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WooCommerce Postmates Integration


Using the Postmates Integration for WooCommerce plugin, you will be available to support on-demand deliveries to your customers.

Plugin Features:

  • Flat rate charging for customers.
  • Delivery status on order page.
  • Custom shipping method title.
  • Custom pickup notes for the courier.
  • Backend delivery status on orders page
  • Email admin in case of issues with the delivery submission.
  • Etc.

Coming soon:

  • Manual delivery submission from the backend
  • User Email (currently can be handled using ‚postmate_status_update‘ action)


  • Settings.
  • Settings.
  • Backend Orders.
  • Frontend Order View.



  • A Postmates Developer Account, you can register here: https://postmates.com/partner/welcome

  • Customer ID that can retrieved from the Developer Dashboard.

  • An API key that can retrieved from the Developer Dashboard.

  • A Signature Secret Key (required only if you want to use Webhooks to track deliveries).

  • Store/Warehouse full address.

  • To receive live updates about the order status webhooks should be configured on Postmates dashboard. The webhook URL is http://www.yoursite.com/?postmates_webhook=1


Check Postmates Approval Guide here: https://postmates.com/developer/docs/resources#approval

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