WooCommerce Sticky Product Bar


When you have a product listing that has a lot of text, reviews, image gallery and all kinds of other information, which is meant to convience customer to place an order,
then you want to make sure that Add to Cart button will be easily accessible, in order not to lose momentum, when customer is finally ready to place an order.

WooCommerce Sticky Product Bar plugin is constantly presenting Add to Cart button with additional information such as product thumbnail, title and the rating, customers can easily initiate an order.
In addition to that it also adds sticky bar with Checkout button to the Cart and Pay Now button to checkout pages.

Features of Woocommerce Sticky Product Bar

  • Display sticky bar for Desktop, Mobile or both
  • Display sticky bar at the top or bottom depending on Desktop or Mobile platform
  • Supports Right to Left (RTL) languages by allowing to reverse order of the elements
  • Control if it will be displayed for Product listing, Cart and Checkout pages
  • Enable/disable for Out of Stock products
  • Always show it or only when Action button is outside of the visible range of the screen
  • Control what production information has to be displayed (Image, Name, Rating, Quantity)
  • Control if you want to Cart and Checkout Total to be displayed
  • Control if you want Accept terms and conditions checkbox to be displayed
  • Customize Out of Stock text
  • Customize Choose and option text
  • Support for custom CSS to match your theme
  • You can overwrite plugin template in your theme

Features of Woocommerce Sticky Product Bar PRO

  • Ability to visually configure every little detail of the product bar without the need to know CSS or coding.
  • Integration with YIHT WooCommerce Wishlist plugin
  • Ability to insert HTML and/or shortcodes before or after any elements of the Sticky Product Bar
  • Compatible with Uni CPO Custom Product Options plugin

Demo of how it can look for the product can be seen here



  • Sticky Product Bar plugin – Display sticky bar with product details, rating and add to cart button.
  • Shipping Packages – Split your cart into packages that can be shipped with different shipping methods.
  • Shipping Discount – Allows you to configure shipping discount based on the amount spent for the items with a given shipping class.


  1. Go to Woocommerce -> Settings
  2. Choose Sticky Product Bar tab
  3. Set the settings you prefer
  4. Check Enable checkbox
  5. Hit Save


  • Example of how Woocommerce Sticky Product Bar might look for the Product page
  • Admin UI which lets you change Woocommerce Sticky Product Bar settings
  • Example of how Woocommerce Sticky Product Bar might look for the Cart page
  • Example of how Woocommerce Sticky Product Bar might look for the Checkout page


  1. Upload „Woocommerce Sticky Product Cart“ to the „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress.
  3. Installation complete


25. Juli 2020
An essential for any woocommerce store, imho. With the rise of mobile, keeping the add to cart visible is a great tactic. We tried every sticky bar we could find and they all had real display problems, whereas this one worked well from the start and does sensible things as the screen size decreases (ie, removes elements like title). The free version has more flexibility than most paid sticky bars, and the author was insanely good at supporting the free version even. We had an issue with a conflict with a plugin and he worked on the problem with us for over a week to resolve it. Honestly, this plugin does something simple, well. That's rare.
26. Mai 2020
The sticky add to cart plugins are so rare and this one is simply working ! Thanks, i use this on my websites and my clients' ones ! Nice one and thank you
21. Oktober 2019
This plugin is much better than other similar Thank you and I wish you all the best
1. April 2019
I have been looking for a plugin that will add a sticky "Add to Cart" button and this plugin was the solution. And not only that, but the button also changes dynamically when you are on the CART and CHECKOUT page. Thank you to the developers for developing this plugin. I hope you will continue developing and supporting it.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„WooCommerce Sticky Product Bar“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Initial release.


  • Hide quantity selection for ultra small screens
  • Listen to submit event instead of click to make it work for on mobile
  • Fixed bug when js logic has not been enabled for mobile


  • Added support for Cart and Checkout pages
  • Renamed bar.php template to product-bar.php


  • Improved support for dynamic cart actions like delete, update
  • Show bar only when cart has items
  • Hide bar when all items have been deleted


  • Fixed add to cart for mobile devices
  • Added support for composite products total


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Use flex display type for css instead of absolute positioning
  • Ability to display / hide price range for variable products, which can be enabled in the plugin settings
  • Support for RTL languages, which can be enabled in the plugin settings
  • Automatically update price when product options are changed


  • Minor style adjustment


  • Changed rule used to pick up price change on the product page


  • Changed CSS to force our style over default theme style, because they can affect bar size and looks
  • Added link to Settings on the Plugins page
  • Added feedback notice


  • Ability to display bar at the top or bottom
  • Fixed toggling of visibility for product, cart and checkout pages
  • Slide Up/Down animation when bar is displayed
  • Improved support for variable products
  • Normalize font style for some themes


  • Added support for future extensions
  • Check for required dependencies
  • Rearranged admin settings into groups
  • Fixed rating starts feature
  • Ship with rateyo plugin instead external reference
  • Fixed that unchecking enabled didn’t turn off the plugin completely


  • Fixed rating that was always highligthing all the stars


  • Added inner bar container which allows us to control width of the inner part of the bar
  • Moved CSS to General Settings section
  • Appearance settings now refers to PRO extension of the plugin


  • Display Choose an Option only when variation options are not selected
  • Scroll to Add to Cart button when variation options have to be selected


  • Make sure to include plugin.php before checking if woocommerce is installed


  • Fixed style for cart/checkout paages


  • Fixed cart/checkout botton margin style from bleeding into product page
  • Fixed that cart total was not updating in foreign languages
  • Fixed that add to cart button wasn’t not clicked in some themes


  • createAt was not set for the notices
  • fixed dismiss button of the notice
  • Display dependencies notice but do not deactivate the plugin to avoid issues during WooCommerce upgrade


  • improved styles to work better in mobile mode


  • Changed how product page is detected


  • Some plugins can overwrite global product variable which is used to detect product page, so we have to grab it earlier to display bar for correct product

= 1.0.28
* Set product only once to avoid it being overwritten by various snippets