Aliexpress dropshipping for Woocommerce by Wooshark


Wooshark dropshipping for AliExpress and woocommerce gives you all the tools you need to import products from Aliexpress to your Woocommerce store.
the AliExpress dropshipping by Wooshark is easy to use and offer a lot of features to start AliExpress dropshipping business, wooshark for Aliexpress offer a premuim plugin and a chrome extension.

Website | Pro Version | chrome extension

How the premuim plugin work ?

How the chrome exetnsion work ?

How the bulk import work ?

How to import reviews from AliExpress to woocommerce


Free import
list all imported products with possiility to visit the original product url
import by sku, by url or from the search list
search product by keywords, sort by price, select hight quality products
Visit the link to the original product url
Import products from AliExpress to your woocommerce store including
+ Product sku
+ Images
+ Title
+ Variations including regular price, sale price, attributes, stock
+ Description
+ Sale Price
+ Regular Price
+ Quantity
+ Specifications
+ Status
Price markup formula (automate margins automatically)
Replace all text occurrences on title and description
select which category to import the product to.
create and insert reviews to existing products


[PREMUIM] Unlimited import from AliExpress using the plugin and the chrome extension
[PREMUIM] Auto update price and stock. this can be enabled from the configuration – automatic update every 24 hours. the user can customize how products will sync (sync stock, sync sale price, sync regular price, etc..)
[PREMUIM] Auto update product availability – this allow to set product out of stock on AliExpress to draft. this is done every 24 hours. these products will be available on a different tabs as our of stock products, user can remove them from there.
this is very useful when a product does not exist anymore on AliExpress, the user can avoid the risk that a customer will buy a product that does not exist anymore.
[PREMUIM] Import shipping methods and shipping cost. this allow to include the shipping cost and shipping methods on the checkout page when the user will pay his order. this can be enable from the configuration. it is very helpful if the user do not want to create a separate shipping for each product.

[PREMUIM] Filter products by ePacket shipping methods (available only on chrome extension)
this will allow to check which product has the ePacket as shipping option.

[PREMUIM] import reviews including reviews images, creation date, review author and Rating

[PREMUIM] Synchronise product price and stock by categories, if the user do not want to enable auto update, he can update product by categories, many option are available to customize this operation

[PREMUIM] Support More than 52 languages and currencies automatically, the product details and price will be based on AliExpress preference setting set by the user.

[PREMUIM] Bulk import products from AliExpress: on the search result, a user can add many product to the waiting list and then import the waiting list to his shop in one click, a bulk configuration is available to automate many options.

[PREMUIM] Customize and import reviews including creation date, review author and Rating according to your need and get a social proof for your future customers

[PREMUIM] Import directly from AliExpress website product page using the chrome extension.

[PREMUIM] Include images from description to your main image library, this option allow to include tha image from the description to the gallery, which can be useful when the description has more suitable pictures
[PREMUIM] Edit the images (resize, crop, add text, add logo, add border, brightness, et..) using the an external editor luncapic which is a web editor that allow to edit images
[PREMUIM] Customizable and import short description
[PREMUIM] customize and edit description using a special editor which is very easy to use, the editor allow to customize the description, add text, remove text, remove pictures, add headers, text, paragraph, etc..,
[PREMUIM] customize, delete and edit variations (sku, price, sale price, quantity)
[PREMUIM] Charm pricing, allow to prettify the price, it set the price to .99 or to .00
[PREMUIM] add custom shipping cost: this allow to add a custom shipping cost to each variations and thus to final product price, this is useful when the user want to add a custom shipping price without using the option include shipping price and methods.

[PREMUIM] set price formula which allow to automate price calculation, the user set a set of interval which are persisted and used to calculate the price. each price that fall on a specific intervall will follow the rules of that interval, the first field is the percentage used to increment the price, the second field is used to extra cost that will be added to the original price
[PREMUIM] Customize and import product specifications. product specifications are import to set products meta data information which can be very important to convince the end user to buy the product
[PREMUIM] Select the product categories you wish to import the products to.
[PREMUIM] Synchronize stock and price.
[PREMUIM] Place orders on AliExpress, this is available using the chrome extension and it allows to automate the order placement, Wooshark will create the address of customer, then will add the appropriate product to the cart then will redirect the user to the checkout form and will add a note to the product seller telling him that this is a dropshipping business

Other plugins that can be useful

1- Wooshark reviews importer: create and import reviews to existing woocommerce products From here
2- Wooshark for AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and etsy From here
3- Wooshark for Chinabrands From here



To install the plugin, please follow this instruction.
1. install the plugin from wordpress directory
2. install the chrome extension and connect using the client key and the secret key
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Start importing items and sell them in your WooCommerce store

WordPress 4.7+
WooCommerce 3.0.0+ or AliDropship 1.0+
PHP version 5.6+

for all support requests, please use the contact form of the website or send an email to



website: Wooshark website
common errors: Common errors
frequently asked questions: FAQ
Plugin description: Wooshark AliExpress dropshipping

Is this a free plugin

This plugin is free, you can use for your dropshipping buisiness, you can import 160 products per month
each week 50 products, every week the counter will reset, and you will be able to import again.
if you want unlimited import you can upgrade to a premuim version.

do I need to register or create any account to use this plugin

no registration, no account is needed, install and use the plugin, that’s all

what does the premuim feature offers ?

the premuim version offer a chrome extension and a worpress plugin with a lot of features, such as auto sync, unlimited import,
order placement, shipping methods import, etc….

I have a question, what can I do ?

you can contact our support team

do you offer a chrome extension ?

yes, the premuim version offer a chrome extension that make dropshipping buisiness easier


6. Juli 2021
Every time my site refreshes the product pricing, the prices randomly get screwed up defaulting to $1.12 for single price items and $1.12 as the lower of price range products. This is for products that should be $hundred's. I cant find a way to stop it happening. Anyone got a suggestion?
22. Mai 2021
Great plugin. I have no issues whatsoever and they have a great support staff that is always available to help.
21. Mai 2021
Great plugin and Chrome extension! It's very easy to use and I can't believe it's free. Other similar products such as 'Importify' for WooCommerce costs $28/month (and 'Advanced Product Importer & Affiliate' costs $169/year). TheShark/Wooshark does the same thing but is free! This is like a gift and I strongly recommend it.
23. März 2021
I purchased the Premium version of this plugin and never received my activation code. I purchased it 3 weeks ago and have sent a half dozen contact attempts through Email, Facebook, and their web site's contact form and still have not had a single response. This company just took my money and gave nothing back. EDIT (03/23/2021): I apologize for the review on this specific product as it is the eBay importer I use. The company has contacted me after this initial post and very I much appreciate the repair of the situation that occurred. Thank you. I have revised my rating.
15. März 2021
Plugin wise all good and also their support is very good too. Responds very quick and fixes the issue if you have any.
19. Februar 2021
To anybody that wishes to buy a great plugin that really works for their website, then look no further. This plugin makes ease of not just importing products but editing and as a part time website designer I have tried most and nearly gave up, until I found WooShark. If you use this you will not regret it one bit, it does all its states and more. Keep up the great work done at WooShark. 
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  • add price formula
  • replace string occurences
  • improve design


  • new feature: customize product before import
  • change max import limit

= 2.1.1=
– increase number of product per month

= 2.1.2=
– increase number of product per month

= 2.1.3=
– Fix issue original product url