CartBounty – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce


Das Plugin CartBounty – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce speichert alle Aktivitäten des WooCommerce-Kassenformulars, bevor es übermittelt wird, und sendet Benachrichtigungen über neue verlassene Warenkörbe. Das Plugin ermöglicht es, zu sehen, wer deine Warenkörbe verlassen hat, und mit diesen Kunden in Kontakt zu treten. Du kannst auch die neue Exit-Intent-Popup-Technologie nutzen, um die E-Mail-Adresse des Benutzers zu erfassen und ihn später an seinen Warenkorb zu erinnern.

You will receive regular email notifications about newly abandoned shopping carts and will be able to manually remind about these abandoned carts. You could offer them an additional discount on the cart by sending them a coupon in order to persuade them.

If you would like to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails to customers via MailChimp or ActiveCampaign*, please visit our CartBounty Pro – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce plugin version.

Plugin-Grundlagen und -Funktionen:

  • Instantly capture WooCommerce checkout field data before submission to save abandoned carts.

  • Receive notifications on newly abandoned shopping carts via email. You can set notification frequency or disable them in case you want to take some time off 🙂

  • The „Remember checkout fields“ function will allow your customers to refresh the checkout page after entering their information and walk around the page without losing previously entered data in the checkout form. Please note that this feature is enabled only for users who haven’t logged in – WooCommerce takes care of this for authorized users.

  • Wenn ein Benutzer angemeldet ist, wird der Warenkorb sofort erfasst, sobald ein Artikel in den Warenkorb gelegt wird. Danach wird der Warenkorb sofort aktualisiert, wenn er geändert oder ein Artikel aus dem Warenkorb entfernt wird.

  • You can enable Exit Intent popup to offer saving unregistered user’s shopping cart for later. With help of the Exit Intent Technology you can capture even more abandoned carts by displaying a message including an email field that the customer can fill to save his shopping cart.
    The Exit Intent will be triggered as soon as the user tries to leave your shop with a filled shopping cart. If you would like to make it work on mobile devices, please upgrade to our Pro version.
    Please note that the Exit Intent will only be showed to unregistered users once per hour after they have added an item to their shopping cart.

  • If the user completes the payment and receives a „Thank you“ page, he is removed from the abandoned cart table and the Checkout form fields will be cleared.

  • Since we love to make things run smooth, in case if you Uninstall this plugin, it will automatically clean up after itself (delete abandoned carts data, table and options created by this plugin) leaving your project clean.


  1. Uses WordPress private WP_List_Table class
  2. WooCommerce-Hooks
  3. WooCommerce-Sitzung

Note: If the fields are added outside of Checkout page or Checkout page input field ID values are changed, the plugin will not be able to load data.
Input field ID values should be default:

  • #billing_first_name
  • #billing_last_name
  • #billing_company
  • #billing_email
  • #billing_phone
  • etc.

Wenn WordPress den Speicherort der Datei „admin-ajax.php“ ändert, musst du sie aktualisieren.

*Please note that this link to ActiveCampaign has been linked under an affiliate marketing program which helps us to support and invest in the future evolution of this plugin since we get a small percentage of earnings for each new ActiveCampaign customer.


  • Position des Plugins CartBounty - Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce nach der Aktivierung
  • Der Einstellungen-Tab der E-Mail-Benachrichtigung
  • Der Einstellungen-Tab des Exit-Intent-Popups
  • So sieht das Exit-Intent-Popup aus, wenn der Benutzer versucht, den Shop zu verlassen


  1. Lade die Plugin-Dateien in das Verzeichnis „wp-content/plugins/plugin-name“ hoch oder installiere das Plugin direkt über die WordPress-Plugin-Ansicht.
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über den Menüpunkt „Plugins“ in WordPress.
  3. Suche nach der Seite „CartBounty Verlassene Warenkörbe“ im „WooCommerce“-Menü. Die von deinem Kassenformular gesammelten Daten über verlassene WooCommerce-Warenkörbe werden hier gespeichert, es sei denn, der Benutzer schließt den Kaufvorgang ab.
  4. Optional kannst du die „Exit Intent“-Benachrichtigung einrichten, die nicht registrierten Benutzern einmal pro Stunde angezeigt wird, falls der Benutzer Artikel in seinen Warenkorb gelegt hat und versucht, deinen Shop zu verlassen.


