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„Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed“ is an intelligent as well as a very useful WooCommerce plugin that keeps track of customers‘ shopping trends and based on those statistics it improves cross-selling mechanism. This plugin will suggest your site visitors with products which were mostly explored by other customers. These suggestions display on product pages that are based on the current product.

For an example :

Suppose you have product A and out of 60 visitors who viewed this product, 20 visitors moved to another product B, 10 to product C, and remaining 30 visitors moved to product D. This plugin will then display Product C and B in „Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed“.

The important point is that it only shows those products which were mostly viewed and the most viewed comes in the first place. This ensures efficient performance and criteria of suggested products on your site because most of the customers consider only top visited or reviewed products.

You can check the frontend demo of this plugin at : http://opensource.zealousweb.com/wordpress/CWVTIAV/

Plugin Requirement

PHP version : 5.3 and latest
WordPress : WordPress 3.0 and latest


  • Screenshot 'screenshot-01.png' shows all the possible options available for this plugin.
  • Screenshot 'screenshot-02.png' shows front end view for this plugin.


  1. Install WooCommerce – Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. Activate the plugin in your WordPress Admin and go to the admin panel Setting -> WooCommerce -> Customer Also Viewed Settings.
  3. Configure your plugin as needed.
  4. That’s it. You can view „Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed“ block on single product page like other blocks of WooCommerce.


Does WooCommerce is necessary to use this plugin?

Yes, it is compulsory to install and activate WooCommerce before using this plugin. WooCommerce is primary requirement for this plugin.

Does this plugin support shortcodes?

No, this plugin does not support shortcodes. This will automatically load „Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed“ block on product details page same like „Related Products“, etc.

Does plugin used on Product details page?

Yes, this plugin will be used only on Product details page.

Can I use the plugin on other post pages?

No, this plugin cannot be used on other post pages as this plugin displays products which are mostly explored by other customers related to current products.

Does the plugin utilize database?

Yes, this plugin utilize database along with browser cookies to show recently viewed products.

Does the plugin supports product filtering and sorting?

Yes, this plugin supports product filtering based on current product category and product sorting based on most recently viewed product or in random manner.

For any further questions concerning „Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed“, please turn to the respective User Guide



24. Dezember 2016
Great plugin with excellent functionalities! the best thing I like about this plugin is that it supports filtering and sorting of the products based on the current product category and most recently viewed products in a random manner. I think very few plugin allow such facilities.
24. Dezember 2016
Definitely, it is incredible plugin!!, and a good service too. The plugin works exactly how I would like it to be. Good Job guys. It shows exact results of most viewed items in an eCommerce store. Due to the efficiency of this plugin, it has become very easy to make out the behaviour of my customers in my online store. Also, the installation process is quite simple and easy.
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  • fix – Compatibility fix with WooCommerce 3.6.5


  • Change – Compatibility fix with WooCommerce 2.3.11


  • Change – Allow Products viewed by multiple users at different browsers
  • Change – Removed use of shortcode
  • Change – Loads on single product page like other blocks of WooCommerce


Initial Release