2.5.7 – Released on 18 September 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP( 6.3.1 ) and WC( 8.1.0 )

2.5.6 – Released on 04 September 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP( 6.3.1 ) and WC( 8.0.3 )

2.5.5 – Released on 4 August 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP(6.3.0) and WC(8.0.0)
  • New: Added Shortcode Purchase date.

2.5.4 – Released on 7 July 2023

  • New: Lastest WP[6.2.2] and WC[7.8.2]

2.5.3 – Released on 25 May 2023

  • New : Compatibility with latest WP( 6.2.0) and WC(7.7.0)

2.5.2 – Released on 13 April 2023

  • New : Compatibility with latest WP( 6.2.0) and WC(7.5.1)
  • New: New shortcode added [VARIABLEDESCRIPTION]
  • New: Add tax display in default price, selected price, variable price type

2.5.1 – Released on 21 March 2023

  • New: Compatibility with latest WP( 6.1.1) and WC(7.5.0)
  • Fix: Translate Template Name In Org

2.5.0 – Released on 3 March 2023

2.4.9 – Released on 20 Jan 2023

2.4.8 – Released on 6 Dec 2022

  • Fix: Expiry date issue on the particular date format.
  • Fix: Immediate coupon code creation on the future send date

2.4.7 – Released on 18 Nov 2022

  • Fix: Showing warning on Gift card preview template
  • New: Compatibility with the latest WP and WC

2.4.6 – Released on 10 Nov 2022

  • Fix: Coupon expires 24 hours too soon
  • New: Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce (7.0.1)

2.4.5 – Released on 22 Sep 2022

  • Fix: FIX Query Monitor issue
  • New: Compatibility with the latest WooCommerce (6.9.3)

2.4.4 – Released on 14 Sep 2022

  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes (Fatal error when changing order statuses)
  • New: Compatibility with latest WP (6.0.2) and WC (6.8.2)

2.4.3 – Released on 07 July 2022

  • New: Minimum Limit On Gift Card User Price.
  • New: Disable Fields from the Gift Card Product Page.
  • New: Coupon Mail Setting.
  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes

2.4.2 – Released on 16 June 2022

  • New: Redeem/Recharge all types of gift card coupons from the gifting portal.
  • New: WC and WP update
  • Fix: Minor Bug Fixes

2.4.1 – Released on 13 May 2022

  • New: Add new price type [Variable pricing type]
  • New: Minor Bug Fixes

2.4.0 – Released on 14 April 2022

  • New: Some substantial changes across different areas of the plugin.
  • New: Minor Bug Fixes

2.3.3 – Released on 22 March 2022

  • New: Compatibility with latest WC 6.3.1 and WP 5.9.2
  • New: Fix update issue

2.3.2 – Released on 17 March 2022

  • New: Some substantial changes across different areas of the plugin.
  • New: Minor Bug Fixes
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC

2.3.1 – Released on 03 February 2022

  • New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings
  • New: Minor Bug fixes
  • New: Compatible with the latest WP and WC
  • New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings

2.3.0 – Released on 22 December 2021

  • New: [BUYEREMAILADDRESS] shortcode replace with [FROM] shortcode in mail setting tab
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

2.2.2 – Released on 29 November 2021

  • New: Compatible with WP 5.8.2 and WC 5.9.0
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes

2.2.1 – Released on 2 November 2021

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes
  • New: Gifting feature added [Merchant can add multiple employees, Merchant can add multiple stores, Reporting to the admin]

2.2.0 – Released on 1 October 2021

2.1.3 – Released on 28 July 2021

  • New: Compatible with WP 5.8 and WC 5.5

2.1.2 – Released on 16 June 2021

  • Fix: Nonce issue

2.1.1 – Released on 13 May 2021

  • Fix: Minor issues

2.1.0 – Released on 7 May 2021

  • New: Compatible with WP 5.7 and WC 5.2
  • Fix: Minor issues

2.0.9 – Released on 19 December 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.8 and WordPress 5.6

2.0.8 – Released on 13 November 2020

  • Fix: Minor Issues

2.0.7 – Released on 10 November 2020

  • Fix: Mini cart issue

2.0.6 – Released on 26 October 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6

2.0.5 – Released on 04 September 2020

  • New: Compatibility with the Premium plugin

2.0.4 – Released on 25 August 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.4 and WordPress 5.5

2.0.3 Released on 07 July 2020

  • Important: Your translation might be lost. Please List please take the backup of your language translations before the update.


  • New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0 and WordPress 5.4


  • Fix: Minor issues


  • Tweak: Major code updated for standards and security
  • Tweak: Layout of Settings
  • New: Gift Card template per product


  • Fix: minor issues


  • New: Christmas template
  • Fix: Preview issue


  • Stable version
  • Bug fixes


  • New: Compatible with Price Based on Country for WooCommerce
  • New: Redeem/Recharge Gift Cards on your Retail Store


  • New: Disable Apply Coupon Fields
  • New: Downloadable Delivery Method
  • New: Custom Email Template
  • New: Exclude Product Setting


  • GDPR compliance for Data Access, Data Erasure
  • Preview for Email Templates at Frontend


New: Email Template for Mother’s Day


  • First version