Wann werden die Daten der Eingabefelder des Warenkorbs und des Kassenformulars gespeichert?

Daten und Informationen über den Warenkorb werden gespeichert, sobald der Benutzer zum Kassenformular gelangt und eines der folgenden Ereignisse eintritt:

  • Wenn eine korrekte E-Mail-Adresse eingegeben wurde.
  • Wenn eine Telefonnummer eingegeben wurde.
  • Wenn auf der Kassen-Seite die Eingabefelder E-Mail-Adresse oder Telefonnummer bereits ausgefüllt wurden.
  • Wenn irgendein Eingabefeld mit der Klasse „input-text“ im Kassenformular ausgefüllt oder geändert wird und eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse oder Telefonnummer eingegeben wurde.

Wenn der Benutzer den Bestellvorgang abschließt und ihm die „Danke“-Seite angezeigt wird, wird der Warenkorb aus der Tabelle der verlassenen Warenkörbe entfernt und die Felder des Kassenformulars werden gelöscht.

Wo kann ich verlassene WooCommerce-Warenkörbe anzeigen?

Nach der Installation steht das Plugin im „WooCommerce“-Menü zur Verfügung. Siehe erster Screenshot.

WooCommerce zeigt den Bestellstatus „Fehlgeschlagen“ an, aber ich sehe keinen verlassenen Warenkorb.

Once user reaches the „Thank you“ page the abandoned cart is automatically removed from the table since the cart is no longer considered as abandoned (regardless of the order status). In this case you can see all of the submitted user data under WooCommerce > Orders.

Wie aktiviert man E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen zu verlassenen Warenkörben?

Once the cart is saved and is considered as abandoned (after 1 hour of inactivity), you will get a notification about it in your email. You will not be notified about previously abandoned carts.

Du kannst die folgenden Benachrichtigungsintervalle einstellen:

  • Alle 10 Minuten
  • Alle 20 Minuten
  • Alle 30 Minuten
  • Jede Stunde
  • Alle 2 Stunden
  • Alle 3 Stunden
  • Alle 4 Stunden
  • Alle 5 Stunden
  • Alle 6 Stunden
  • Zweimal täglich
  • Einmal täglich
  • Einmal alle zwei Tage
  • Benachrichtigungen deaktivieren

Default notification interval is „Every hour“. You also have the option to disable notifications in case you ever get tired of them 😉

Please also note how WordPress handles Cron job that is responsible for sending out email notifications. Scheduled actions can only be triggered when a visitor arrives on a WordPress site. Therefore, if you are not getting any traffic on your website you will not receive any e-mail notifications until a visitor lands on your website.

Wie versendet man automatische E-Mails zur Wiederherstellung verlassener Warenkörbe?

The free version of CartBounty does all the hard work of saving abandoned shopping carts and presenting them to you, it is simple and efficient.
If you would like to send your visitors automated abandoned cart recovery emails via MailChimp or ActiveCampaign please consider supporting our efforts and purchase our Pro version.

MailChimp offers a forever Free plan that you can use to send abandoned cart recovery emails.
And ActiveCampaign* offers exceptional ways to automate your abandoned carts using If/Else statements to create different actions and triggers when to send out emails.

Wie funktioniert die Exit-Intent-Technologie?

If a user tries to leave your shop with an abandoned cart, just before leaving, he will be presented with an additional form that will ask for his email address. Once it is entered (no need to submit the form), user’s cart will be automatically captured.

Exit Intent form will be displayed only to unregistered users once per hour. If the user enters his email address either in the Exit Intent form or in the Checkout form – Exit Intent will no longer be displayed upon leaving your shop.

If you would like to test the visual appearance of the Exit Intent, please check the „Enable Test Mode“ checkbox. Please note that only users with Admin rights will be able to see the Exit Intent during this stage and appearance limits will be removed. This means that it will be showed to the Admin each time he tries to leave the shop.

In case you would like to enable Exit Intent Technology on mobile phones and tablets, please upgrade to CartBounty Pro – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce version. Mobile Exit Intent will be triggered on mobile devices once the page is quickly scrolled up or if the „Back“ button is used.

Wie können der Inhalt und das Bild des Exit Intents geändert werden?

