WooVIP – Page, posts and products access rules for your customers


WooVIP is a free plugin that lets you create a VIP area within your WooCommerce shop.

Assign VIP status to selected customers

WooVIP adds a new „VIP Status“ column to WordPress Users page. You can easily assign the VIP Role to your customers.

Product, Page and Post Visibility

For each product, page or post, you can set if it can be seen or not by standard customers or if they can only be seen by your VIPs.

Special Price

Set a special price for the products you want. VIPs will see that price with a „VIP“ tag (presents like „On Sale“ products).

Always the best deal

WooVIP will always give your VIP customers the best deal available. If you set cheaper sales rules than the VIP rules, WooVIP will select the sales price over the VIP price.

WooVIP Pro – Bring membership and multiple VIP areas to your website

WooVIP Pro adds a lot of features to WooVIP.

Unlimited VIP Areas

You can create as many VIP Areas as you want on your website, each one with its own rules.

Product Variations

Manage your product variations like never before. For each variation, you can set visibility and price rules for each VIP Lounge.

Advanced rules

In WooVIP Pro, you can choose what customers can see and what they can buy. For each VIP area, you can set the following rules :

  • Visibility : Select which customers can see the product.
  • Purchasable : Select which customers can purchase the product. Others will see it but won’t be able to add it to the cart.
  • Price : Set the price rule applied to the product. Either a specific price/discountin the product, or a discount by category.
  • Hide or show parts of pages and posts depending on the user role.

** All these rules can be set in the product page or set for product categories inside the VIP Area settings **


With WooVIP Pro, it’s easy to sell membership on your website. Create a membership product and set a price. Use the WooVIP widget to decide which VIP Area this product will give acces to and for how long.
That’s it, your customers can buy their membership and get access to their VIP Area.

Complete Roles Management

WooVIP uses wordpress roles to create VIP Areas. While this is transparent for users, we want you to have a total control over those roles.
This is why WooVIP provides a roles management page that lets you create, modify and delete roles. It also includes a tool to manage role rights.

Test WooVIP Pro for free for 30 days : https://plugins.longwatchstudio.com/en/product/woovip-vip-lounge-membership/


  • WooVIP Panel
  • Product rules
  • Page visibility rule


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/woovip directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the WooVIP screen to configure the plugin


I bought the pro version but still have only the free features, why ?

After buying the pro version, you must enter your licence key in the Licence Tab of your plugin administration.
Once the plugin is activated, you can either click the „Install Pro Version Now“ or wait for WordPress to detect an update available for that plugin.
Update the plugin to get access to the pro features.


26. Oktober 2019
Tested this for a couple of days and looks like a great plugin however I found a problem. In the description it states: Set a special price for the products you want. VIPs will see that price with a “VIP” tag (presents like “On Sale” products). This works fine when set per product but when the global price setting (lounge) is used (which is what I require) the price alters but there is no "VIP" tag. Probably an oversight but when I contacted the developer they were quite rude and classed it as a request for a customisation. They did apologise for their response but the plugin does not seem to have been updated to fix the issue which is a shame as I would still like to buy it.
29. Juli 2019
This is an interesting plug-in. We installed it for our online store and now we can group our clients by different VIP levels, manage clients roles as well as VIP special porchase rights under products. It kindly like Membership from Woocommerce but different. I like this one because it is "light" but very powerful, even just version 1.0 for now. Combine this plugin with WooRewards, you will get almost a full solution for membership/loyalty management system. I'm still digging it. I'll recommend this plug-in, especially you've already installed WooRewards.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„WooVIP – Page, posts and products access rules for your customers“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • WordCommerce 4.4.1 compatibility
  • Fix VIP sticker visibility
  • Fix product variation options


  • WooCommerce tested up to 4.2
  • Update translations


  • New option: disable product visiblity individual settings
  • Use cache for some recurring product data


  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • WooVIP Pro:
    • New filters on Lounge rules


  • Sticker display bugfix


  • Minor fix


  • Add new option in reward
  • Fix point earning method


  • New option: Select the redirect page for not VIP visitors from forbidden pages.


  • Fix prices through ajax calls
  • Fix membership product period save


WooVIP Pro:
* Fix lounge sticker in frontend product variation selector
* Allow price rising rule
* Manually grant temporary membership


WooVIP Pro:
* New shortcode to hide or show parts of pages and posts


  • Fix VIP prices on variations


WooVIP Pro:
* Fix variation settings
* Fix translations


WooVIP :
* Reworked administration interface
* Bugfix on variable products display

WooVIP Pro:
* New feature : Complete product variation management
* Minor fix


  • Improve compatibilty with some themes
  • Minimize query overloading risks with other plugin
  • Minor fix


  • Initial Release