WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce


WPC Smart Compare is an optimal solution that brings about beyond-expectation features for improving user experience and enhance the sales strategy on your online WooCommerce shop. Advanced comparing features, detailed settings with extensive options for further customizing the Compare button, comparison table & comparison bar, powerful responsiveness and mobile friendly interface are things that you should not overlook from this plugin. A truly sharp comparing tool for powering your WooCommerce shop and obtaining customers’ trust. Let’s put this Smart Compare in a comparison now.

Live demo

Curious about how WPC Smart Compare works? Visit our live demo to have a play around. Try out each and every feature listed here to give your business a real boost.


  • Powerful AJAX functions (there’s no need to open a new tab or iframe)
  • Drag and drop to rearrange product order in the comparison line
  • Switch between horizontal and vertical view of comparison table (coming soon)
  • Adjust the visibility of Compare button for products in selected categories
  • Save login data for registered/subscribed users (same function as the Wishlist plugin)
  • Add new products to the comparison list instantly by pressing the search button
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly view on any touch devices
  • Dynamic comparison table: sticky first column & row
  • Using custom shortcodes to add buttons to specific pages
  • Unlimited choice of bar background color and button color
  • Hide/show fields for a clearer view in comparison table
  • WPML integration for building multilingual sites
  • Compare button advanced settings: type, text, visibility, categories, product removal
  • Comparison table advanced settings: fields, attributes, sticky column & row
  • Comparison bar settings: Add More button, Remove All button, bar appearance, …

Premium Version

  • Support customization of all attributes, custom attributes
  • Support customization of all product fields, custom fields
  • HOT: Free support of compare button’s adjustment to customers’ theme design


Available languages: English (Default), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update for an existing one, you can send gettext PO and MO file to us so we can bundle it into WPC Smart Compare.

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  1. Please make sure that you installed WooCommerce
  2. Go to Plugins in your dashboard and select „Add New“
  3. Search for „WPC Smart Compare“, Install & Activate it
  4. Now you can see the Compare button on each product
  5. Go to settings page to configure the compare button/bar/table as you want


How to integrate with my theme?

To integrate with a theme, please use bellow filter to hide the default buttons.

add_filter( 'filter_wooscp_button_archive', function() {
    return '0';
} );
add_filter( 'filter_wooscp_button_single', function() {
    return '0';
} );

After that, use the shortcode to display the button where you want.

echo do_shortcode('[wooscp id="{product_id}"]');


13. April 2020
SUGGESTIONS Hi there! This is a very good plugin, but in order to be great I would suggest the following: 1. Option to disable Delete All Confirmation Dialog after clicking the red delete all button. Make it optional 2. Replace the confirm() dialog with sweetalert 3. When Adding or Removing Items you should put preloaders on each step. It is not good when the “Open compare table immediately” option is disabled. As the item does not appear instantly on the bar, a preloader must be used. For instance: when clicking the ADD button a preloader should appear for the Add icon and you could use a placeholder image with a preloader on item bar at the same time. In case of removing an item the preloader appears on the item been removed and when removing all items the preloader appear for all items. 4.Maybe delete all button could be removed on mobiles. As there is not enough space I will be more than happy to give you 5 starts if any of the above improvements are implemented. Best Regards
12. Juli 2019
I bought the plugin and the the support staff was immediately available to add customizations to my site. I must say I rarely get plugin support this good and also in such a short time.
5. Juli 2019
I bought the $19 premium version of Smart Compare. The plugin doesn't work as expected (for example: custom fields don't show on my website) I emailed the helpdesk, asking for suggestions/problemsolving and this was their answer I quote: "Hi, please send me your website info (wp-admin URL, username, password) then I can check and fix this problem for you". Well, why in the world would I give my login/username to a complete stranger on the other side of the world?! My first thought was that this is a new scam: make a plugin that doesn't work, sell it for $19, problems will occur, offer to fix it...but we need your login info so we can login on your site to fix the problem. (and also "fix" the paymentdetails/API's etc etc on my website??!) I'm willing to accept help, but this option is ridiculous and not acceptable! /edit: I have to follow the GDPR as well, customer information is visible for the admin. I can not allow strangers in my login area. refund my money, that seems the best option.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.3.0
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.4.2 & WooCommerce 4.2.0


  • Fixed: Variation product attributes
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Filter for product name in tooltip
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Filter hooks for all fields


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.4 & WooCommerce 4.0.1


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.0.0


  • Added: Option to change the text after added


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.3.2 & WooCommerce 3.9.2


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.3 & WooCommerce 3.8.x


  • Updated: Optimized the code
  • Added: Custom label for custom field (Premium Version)


  • Added: Compare variations
  • Added: Russian & Spanish translation
  • Fixed: Some minor issues


  • Added: Tooltip show product name on compare bar


  • Added: Customize fields on the compare table


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Additional information on the compare table
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Shortcode for compare page [wooscp_list]
  • Added: Change action for the menu: open compare page or compare popup


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: The button to search product and add to compare list immediately (Free Version)
  • Added: Support custom fields (Premium Version)
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Filter for button html ‚wooscp_button_html‘
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Default fields on the first install
  • Added: Italian translation


  • Added: Choose image size option
  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.6.x


  • Updated: Display attributes list with checkbox in settings page (Premium Version)
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Option to limit the product on compare table
  • Added: Option to turn on/off freeze row or column
  • Added: Filter for attributes


  • Added: Only show the Compare button for products in selected categories
  • Fixed: Button text can be translated


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.0.2


  • Fixed: Minor JS issue


  • Updated: Changed plugin name
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.5.0


  • Updated: Optimize the code to reduce the loading time


  • Fixed: Error when WooCommerce is not active


  • Fixed: Error when have no product on the compare bar


  • Fixed: JS trigger
  • Fixed: Some minor CSS issues


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.4


  • Updated: The settings page style


  • Added: Option „Hide if empty“
  • Added: Option „Click outside to hide“


  • Added: Button remove all products
  • Added: Option to choose categories for search function (Premium Version)


  • Updated: Optimized the code
  • Added: The button to search product and add to compare list immediately (Premium Version)


  • Fixed: Remove the warning on the line 883


  • Added: The compare menu item, click to open the compare table
  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.2


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.5


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 4.9.5


  • Added: Close button (optional)
  • Added: Content field


  • Added: Placeholder columns when have smaller than 3 products on compare table


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.3
  • Fixed: Saved fields in settings page


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 4.9.4
  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.1


  • Added: Option to remove product when clicking again


  • Added: Button to open compare
  • Fixed: Problem with Cookie


  • Fixed: CSS & JS issues


  • Fixed: Error when product is not exists


  • New: WPML integration


  • Fixed: Just load scripts in WooCommerce Smart Compare settings page


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.1 & WooCommerce 3.2.5


  • Added welcome page
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 3.2.4


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8.3
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 3.2.2


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8.2


  • Close compare when click outside


  • Optimized code


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8


  • Released