WooCommerce Email Test


Allows you to view in bowser tests of the WooCommerce emails.

This plugin adds an „Email Test“ option within your WooCommerce menu. From there, you can specify a test order, and view test emails for the following email types:

  • New Order
  • Processing Order
  • Completed Order
  • Customer Invoice
  • Customer Note

Note – this plugin only works with WooCommerce.

Email Uptime Monitoring

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Sending Emails

We also have a premium plugin which offers the following additional features:

Real email in-box testing

The premium version lets you send any of the test emails to an email address of you choice, at the click of a button. This allows you to test the email in a real inbox, instead of simply in the browser.

Additional testing for the following WooCommerce email types:

  • Cancelled Order
  • Failed Order
  • Customer On Hold Order
  • Customer Refunded Order
  • Customer Reset Password
  • Customer New Account

Support for the WooCommerce Subscription plugin

If you have the WooCommerce subscription plugin, you can test the emails associated with this plugin. These are:

  • New Renewal Order
  • Completed Renewal Order
  • Completed Switch Order
  • Customer Renewal Invoice

Lifetime updates

Any updates to the premium plugin will be available to you at no extra cost.

How to get the premium plugin

Simply install this free plugin, and click on the ‚Go Premium‘ tab to purchase a license key.

Order Email Logger

Check out our other WooCommerce email related plugin – view a log of emails sent by WooCommerce for each order.
WooCommerce Order Email Log


  • Select an order for test email content

  • Click a button to generate the test email

  • View the email in your browser

  • Premium only - send the test email to any email address

  • Premium only - test additional email types, and woocommerce subscription emails


  1. Upload this plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin in WordPress über das Menü ‚Plugins‘
  3. Manage options and send tests via the ‚Email Test‘ option within your WooCommerce menu.


Does this plugin send emails?
No, but the premium version does.

Will existing customers see test emails in their inbox?

How do I see emails?
In your web browser, and in your inbox (premium). Very handy to check the content of WooCommerce emails, without needing to place loads of test orders!

How do I get the premium version?
Simply install this free plugin, and click on the ‚Go Premium‘ tab to purchase a license key. After you purchase, you will receive the premium plugin as a downloadable zip file.


16. Oktober 2019
I have been using the plugin always when I need to launch site or change the emails. It saved me tons of time for sending test emails or creating test orders. Keep it up!!!
8. August 2018
Great plugin! Was very useful when developing WooCommerce emails so I could test them on my localhost installation. Ended up hacking the code a little to work with custom WC_Email classes I was creating but worked great. This plugin made my life so much easier.
22. April 2018
Installed + activated, then tried to view a WC Completed Order which sent me to a 500 error page. I checked back on the main site to see if anything was affected and all of the colors, fonts, and button styles were changed. Normally I'll take the time to test/configure settings if things like this happens, but for such a small feature, I expect it to work out of the box. Previewing WC emails should not break my site.
25. Januar 2018
Doesn't work with most recent Woocommerce. When testing any email you get fatal errors like: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_formatted_billing_full_name() on null in /servcer/wp-content/themes/storefront-child/woocommerce/emails/admin-new-order.php on line 38
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  • first release


  • removed email sending


  • included styling inline


  • Fixed customer note email issue


  • General clean up


  • Security fix


  • wp code standards up date


  • Added premium tab


  • Removed plugin update checker


  • Added woocommerce_mail_content filter support


  • Fixed duplicate content in preview