If you would like to make adjustments to the default content of the Exit Intent, you can use either action hooks and filters that we have provided for you or use our Exit Intent template file to make the necessary adjustments.

You can find the Exit Intent template file inside „/plugins/woo-save-abandoned-carts/templates/cartbounty-exit-intent.php“. This template file contains the markup to display the Exit Intent and to capture the Abandoned cart prior the user leaves your shop. Please copy this template to your shops theme to keep your customization intact after plugin updates.

You can copy this template file to either one of these locations:

  • yourtheme/templates/cartbounty-exit-intent.php
  • yourtheme/cartbounty-exit-intent.php

When modifying our template, please do not change the ID #cartbounty-exit-intent-email of the email input field. If changed, the plugin will not be able to capture abandoned carts using the Exit Intent form.

Welche Action-Hooks und Filter sind zur weiteren Anpassung verfügbar?

Our Exit Intent template contains different action hooks and filters that allow you to create new, edit, replace or remove existing content including the main image in the Exit Intent window.

Verfügbare Action-Hooks:

  • cartbounty_exit_intent_start
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_before_form_fields
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_end

Verfügbare Filter:

  • cartbounty_exit_intent_close_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_image_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_title_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_description_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_email_label_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_email_field_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_button_html

Here is an example how to add additional subtitle after the main title using our „cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title“ action hook. Please add it to your theme’s functions.php file:

function add_extra_html_after_title() {
    echo "<p>Additional subtitle here...</p>";
add_action('cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title', 'add_extra_html_after_title' );

Ein Beispiel für die Änderung des Hauptbildes mithilfe eines Filters:

function modify_image( $html ){
    return '<img src=""/>';
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_image_html', 'modify_image' );

Ein Beispiel für die Änderung des Haupttitels mithilfe eines Filters:

function modify_title( $html ) {
    $custom_title = 'Your text here...';
    return preg_replace('#(<h2[^>]*>).*?(</h2>)#', "$1 $custom_title $2", $html);
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_title_html', 'modify_title' );


27. Juli 2020
Used another plugins like this one before. This one just does the job brilliantly in a simple accurate fashion.
29. Juni 2020
It was the kind of plugin I had been looking for. Easy interface, good UX though certain added features would make it much better but a great plugin. Not to forget one of the best support teams I have come across.
11. Februar 2020
I thought the product wasn't working (I was wrong). When I emailed support, I received a response almost immediately. We went back and forth a half dozen times before the "problem" was fixed. They were extremely responsive and helpful -- thanks!
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  • Fixed conflict issue with WP Cron schedules


  • Introduced Compact abandoned cart contents with product thumbnails
  • Added Postcode to location output
  • Fixed abandoned cart sorting by Name and added sorting by Email and Phone number
  • Improved Time column output in a more user friendly way (hover to see get the exact time)


  • Improved abandoned cart removal after order completion
  • Abandoned cart time calculations changed to local time
  • Removed link to product in the Cart contents column in case the product no longer exists


  • Added option to move email field higher in the checkout form
  • Der Skript-Lade-Hook wurde von „woocommerce_after_checkout_form“ in „woocommerce_before_checkout_form“ geändert


  • Translation files updated


  • Fixed issue when an additional abandoned cart was left after a user logged in
  • Added a function that removes duplicate abandoned carts of registered users


  • Fixed issue when restoring state field for logged in users


  • Added email notifications about newly abandoned carts
  • Added option to set notification frequency or disable notifications
  • Added option to set custom email address for notifications


  • Improved function that restores checkout fields after user logged in


  • Fixed cart content saving if product’s title contains HTML tags


  • Unser Baby hat einen neuen Namen – begrüße herzlich CartBounty 🙂 (ehemals WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture)
  • Alle Klassennamen und Hooks geändert


  • Verbesserte Sicherheit bei Datenbankabfragen
  • Optimierte Plugin-Ladezeit
  • Kleinere Aktualisierungen des Inhalts


  • Kleinere Aktualisierungen des Inhalts


  • Fixed issue when saving City data for logged in users
  • Fixed PHP notices if checkboxes were not defined


  • Added support for Checkout form checkboxes


  • Exit-Intent-Popup hinzugefügt
  • Sofortige Warenkorb-Erfassung für angemeldete Benutzer hinzugefügt
  • Fixed total captured abandoned cart counter